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Chapter 335
After killing three masked people, Li Fuchen began to slaughter the black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base . Under absolute strength, these black clothed man had no room for resistance and were quickly killed . Several have escaped . Liyuan's black clothed man was also smashed by Li Fuchen .

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After killing the black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base, Li Fuchen began slaughtering the black clothed man of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base lower .

These black clothed mans have the largest number, and there are thousands of them . After being killed by one or two hundred people, the rest of them finally escaped from Li Fuchen's field of vision .

Opening the three mask man's storage pouch, Li Fuchen's mood is better .

Among the three storage pouch, there are no blood-colored beads, which are estimated to have been turned in, but there are quite a few low grade spirit stones .

The less one has sixty-two low grade spirit stones, a little more than eighty-eight low grade spirit stones, and the most ones have one hundred and eighty low grade spirit stones, a total of three hundred and thirty low grade spirit stones . It is definitely a huge fortune .

"I don't know the low grade spirit stone of these Demon Dao experts, where come from . "

Li Fuchen is a bit puzzled .

Low grade spirit stone is too precious for Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, it can be a few low grade spirit stones, even if it is Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist, it is estimated that it is impossible There are too many low grade spirit stones, after all, I usually have to cultivate .

Together with the low grade spirit stone obtained in the past, the low grade spirit stone of Li Fuchen now reaches about 500 . This is undoubtedly a huge wealth . Some experts who just stepped into Shedding Body Realm don’t know if there is such a More low grade spirit stone .


“What, Wolf Hall Master, Monkey Hall Master and Rat Hall Master were all killed . ”

One day after more than a month, under the border between Azure Billow Territory and Heavenly Fiend Territory, Ox Head Masked Man was shocked and angry at the small meeting .

Wolf Hall Master is only slightly better than him . With Monkey Hall Master and Rat Master Master, he is not even a mask man . He can't even escape and be killed directly . How can he not be shocked or angry? .

"I'm afraid I want to kill the mask person by the Blood Child take action . "

Rabbit head mask man started talking .

Righteous Path Sect has heaven's chosen and their Ten Thousand Blood Cult naturally has heaven's chosen .

As heaven's chosen, strength cannot be judged by the cultivation base realm .

Their Ten Child of Ten Thousand Blood Cult, as long as the cultivation base reaches Heavenly Dipper Realm, basically cultivates 10,000 Blood Demon cultivation above the seventeenth layer, the cultivation base is high, even reaches the nineteenth layer realm, and on the 5 star secret technique The accomplishments of the rumors and Profound level top rank Martial Art are not what they can compare .

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In his opinion, a Blood Child of Heavenly Dipper Realm 7-8th layer cultivation base is enough to kill the mask man .

"Please Blood Child?"Ox Hall Master is a little hesitant .

Blood Child is busy with cultivation, and like Blood Ancestor and Ten Thousand Blood Cult, some of the high level, are not willing to come out, but occasionally come out, only to come out activities .

But Blood Child doesn't come out, they can't deal with mask people . As for Elder take action, it's even more impossible . Elder can be Shedding Body Realm cultivation base . They have more important things to do and they need cultivation .

"This is for the time being . I will say later that the fourth district of Azure Billow Territory is now classified as a restricted area and is not allowed to operate . "Ox Hall Master is the final road .

Originally thought that Azure Billow Sect only had three Shedding Body Realm martial artists, plus overseeing Azure Billow Sect, they should not take action to deal with them . I didn't expect a mask person to emerge . The strength is extremely powerful . General Heavenly Dipper Realm peak .

In addition, they are not enough people, and they suddenly lost four Hall Masters, which made them lose a lot .

“Profound Heaven Sword Technique finally broke through to the reaching peak . ”

On this day, Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief .

He still doesn't use Profound Heaven Sword Technique, but when he breaks through Heavenly Dipper Realm, he must fight in the usual way, not relying on external forces .

External forces should be used at critical moments .

I haven't returned to Azure Billow Sect for a long time, and Li Fuchen is going to go back .

With Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, Li Fuchen returned to Azure Billow Sect in a few days .

Coming to Azure Billow Sect, Li Fuchen also learned about the latest frontline news .

The second great war, still ending with the failure of Numerous Sect, the power of Monster and Demon Ten Territories is far more than the Numerous Sect imagination, level 5 high rank monster beast or level 5 Demon, more than the number of Numerous Sect intelligence . Out of seven or eight, these seven or eight Apex forces are enough to affect the battle situation .

If it is not a Numerous Sect Shedding Body Realm martial artist, the number is absolutely dominant . I am afraid that this war will not need to be played .

Even so, Numerous Sect also degraded some Shedding Body Realm martial Artist .

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Includes Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder Elder Liang .

Elder Liang was killed by Horned Demon King, the owner of Horned Demon Territory . It should be said that it was killed by the aftermath of the battle between Horned Demon King and Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect .

The fall of Elder Liang casts a shadow over Azure Billow Sect .

The fall of a Supreme Elder is very far-reaching, and it is possible to influence the development of the next 100 years . After all, every Shedding Body Realm martial artist is the pillar of Sect . One less will lead to the battle of Apex . unbalanced .

Great Elder Zhao has never been to the war . He once had a chance to break through to the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, but wants to go further and step into the Shedding Body Realm . It is almost impossible . 4 star root bone limits his potential . .

