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Chapter 325
Demon Dao is more cunning than he imagined, often confused, using the fake blood-colored array to confuse the Azure Billow Sect spy, and a month later, Azure Billow Sect four Supreme Elder, almost all cheated .

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But the good news is that in addition to Azure Billow Territory, Heavenly Fiend Territory and Mad Blade Territory, there are also Demon Dao forces .

In this way, Azure Billow Sect can take care of one acre of three points, no need to worry about other Sect forces robbing, not to worry about the intimidation of Heavenly Fiend Sect .

Of course, to put it this way, so many Demon Dao martial artists are messing up in Azure Billow Territory, Azure Billow Sect high level is still a headache .

If Demon Dao forces are directly fighting Azure Billow Sect, the key is that Demon Dao's whereabouts are difficult to determine . So far, in addition to annihilating a few small Demon Dao forces, there is no gain, and Azure Billow Territory has been killed or injured . Up to five million, this number is increasing dramatically .

“The number of casualties is more than five million?”

Azure Billow Sect, Li Fuchen's face is ugly .

Cloud and Mist City City has a population of just over 200,000, and the population of the country is tens of millions . The Demon Dao forces have killed more than five million people, equivalent to five people in the Cloud and Mist City .

"Damn Demon Dao forces?"

Although Li Family has moved to Azure Billow Sect, there is no worries, but Li Fuchen is not the kind of person who doesn't care about high hangs . He can imagine how many children and how many good people are among the more than five million people . People, and those who have worked diligently for a lifetime, like the harvested rice, slaughtered, Li Fuchen's heart, full of anger and killing intent .

Azure Billow Hall .

Ouyang Wentian looks very tired, more than five million people, now it is estimated to break six million!

How many people are in the entire Azure Billow Territory .

It's time to let Azure Billow Sect Disciple go out and hone, Ouyang Wentian secretly thought .

Originally, he did not intend to let Azure Billow Sect Disciple go out . In the face of Demon Dao martial artist, he could imagine how many Disciples would die, but now people are stretched, and he does not send all Disciples at once, just send 30% of Inner Sect . Disciple and part of True Disciple .

In addition, the demon Dao forces are also an opportunity to sharpen themselves .

Some talented mediocre people may be able to break through themselves .

"Great Elder, I want to go to the battlefield . "

On this day, Li Fuchen came to the legacy Main Hall, said Zhao Wujin .

Zhao has never frowned . "Fuchen, you are different from everyone else . Others need to sharpen . You don't need to sharpen it . Next, you only need to cultivate cultivation and you can successfully enter Heavenly Dipper Realm . "

Not only him, Azure Billow Sect high level is not willing to go out to Li Fuchen .

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Li Fuchen is still too low in the realm, even if it has the strength of leapfrogging, it can only compete against Heavenly Dipper Realm low rank martial artist, which has no effect on the situation, and when Li Fuchen enters Heavenly Dipper Realm, it will be the most effective .

Li Fuchen said: "Great Elder, honing is useful to anyone . Cultivation is not just cultivation, but also cultivation . I can't watch Demon Dao's powers messing up, but I am cultivating, which is not in line with my Sword Dao . "


Zhao has no hesitation .

Li Fuchen said that it is not unreasonable, and he knows that the top of heaven's chosen has always been a matter of opinion and decision . I am afraid that ten cows will not be able to pull back .

"I am going to report Sect Master, you wait . "

Zhao Wuwei can't decide this thing .

Azure Billow Hall .

Ouyang Wentian frowned: "He wants to go out?"

"Yes . "Zhao nodded endlessly .

Take a deep breath, Ouyang Wentian said: "Let him go out! You arrange for two Innerly Dipper Realm middle rank cultivation base's Inner Sect Elder to protect him . ”

Azure Billow Sect is now very tight, and it is already the limit to send two Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artists to protect Li Fuchen .

Good .

Zhao has no sigh of relief .

There are two Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist protections, as long as there are no big surprises, there should be nothing .

The place where Li Fuchen is going to go is naturally in the area of ​​Cloud and Mist City, where he used to live and his feelings are deep .

Above the sky, Giant Scythe Vicious Bird back, Li Fuchen and two Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank cultivation base's Inner Sect Elder sitting cross-legged .

The two Innerly Dipper Realm middle rank cultivation bases are Inner Sect Elder, one is Qin Ming and the other is Xu Chang .

Qin Ming said: "Now Azure Billow Territory is divided into four regions, forty communities, each region has a Supreme Elder oversee, each community has a dozen Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist oversee, Cloud and Mist City in the third The seventh district of the region, if I remember correctly, oversee there is Mao Qiuhai Elder . "

"Yes, it’s Mao Qiuhai Elder . "Xu Chang nodded .

Mao Qiuhai Elder is the top-ranked Inner Sect Elder of Azure Billow Sect with Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer cultivation base .

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“The seventh district, can you find the trace of Demon Dao strength?”Li Fuchen asked .

There are fifteen cities in the seventh district, and Cloud and Mist City is just one of them .

"I haven't found it yet . "Xu Chang Road .

Li Fuchen nodded, not the best, he could hardly imagine what would happen if the residents of Cloud and Mist City were slaughtered overnight by blood .

With the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, in a few days, the three came to the Golden Cloud City .

Golden Cloud City is the largest of the fifteen cities in the area where the seventh district of the fourth largest district is located . It has naturally become a temporary command post .

City Lord Mansion hall .

Mao Qiuhai came out to meet Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen is not a normal True Disciple . In terms of status, Mao Qiuhai is not necessarily higher than Li Fuchen .

