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Chapter 324
Time flies, Li Fuchen has been back from Odd Martial Secret Realm for a month .

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During this month, Li Fuchen's cultivation base finally made progress, although it did not break through the Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer, but it reached the level of the Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer Apex .

To know that in order to participate in the Star List Great Competition, Li Fuchen swallowed the medicine pill that promoted the cultivation base . It has some influence on the speed of the cultivation . It is reasonable to take a long time to break through the Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer Apex .

Fortunately, Li Fuchen's Soul turned into a blue Soul, Burning Heaven True Merit broke through to the eighteenth layer, tempered True Spirit impurities, doubled the effect, and immediately eliminated the side effects of medicine pill, otherwise Li Fuchen is afraid It will take a month or two to upgrade to the Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer Apex .

“It’s too slow and too slow . If you have Earth Fiend Fruit and the like, the medicinal herb without any side effects will be fine . ”

Li Fuchen is still not satisfied with his progress .

He estimates that if he is a 5 star root bone or even a 6 star root bone, I am afraid that it has been cultivated to Heavenly Dipper Realm .

The root bone represents the speed of the cultivation base, and the speed of his cultivation base is entirely due to the high level of the cultivation technique . The high level of the cultivation technique is due to Perception, but with the high level root bone . The cultivation base will increase in speed by a factor of two or more .

Blinking, time has passed half a month .

Li Fuchen's Bronze Sword Essence has finally completed about 50%, and correspondingly, Black Iron Sword Essence has only the last 50% .

This caused the black iron sword qi to lose power, while the Bronze Sword Qi power increased .

After all, the complete Black Iron Sword Essence can transform the complete black iron sword qi .

If Li Fuchen fails to condense Bronze Sword Essence on Star List Great Competition, it is estimated that Black Iron Sword Essence will be able to defeat Situ Lei .

Azure Billow Territory, Iron Mountain City .

On this day, Iron Mountain City came with countless black clothed man . These black clothed man exudes a demon like a demon, clearly a Demon Dao martial artist .

Including Iron Mountain City City Lord, Iron Mountain City Hundreds of thousands of people, all gathered in a large open space outside the city, the open space has long portrayed a giant great array method, this array is complex, and looks 10 Evil, with the Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer cultivation Base Iron Mountain City City Lord, pale, he knew, fell to these demon Dao martial Arti St hands, there will be no good results, and look at this, the other side seems to want to plan what big things .

"Hall Master, you can revolved array . "

A black clothed man leaned around the black clothed man with the dog head mask, whispering .

Dog head mask The person waved, "revolved array . "

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Hear this, great array edge, hundreds of black clothed man each waved, cut off the heads of hundreds of Returning Origin Realm martial artist, suddenly, hundreds of blood huā lā lā sprayed out .

When the blood falls to the ground, it is not absorbed by the ground, but is absorbed by the array . The originally calm array, the bloody fluctuations in an instant, the array lines, and the color of the blood .

"Do not kill me . "

"Help, I still want to live . "

"Damn Demon Dao martial artist, sooner or later, you will be extinct . "

Inside the array, hundreds of thousands of people either beg for mercy, or screaming, very miserable .

Hearing the voices of these people, the black clothed man sneered, his face full of hustle and bustle .

Visible to the naked eye, the inner Iron Mountain City residents of the array, the body began to dry up, a large amount of blood was extracted and gathered into the array, making the array more and more powerful, the blood color fluctuations emitted, it is necessary to stir the wind, for a time, this open space It seems to be a hell on earth, bloody .

"scoundrel, don't give me a hand . "

At this moment, the five figures broke into the air, headed the figure, a long sword in the hand, a majestic sword qi, blasted to the blood of the array .

"Patrol Elder?"

Dog head mask A person's figure flashed, appeared before the sword qi, and immediately the right hand was clawed, grabbing the sword qi .

Crackle and rattle !

Sword qi was eliminated .

Blood color inside the array .

"It was Patrol Elder and was finally saved . "

Iron Mountain City City Lord breathed a sigh of relief . Because he was an Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer martial artist, he could hold on for a while, with the most damage to origin qi . As for other Earth Fiend Realm lower, he was already in a coma, or he had already died .

"very powerful strength . "

The comer is Patrol Elder Xu Wangsong, Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer cultivation base . Over the years, he has never encountered a Demon Dao martial artist that can block his sword .

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"Your Excellency is not fast to remove the array, otherwise I am Azure Billow Sect, you must die without a place to die . "Xu Wangsong is very vocal .

Dog head mask People whispered: "You must take care of yourself!"

"Looking for death, you four, hurry to break the array . "

Xu Wangsong was furious and told the other four Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artists to break the array . As for the dog head mask, he personally dealt with it .

"Yes .

Four people rushed to the bloody array .

"Block them . "

Dog head mask A wave of people, a lot of black clothed man, swept out seven or eight aura fierce powerful black clothed man, intercepting four people .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng pēng 砰…

Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist's play is terrifying, a sword qi flies out, Iron Mountain City walls are split, gravel flying, a black claw flying out, Iron Mountain City gate, crashing directly .

“Azure Billow Sword Art, Thousand Mountains Myriad Waters . ”

Xu Wangsong cultivation's sword technique is Azure Billow Sect, one of Azure Billow Sect's two Great Sword Techniques .

