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Chapter 336
Azure Billow Hall .

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Ouyang Wentian has already been there .

Seeing the arrival of Li Fuchen, Ouyang Wentian threw his hands directly at Li Fuchen, a jade slip, and said, "This is a one-off martial Art Jade Slip, which chronicles ten thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique information, you remember, Ten thousand Swords return to Origin secret technique is my azure Billow Sect Se CT suppressing Secret Technique, practice people, add up to no more than 20 people, so, do not have to pass on, and you have to send martial Dao vows . ”

The so-called Martial Dao vows that it is a god, it is actually a martial artist to swear by the future of Martial Dao .

Some people have violated the oath, but in the future, the future of Martial Dao will continue to falter . Gradually, there will be more people who believe .

The Martial Dao vows another name, called the Heart Demon vow .

In violation of the Martial Dao vow, Heart Demon will be produced in the heart, and it is Heart Demon that hinders the progress of the martial artist .

"Yes .

Li Fuchen cocked his right hand three fingers and began to swear .

Leaving Azure Billow Hall, Li Fuchen immediately returned to his mountain and was ready to study Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique .

after three days

"Worthy is Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, actually able to breed Sword Origin in Dantian, and store Sword qi with Sword Origin . "

At the top of the mountain, the wind whispers .

Li Fuchen stands in the wind and dances in clothes .

Take a deep breath and Li Fuchen inspires Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique .

The fierce aura makes the wind smashed, and within a hundred steps of the whole body, it becomes a windless area .

At the same time, a word qi is suspended around Li Fuchen, and at first glance, there are at least a few hundred .

In the Dantian gas sea, the birth of Sword Origin, which consumes original qi, is supported by True Qi Cultivation Base alone . Li Fuchen can produce hundreds of Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, mainly relying on low . Grade spirit stone .


Li Fuchen's consciousness, hundreds of sword qi, lasing to the opposite boulder .

Pū pū pū pū ……

The boulder was pierced into a horse's nest, and it exploded immediately, and the dust was over the sky .

"The power of very powerful . "

Li Fuchen brows a pick .

Every Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi is far less powerful than Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer martial artist . It looks unremarkable, but hundreds of Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi are concentrated together, but the power is reached . Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer .

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To know that this is just a hundred Thous Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, if it is hundreds or even thousands of thousands of ways, how powerful terrifying .

As consciousness sinks, Li Fuchen sees his own Dantian interior .

Inside Dantian, there is a huge red fire Ball, like a red sun, this is Li Fuchen's Burning Heaven True Qi .

On the side of Burning Heaven True Qi, there is a small white sword .

This white little sword is the life of Sword Origin .

The stronger the Sword Origin, the more Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi can be stored . At present, Li Fuchen's Sword Origin can only store hundreds of words qi, which has been consumed once .

Taking out a low grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen began to absorb the spiritual qi and poured it into the Sword Origin .

In addition to storing Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, Sword Origin can concise sword qi and make sword qi more powerful .

In the past, hundreds of words qi have been concise .

"Hundreds of swords qi must be an hour to concise success . On thousands of times, it takes ten hours, which is equivalent to one day, and ten thousand times is ten days . This is probably the most deadly Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique . Break it!"

Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin is one of the top 5 star secret techniques of Eastern Lín Continent, but the weakness is also great . Once the word qi is consumed, it takes a lot of time to consolidate the stored word qi, unlike other secret techniques . Can continue to fight .

With sword qi full, Li Fuchen once again inspired Sword Origin .


Hundreds of words qi emerged .

With a sense of consciousness, Li Fuchen began to combine sword qi .

Under Li Fuchen's consciousness, hundreds of sword qis combined to form a large sword, and the large sword stabbed another boulder on the opposite side .


The boulder exploded and the destruction was more thorough .

"Sure enough, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, with the spirit of consciousness, can be more powerful . "

The scattered sword qi can not be compared with the sword qi combined with hundreds of sword qi, and the power is almost doubled .

And this is just a hundred words of qi, if it is a combination of thousands of words qi, the power is not doubled .

"Try to superimpose the sword essence secret technique . "

Continue to absorb spiritual qi, after an hour, the life of Sword Origin is full of sword qi .

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This time, Li Fuchen passed the sword qi from Bronze Sword Essence before it was released outside the body .


A clear sound of the word cry sounds .

Around Li Fuchen, hundreds of Bronze Sword Qi emerged . Each sword qi is like a real bronze sword with a handle . It has an extraordinary texture .


Hundreds of Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin Bronze Sword Qi were combined and turned into a large bronze sword, and then spurted out .


The boulder is made of Profound level low rank ore and instantly explodes .

This is not over yet . The bronze large sword is only faint, not dissipated, and still has a strong attack power .

That is to say, after superimposing the sword essence secret technique, Li Fuchen's Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique can not only greatly increase the destructive power, but also extend the combat time .

After another week of cultivation, Li Fuchen's Sword Origin, which is several times powerful, can store five hundred words .

Cultivation Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, Sword Origin, the spiritual consciousness is very demanding, the general Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, impossible to meet the requirements, and only Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist barely meet the requirements .

Li Fuchen's spiritual consciousness is naturally strong, and everyone can see it on the Star List Great Competition .

That's why Ouyang Wentian teaches Li Fuchen Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique in advance .