After seeing Mao Qiuhai, Li Fuchen did not stop at Golden Cloud City, but rushed to Cloud and Mist City . Next, he planned to oversee Cloud and Mist City . Of course, if there is a need elsewhere, he will pass .

After all, Golden Cloud City and Cloud and Mist City were in a community, and it took only half an hour to get there . Li Fuchen arrived .

Today's Cloud and Mist City is no longer the Cloud and Mist City .

The former Cloud and Mist City Four Great Families, which have been removed, fill the gap with the former second-class family of Cloud and Mist City .

They are He Family, Si Family and Sun Family .

At the beginning of the Cloud and Mist City genius battle, He Ping ranked fourth, and Si Fei and Sun Di also ranked well . The family behind the trio is now He Family, Si Family and Sun Family .

However, if Zhu Family has not disappeared, it should now be one of the big families of Cloud and Mist City . Unfortunately, Zhu Hongxiu and Zhu Family disappeared so inexplicably, as if they had never appeared before . This question has been buried in Li . Fuchen's heart, occasionally think of it .

Li Fuchen didn't show up in a big way, but rented a courtyard and stayed .

The nature that lives with him is Qin Ming and Xu Chang .

During the day, the three people stayed out of the house . At night, the three people only rode the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, patrolled around the Cloud and Mist City, and occasionally patrolled other nearby cities .

According to intelligence, Demon Dao's forces are cunning very often, and they often make troubles, which makes Azure Billow Sect rushing .

A week later, Li Fuchen did not find any abnormalities . It seems that this area is very safe .

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"You can't neglect it . "

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

On the night of the day, the Li Fuchen trio continued to patrol .

Giant Scythe Vicious Bird On the back, Qin Ming takes three pots of wine from the storage pouch and is preparing to hand it to Li Fuchen and Xu Chang .

"There is movement . "

Li Fuchen didn't pick up the wine and ordered Giant Scythe Vicious Bird to fly from high altitude .

In the western suburbs of Cloud and Mist City, a group of black clothed man is busy with something .

“Demon Dao martial artist ?”

Qin Ming and Xu Chang have a bright eye . They have been out for a few days . A Demon Dao martial artist has never been killed . It has long been itchy .

"Look first . "Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is kept at a height of 1,000 meters, Li Fuchen started talking .

Although the night is thick, Qin Ming and Xu Chang are Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artists . The eyesight is so powerful . The night vision is only the most basic ability for them, and Li Fuchen is more than two people . The super-consciousness made him feel amazing .

Below, the number of black clothed man is hundreds, hundreds of black clothed man, from time to time to take out some materials buried under the ground, gradually, an array embryonic form is beginning to emerge .

Li Fuchen's eyes, these materials, all exuding the evil aura, is obviously the material of the evil array .

What Li Fuchen didn't know was that at the same time, in the Peaceful Place City, a thousand miles away from Cloud and Mist City, there was also a group of black clothed man who arranged the array and had been targeted by the probe sent by Mao Qiuhai .

“Whether it’s true or not, first call Elder Mao . ”

The spies who are hidden in the dark have shredded the summoning command token .

The summoning command token is a sub-source command token . There is only one source command token . In Mao Qiuhai, there are several sub-command tokens . The command token and the source command token will be inductive .

Golden Cloud City City Lord Mansion , Mao Qiuhai Take the source command token .

Source command token direct There are directions in the east, west, south, north, southeast, northeast, southwest, and northwest . Now, in the northwest direction, a red dot is lit, and the red dot flashes several times, and it fades . .

“Northwest, it’s Peaceful Place City!”

Mao Qiuhai blinked in the eyes .

Peaceful Place City has a population of more than 300,000 and he will never allow any death or injury within his jurisdiction .

Just as Mao Qiuhai was ready to lead the crowd, the source command token vibrated again, and a red dot appeared in the southeast direction .

“Southeast, Cloud and Mist City . ”

Mao Qiuhai brows ruthlessly wrinkled .

At the same time, there are two cities in the situation, and it is clear that this is the strategy of the Demon Dao forces .

Soon, Mao Qiuhai had plans .

Cloud and Mist City has a population of just over 200,000, which is less important than Peaceful Place City . He decided to take two roads and take him to Peaceful Place City for another Inner Sect Elder with Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank cultivation base . People go to Cloud and Mist City .

Although such forces are scattered, it is better than flying .

Of course, in case, just in case, Mao Qiuhai takes out a special command token and then crushes it .

Overseeing the Supreme Elder surname of the third largest district, sensing the vibration from the command token in the storage pouch, he took out the command token .

"Is the seventh district?"

Elder Liang grows up, the figure flashes, and the air is leaving, the speed is faster than the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird . I don’t know how many times it is . It’s not too much to describe it with the wind .

In the western suburbs of Cloud and Mist City, Li Fuchen can be sure that the evil array below is not a doubt, but a real evil array, because his consciousness has already sensed the fluctuation of the array, concealing with amazing evil, making him all Some heart .

So Li Fuchen did not hesitate and shredded the command token .

Just half an hour after Li Fuchen's command token, the array was completely arranged, and the array aura was completely hidden, but with a surprising consciousness, Li Fuchen could still sense the existence of the array .

"There are a lot of people coming over . "

Qin Ming's voice is slightly nervous .

"Fly high . "

Li Fuchen ordered Giant Scythe Vicious Bird to fly high .

He is not stupid enough to be prepared to counter the wave of Demon Dao with three people .

The wings flapped and the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird flew until it reached a height of five kilometers .

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