Therefore, Zhao is endless to go to the battlefield to see if he can realize the realm of Shedding Body Realm in the crisis of life and death . In the past, there was no such example, but it was rare .

At the same time, Li Fuchen also learned that this Star List is just the best's chosen, and there are also some battles .

For example, the cultivation base reaches the Situ Lei of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer Apex and the cultivation base reaches Qi Heng and Jin Xudong of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer .

The three men are the best's chosen, and the strength cannot be judged by the cultivation base . It is enough to compete with the Heavenly Dipper Realm .

In addition, Jiang Ruoliu and Xu Lin also broke into Heavenly Dipper Realm, one is Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer, and the other is Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer Apex .

In particular, Jiang Ruoliu, her Illusion technique and Illusion technique Martial Art, are simply the nightmare of monster beast and Demon . On the spirit will, monster beast and Demon are more susceptible to the Illusion technique, which is violent and crazy .

The existence of the five people, although not much of a role, but at least inspired the hearts of people, the top of heaven's chosen and they joined the war, what fear .

Golden Light Territory .

Situ Lei is battered and exhausted by One Headed Level 4 High Rank Monster Beast .

After breaking through the Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer Apex, Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit broke through to the eighteenth layer and deepened the reality of Heavenly Thunder Execution . In addition, after the promotion, he began to contact Thunder God Sect 5 star secret . Technique My heart is both Thunder Heart and strong, comparable to Thunder God Sect Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer martial Artist .

But Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer martial artist is equivalent to the weaker level 4 high rank monster beast, and the level 4 high rank monster beast is chasing him, and the strength is almost equal to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer level .

"Human boy, don't die soon . "

This is the One Headed Level 4 High Rank Monster Beast . It looks like a hill . It opens its mouth and squirts a fire ball towards Situ Lei .

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"It seems to consume the power of the martial mark . "

Situ Lei movement technique Extremely fast, like a lightning bolt, barely avoiding the Fire Ball, Situ Lei's long hair and windless dance, a majestic aura, suddenly spread out, so that the opposite fire beast has a heart .

"Red Hand Vicious Fist !"

Situ Lei slammed a punch and banged to the opposite fire beast .

At the same time, a powerful strength of Domain, shrouded the fire beast .

Under the pressure of the Domain, the fire beast felt a lot of weight, and the strength was at least suppressed by 40% .

"Not good . "

The fire beast big shock, where does he know, Situ Lei can also explode this strength .

There is no time to dodge, the fire beast is punched in the middle of the chest, the next moment, the huge body is directly penetrated .

Red Hand Vicious Fist is the Earth level fist technique . How terrible the power is, even if it is the monster beast, it can't resist it .

Killing the fire beast, Situ Lei immediately extinguished the Red Hand Vicious Fist martial mark .

It is not necessary to kill the Red Hand Vicious Fist martial mark .

First, the martial mark power, with one point less than one point, always has exhaustion .

Second, he wants to hone himself and tap into more potential .

Like Situ Lei, Qi Heng Jin Xudong Jiang Ruoliu and Xu Lin have Earth level martial marks on their bodies .

Of course, not every Odd Martial Artist Direct Disciple has an Earth level martial mark . Only the superior talent, Odd Martial Artist will cost the price to help imprint the martial mark .

Azure Billow Sect, Li Fuchen also wants to fight .

But he knows that he doesn't break into Heavenly Dipper Realm, Sect Master Ouyang Wentian is not allowed to participate in the war . After all, in Ouyang Wentian's view, going to the battle of Earth Fiend Realm's cultivation base is no different from cannon fodder, even if Li Fuchen is not ordinary . Earth Fiend Realm martial Artist .

"Must break into Heavenly Dipper Realm in a short time . "

Li Fuchen has a plan for himself .

With the True Dragon Imprint form of Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, Li Fuchen senses the power of Heavenly Dipper Realm, which is much smoother .

Moreover, before this, his cultivation base has reached the limit of Earth Fiend Realm under the support of Star Road power .

One day after a month, in the Azure Billow Sect True Disciple area, a terrifying Heaven and Earth Origin Qi wave undulated . At the same time, within a few square miles, the temperature suddenly rose, and some flowers and plants were burning without fire . stand up .

Quite a few True Disciple looked at the location of the incident, one by one .

In their sights, it seems as if a sun rises slowly, the dazzling rays of light and the hot temperatures can be felt from far away .

These breakthroughs are not trivial .

"Who is breaking through, terrible vision . "

"It will be Senior Brother Li . It is said that his cultivation base has reached the limit of Earth Fiend Realm . With the Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint of Star List Number 1, it is not impossible to break through . "

Everyone was in a hot discussion .

In the void, a figure flashed .

It is Ouyang Wentian .

When he noticed that someone had broken through and the vision was huge, he immediately rushed over .

After the discovery of the breakthrough is Li Fuchen, Ouyang Wentian was very surprised .

Li Fuchen is only 21 years old this year . He broke through to Heavenly Dipper Realm at the age of 21 . This record is definitely the first in Eastern Lín Continent for hundreds of years . Maybe it will take a long time for Li Fuchen to become the most Azure Billow Sect . A reliable backbone .

Vision is just beginning, with the promotion base being promoted, Li Fuchen within the body of Burning Heaven True Qi, condensing together, like a sun, and this sun, and the sun above the sky, echoes, between heaven and earth, Suddenly it became red .

"This is more than the Situ Lei breakthrough . "

Ouyang Wentian secretly thought .

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