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Chapter 327
Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base, although it can't be described by one heaven and earth, but the gap is also great .

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In the Star List Great Competition, the strength of Situ Lei belongs to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer level, and the strength exposed by Li Fuchen is also the Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer .

Now with the breakthrough of Burning Heaven True Merit, with the Burning Heaven Sword Technique reaching the reaching peak, Li Fuchen's strength has already reached or exceeded the Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer level, which is still not the case of Bronze Sword Essence .

The black clothed man, the cultivation base, is the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer . On the bright side, the strength undoubtedly crushes Li Fuchen .

The two chased one and escaped, and soon they went beyond a hundred miles .

"Kid, go to death, black fiend arrogant!"

The black clothed man burst into a myriad of black airflows, and the black airflow turned into a stalked blade, screaming toward Li Fuchen .

"Incinerate the sky!"

Faced with the black clothed man overbearing evil, Li Fuchen turned to a sword .


As if the rising sun is rising, the dazzling sword glow illuminates the void, accompanied by endless heat .

Crackle and rattle !

The black blade collided with the dazzling sword glow, Li Fuchen's sword glow, the broken and clean, the residual force, and suddenly flew Li Fuchen .

"Worthy is Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer martial artist . "

Li Fuchen wore a level 5 Monster Beast leather armor and was not injured .

“The strength is so strong that it almost reached the threshold of Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer . ”Black clothed man Browsing wrinkles, a killing intent burst, the opponent's talent potential is too strong, Worthy is Eastern Lín Continent For hundreds of years, the strongest first King Star, killing such heaven's chosen, should be able to increase His destiny .

"Spear the soul!"

The right hand is as straight as a knife, and the black clothed man has a black airflow, and between the lightnings, it turns into a black blade that spreads over the magic lines .


With his right hand kneeling, the black blade seems to cut open the void and head toward Li Fuchen .

The power of this embarrassment, even if it is the martial artist of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base, it must be avoided . The black clothed man does not believe that Li Fuchen can retreat .

“It seems that I have to use the power of Bronze Sword Essence . ”

During this time, Li Fuchen continued to work hard, and 60% of the whole body bones were engraved with the bronze sword mark . On the contrary, only 40% of the black iron sword mark remained .

Otherwise, Li Fuchen's face strength can be even higher .

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But in turn, Li Fuchen's strength in the dark is stronger than more than one level .

Within the body, the bronze sword mark lights up, a large number of Pure Yang Astral Qi is converted into Bronze Sword Qi, and immediately Bronze Sword Qi goes along the meridian and flows into the Profound Light Sword . The Profound Light Sword is dyed from the original silver white . It became a layer of bronze, as if it had become a bronze sword .

At this moment, Li Fuchen does not have to hide his strength, so there is no need to do black iron sword qi .

"Extremely hot phlegm . "

The dyed bronzed Profound Light Sword, a sword glow burning with a bronze flame, madly out, can not describe the speed of this sword, because this sword, like the aurora, when it appears, what has been It’s too late .


Black clothed man The whole body hair was blown up . At this moment, he felt the aura of death .

As it turns out, his feelings are correct, because this sword is the moment of his death .

How is Bronze Sword Essence terrifying, the complete Bronze Sword Essence, but the peak 6 star secret technique, superimposed on Pure Yang Astral Qi, definitely reaches the threshold of 7 star secret technique .

Although Li Fuchen only printed 60% of the bronze sword mark, it is almost the perfection 5 star secret technique level, superimposed with Pure Yang Astral Qi, not inferior to 6 star secret technique .

6 star secret technique What concept .

This is several times more powerful than Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin .

A sword out, black clothed man even the action of the block is too late to make, Body Protecting True Qi is penetrated, the chest is penetrated, the next moment, the bronze flame broke out, the whole person turned into fly ash, even if it is the storage pouch of the body, They were all burned to fly ash, making Li Fuchen a pity .

Killed the black clothed man and Li Fuchen turned and flew towards the battlefield .

On the battlefield, the situation changed dramatically, Lin Kun's lower abdomen was scratched by the cat head mask, and the injury was not light .

Obviously, the death and injury of Demon Dao martial artist made the cat head mask angry .

Qin Ming and Xu Chang, both worried about the situation and worried about Li Fuchen's life and death, for a time, the state is very poor, almost killed by the centipede mask, and the wolf is very incomparable .

"Someone is back . "

In the night, a figure came out of the air .

Everyone is looking at it .

"It's Li Fuchen . "

Qin Ming and Xu Chang are overjoyed .

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Also shocked .

Li Fuchen is back, the black clothed man is not coming back, which is enough to illustrate the problem .

"Perhaps what terrifying life-saving items he has on him should be given by the first Odd Martial Artist . "Azure Billow Sect is the Inner Sect Elder secretly said in heart .

As the first Odd Martial Artist Direct Disciple, Li Fuchen is unlikely to have any rewards .

“I knew that this child had such terrifying life-saving items, and we don’t need to worry so much . ”

Qin Ming smiled .

Xu Chang said: "If you are not afraid of accidents, you will be afraid of it . Life-saving items will take time to stimulate . "

"Do you guys when I don't exist?"The centipede mask man even killed the killer, playing Qin Ming and Xu Chang without any help .

Fortunately, the two can come out to protect Li Fuchen, naturally have a unique ability .