However, Li Fuchen's progress, if let Ouyang Wentian know, I am still shocked, I have been able to store five hundred words of Sword Origin in 10 days, this progress is simply shocking, when he cultivated Ten Thousand Swords When returning to Origin, it took me three months to get the Sword Origin to such a degree .

On the battlefield, the third great war lasted for quite a long time . Every moment, there were a lot of Earth Fiend Realm martial artist and Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, and Shedding Body Realm martial artist also fell into digital .

Numerous Sect can't be retired . Once it is retired, the consequences are unimaginable .

Monster and Demon Ten Territories don't want to go back, they have an advantage, why should they retire .

Perhaps aware of the importance of the third great war, Numerous Sect did not easily retreat this time, and some retired antiques had to come out and contribute their own strength .

Together with each Sect's unique combo array, it will be against the Monster and Demon Ten Territories for a while .

On a majestic battlefield, Zhao was insanely killing .

His strength is much stronger than Li Fuchen imagined .

Although he is only a 4 star root bone, he had a chance to cultivate Azure Billow True Merit to the nineteenth layer early on, and also realized the azure billow Sword Intent, together with Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, Shedding Under Body Realm, there are few people who can fight him .

Counting him as a heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base's heaven's chosen is all right .

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Looking through the battlefield, looking away thousands of miles away, between the mountains and shadows, where a behemoth is raging, every collision seems to have a mountain shadow collapsed .

Mountain Shaking Elephant, owner of Ten Thousand Monster Territory .

Zhao has no face, secretly thought: I don't know if I have a day to live, can I step into Shedding Body Realm .

The biggest thought in his life is to become Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Shedding Body Realm lower, life span will not exceed one hundred and fifty, but in fact, can live to a hundred years old and live high .

Martial artist cultivation is a process of crushing potential . The potential is squeezed more, and the life span is naturally less . On the contrary, some ordinary martial artists with low cultivation base can live longer .

But once cultivation proceeds to Shedding Body Realm, life span is at least two hundred years old and almost doubled .

Double the life span, what is the concept of this, Zhao endless can not imagine .


Not far away, a level 4 Demon killed .

Level 4 Demon, the strength of the defense defying, although not to the extent of Shedding Body Realm, but also stronger than Zhao endless, even level 4 Apex monster beast, can easily slaughter .

Zhao was invincible and quickly retired .

In this case, he has experienced many times .

On the battlefield, Demon's combat power is the strongest, and human and monster beast have their own wins and losses .

Unless it is some muted monster beast, it can compete with Demon .

Azure Billow Sect .

Two months of cultivation, Li Fuchen's Sword Origin, has grown to the point where it can store 3,000 words of qi, and initially enters the small accomplishment realm .

Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, store a thousand words qi is the entry level, store 3,000 words qi is small accomplishment realm, store 10,000 words qi is the great accomplishment realm .

"It's time to go to the battlefield . "

Li Fuchen flashed the fighting intent in his eyes .

In the past two months, the fourth largest district of Azure Billow Territory has basically no Demon Dao power activities, which makes him feel relieved .

He has limited energy and can't cover everything . At this stage, he wants to go to the battlefield and contribute his own strength instead of staying with Azure Billow Territory and Demon Dao .

Li Fuchen's request on the battlefield finally got the consent of Ouyang Wentian .

On the same day, riding the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, Li Fuchen left Azure Billow Sect and headed for the six fields .

There are four domains behind the six domains, which are the temporary Stationed Land of Numerous Sect .

On this day, Li Fuchen came to Cangshan, one of the Stationed Lands .

Cangshan District Black Mountain City .

The city has long since become an empty city due to the ravages of Demon . After the arrival of Numerous Sect, it occupied this city .

So in this city, there is no ordinary martial artist, the cultivation base is the worst Earth Fiend Realm martial artist, and the Shedding Body Realm martial artist is calculated in hundred .

"Li Fuchen . "

On the Black Mountain City street, a voice called Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen looked at the sound .

It is Teng Qingyun .

Black Mountain City has more than 20 Sect's experts, including two peak forces, Wind Snow Sect and Eternal Spring Valley .

With Li Fuchen's eyesight, it is natural to see that Teng Qingyun's cultivation base has reached the Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer Apex, which has accumulated for a long time . I believe that the strength of the other side is not only simple .

"Teng Qingyun . "

Li Fuchen laughed .

He has nothing to do with the other party, but there is no hatred .

"Check it out together!"

Teng Qingyun proposed .

Joining the battlefield is a matter of reporting . After all, discipline is one of the few remaining advantages of Numerous Sect . If you are on the battlefield, Numerous Sect will be defeated even worse .

Good .

Li Fuchen nodded .

Soon, the two came to the Black Mountain City City Lord Mansion .

It is now the command post, under the command of Wind Snow Sect and Eternal Spring Valley high level .

The arrival of Li Fuchen and Teng Qingyun did not surprise the command post high level . Situ Lei Qi Heng and other heaven's chosen have already entered the battlefield . The two were promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm, and most of them could not help, but Li Fuchen was promoted at once . To the Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer, it is still surprising to the command post high level .

"Elder Wang, the two of them will enter your team!"

A high level at the command post said to an old man .

Elder Wang is a Sect Great Elder with a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base . He nods and has no joy or dissatisfaction on his face .

Although the two are heaven's chosen, but the current combat power is limited, whether to join in, the impact is not big .

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