Azure Billow Sword Art, a layered sword glow, like Thousand Mountains Myriad Waters, slamming the dog head mask .

"Cracking claws!"

In the face of Xu Wangsong's Azure Billow Sword Art, dog head mask with a handful of claws, stern claws as if fiend claws, with a black whirlwind, fiercely torn out .

Qi strength Crazy explosion, Xu Wangsong and dog head mask people each step backwards .

"Divine Blood Thorn !"

At this moment, the dog head mask suddenly left a bloody bead on the left hand, bloody beads, a bloody wave poured into its with the body, the next moment, dog head mask people pointed to Xu Wangsong .


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A bloody spike that condensed to peak instantly pierced Xu Wangsong's shoulder, causing his shoulders to wither .


Xu Wangsong big shock .

The opponent's strength is obviously similar to him, but with the bloody beads, the cultivation base seems to reach Heavenly Dipper Realm peak, so that is where he is the opponent .

"God damn it!"

Xu Wangsong glanced at the bloody array . At the moment, inside the bloody array, except for the Iron Mountain City City Lord, everyone became a corpse . It was already dead and could not die anymore . It was no longer necessary to break the array .


Xu Wangsong suppressed the anger in his heart and shouted .

Hear this, the four Azure Billow Sect Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist, who have fallen into anger, have regressed and stunned . They also understand that they continue to fight, and they are estimated to be fierce . These Demon Dao martial artists don’t know where to take them . It’s too fierce and powerful .

"Where to go, Divine Blood Thorn . "

Dog head mask The two fingers of the Azure Billow Sect Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist were instantly killed . The only escape was Xu Wangsong and two other Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artists .

Dog head mask The person did not go after the use of blood-colored beads, the burden on him is great, and it will also disturb his mind .

No …

In the bloody array, the Iron Mountain City City Lord's body quickly dried up, and immediately, the aura was completely absent .

At the same time, the blood color array was also revolved to the limit, the blood color fluctuations were dazzling, but soon, the strong blood color fluctuations began to shrink, and finally in the center of the array, four blood-colored beads were condensed .

Blood-colored beads and dog head mask The blood-colored beads in the hands of people are generally the same .

At the same time, Azure Billow Territory has several cities, hundreds of towns have suffered, and the intense death aura has filled the whole world .

Azure Billow Sect .

Azure Billow Hall .

Ouyang Wentian looked very ugly, listening to what Xu Wangsong said below .

This is clearly organized and planned . It seems that the Demon Dao forces are not going to hide in the dark .

"Come, come over with Supreme Elder and the law . "

It’s a big deal, and Ouyang Wentian doesn’t dare to neglect .

In a short while, four Supreme Elders, two guardians, gathered in Azure Billow Hall .

Azure Billow Sect has a total of seven Shedding Body Realm martial artists, Sect Master Ouyang Wentian, four Supreme Elders and two guards . These seven are the pillars of Azure Billow Sect and Azure Billow Sect can stand Eastern Lín Continent . fundamental .

The situation was explained to six people, Ouyang Wentian said: "Demon Dao's forces are resurgent, I am afraid that not only will be excited at Azure Billow Territory, Left Protector, you go to Heavenly Fiend Territory, right guard, you go to Mad Blade Territory to see if There is a power of Demon Dao . "

"Yes, Sect Master . "

Left and right guards nod .

"Four Supreme Elders, I am afraid I have to deal with you four now . Azure Billow Territory is now anxious . If you can't suppress it, you don't know what will happen . "Ouyang Wentian As Sect Master, to lead the entire Azure Billow Sect, can't go out, all these things can only be given to the four Supreme Elder .

Ouyang Tie said: "Old Man hasn't been out for a long time, his body is rusting, and since Demon Dao's forces have come, he can let them retreat . "

“Yes, after becoming a Shedding Body Realm martial artist, my old beam has not been killed for many years . ”The surnamed Liang's Supreme Elder exudes murderous aura, they can become Shedding Body Realm martial artist, one by one, and what has not been seen .

Nodded, Ouyang Wentian said to Inner Sect Elder, who conveyed the message below: "God down and ordered all Inner Sect Elder to come and see me . "

It is impossible to control the entire Azure Billow Territory by Shedding Body Realm martial artist . After all, Azure Billow Territory is too big and there are not enough people . I am afraid that when you arrive, Demon Dao has long been hidden .

For a time, the atmosphere of Azure Billow Sect was severe, and even the Disciples below felt the oppressive atmosphere .

"What happened here?"

How sharp is Li Fuchen's consciousness, and it is easy to notice that Azure Billow Territory seems to have a big event .

When Azure Billow Sect was in motion, the other fields of Eastern Lín Continent were not calm . Demon Dao's forces seemed to spring up, and they came out one by one, and the means were bloody and angry .

However, these Demon Dao forces seem to have a consensus and have not provoked the domain of the top ten power .

Think about it too, the top ten power, Shedding Body Realm martial artist is numerous, and Heavenly Dipper Realm is several times or even ten times more . If you want to mess up on their site, the price will be very serious . In the initial stage, Demon Dao forces should not be so impulsive .

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