This ability is a Combined Assault Technique . Once the two teamed up to play Combined Assault Technique, it is enough to compete with the Heavenly Dipper Realm 7-8th layer martial artist . Although it is not suitable for the centipede mask, it can still be done for a while .

Coming to the battlefield, Li Fuchen quickly locked a black clothed man and killed it .

At the same time, the opponent of the black clothed man, an Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder, came out to help others .

He doesn't worry about whether Li Fuchen is an opponent . The black clothed man is just Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank cultivation base .

Less than ten swords, Li Fuchen killed the black clothed man of the Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer cultivation base .

As a result, fifteen Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base's Demon Dao martial artist, has died six, leaving only nine people, in terms of number, is in an absolute disadvantage .

"Elder Lin, let us help you . "

Two Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder of Heavenly Dipper Realm 6th layer cultivation base, teamed up to kill the cat head mask .

Under the joint efforts of the three men, the cat head mask will have no way for a while .

"Since you are looking for death, don't blame me . "

Cat head mask The person took out a bloody bead, and a bloody force poured into the body, cat head mask . The person sighed, "Divine Blood Thorn . "


A bloody spurt, Lin Kun's shoulder was pierced, and his flesh and blood were dry .

"No, this is the power of Blood Dao . "

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Lin Kun's face was white, and he quickly reminded the other two .

The power of Blood Dao is very overbearing, but it is the power generated by the essence of the blood .

All blood cultivation techniques are basically Blood Dao cultivation techniques .


Cat head mask Awe-inspiring A smile, the bloody rays of light broke out, and suddenly flew Lin Kun and two other Azure Billow Sect Inner Sect Elder .

Less than a last resort, in fact, he is not willing to forcibly use the power of blood bead, every time the use of million blood bead strength, his body is a burden, after all, the lowest level of blood bead, to absorb 10,000 martial artist blood condensed into, inside Contains the blood Dao power, very complex overbearing, but also mixed with countless chaotic will .

It’s too late!

Li Fuchen's consciousness, always scanning the situation around, the situation in Elder Lin Kun, naturally can not escape his eyes .

"Bronze Sword Essence can't be used with great brilliance, but the power of martial mark can be used . "

The first Odd Martial Artist has an Earth level martial mark on his right wrist . Li Fuchen has not been used yet . It is just an opportunity .

The thought flashed, Li Fuchen revolved black iron sword qi, poured into the right wrist martial mark .

This is a sword-shaped martial mark, the lines are straight as a dragon, just a glance, it gives people an endless sense of fierceness .

As the black iron sword qi poured into the sword-shaped martial mark, the sword-shaped martial mark suddenly exudes a fierce and clear light .

A thought came into my mind .

“Clear Sky Sword Art !”


Li Fuchen couldn't help but wave the Profound Light Sword . The next moment, countless brilliant word sparks broke out .

In the void, an invisible Domain appears .

The Domain is spherical and covers two black clothed man, one is Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer cultivation base and the other is Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer cultivation base .

Pū pū pū ……

Qinghui sword glow flashed, two black clothed man, instantly smashed into pieces .

“Is this the power of the Earth level sword technique?”

Li Fuchen is a bit shocking .

The power of this sword is not as good as the power of Bronze Sword Essence before, but it is almost enough to kill the martial artist of Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer lower .

And his cultivation base is only Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer Apex .

Of course, among them, there is mainly an increase in Black Iron Sword Essence, otherwise the power will drop by one level .

This sword not only shocked Li Fuchen, but also shocked the rest .

These people finally know why Li Fuchen can kill the black clothed man of his Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base .

It turned out that the first Odd Martial Artist had a martial mark on him and it was an Earth level martial mark .

To know that the Earth level martial mark corresponds to the Earth level Martial Art, even if Li Fuchen can only play a part of the power, it is enough to cross the battlefield .

The reason is that it is Earth level martial mark, mainly because the charm of Li Fuchen's sword has exceeded the level of Profound level top rank sword technique, and there is strength of Domain accompanying, Azure Billow Sect, no such Hierarchical sword technique .

"this child, really is the proud son of the heavens . "

Azure Billow Sect, the Inner Sect Elder, is both shocking and enviable .

If they also have the Earth level martial mark printed on them, not to mention the Heavenly Dipper Realm is invincible, at least the strength of the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak level .

One sword killed two black clothed man, and at this moment, the number of black clothed man was reduced to seven .

Next, Li Fuchen killed two more, and the black clothed man had only five people left .

"You all go to help Elder Lin Kun . "

Li Fuchen said .

Good .

Except for the cat head mask person and the centipede mask man, the remaining three black clothed man are not enough . I believe that Li Fuchen should be able to deal with it, so in addition to the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, the rest of the Inner Sect Elder, Simultaneously rushed to the cat head mask .

Cat head mask The face is very ugly . Before coming to Cloud and Mist City, he couldn't think of it anyway . It wasn't Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, but a Junior Fiend Realm 8th layer Apex cultivation base's junior . This is a irony .

"Since you want to die, Drop dead for me!"

Cat head mask People are not afraid, Blood Dao's power is unrestrained and erupts to an enemy .

"It's really strong enough . "

Li Fuchen regained his gaze and his eyes fell on the three black clothed man .

The three black clothed men are united and sound transmission . Obviously, they plan to cut off Li Fuchen and then help the cat head mask .

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