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Chapter 323
When Li Fuchen had not returned to Azure Billow Sect, the news of Odd Martial Artist's departure had spread rapidly, and many Sects around the time learned the news .

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“Odd Martial Artist finally left . Azure Mountain sent this third-rate Sect, which is a Occ Martial Artist Direct Disciple . I dare to challenge my Iron River Sect . It’s time for them to suffer . ”

"Golden Ring Sect Disciple kills my grandson, this must be reported, at least let them hand over the murderer . "

For a time, Numerous Battle Territory was surrounded by numerous Sects, all of which were geared up and the clouds of war shrouded .

When Li Fuchen rushed back to Azure Billow Sect, the news was also transmitted to Heavenly Fiend Sect .

Heavenly Fiend Sect Heavenly Fiend Hall .

Li Xietian smiled, "Odd Martial Artist left, good, very good, Azure Billow Sect, this time I see how you keep Li Fuchen this little bastard . "

Not a last resort, he did not intend to fight Azure Billow Sect .

After all, the two tigers fight, it is impossible for someone to retreat, and Heavenly Fiend Sect is not ready for this .

Stepping out of Heavenly Fiend Hall, Li Xietian figure flashed and flew to the direction of a majestic mountain in the depths of Heavenly Fiend Sect .

On the majestic mountain peak, there is the strongest Supreme Elder Li Feihe of Heavenly Fiend Sect, and Li Feihe is also the uncle of Li Xietian .

"Evil day, how come you are . "

Li Feihe has no retreat and is drinking tea .

"Uncle, Odd Martial Artist has left, I want to take revenge for no blood . "Li Xietian came straight to the point .

Hear this, Li Feihe's eyes flashed, "Odd Martial Artist left? The bloodless enmity is the newspaper . ”

He is Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer cultivation base, and Azure Billow Sect, a Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist .

And Shedding Body Realm, a world of one, it is almost impossible to make a leapfrog challenge, unless it is a heaven defying 5 star root bone or a 6 star root bone .

On that day, Li Xietian Li Feihe and another Supreme Elder, a total of three, flew in the direction of Azure Billow Sect .

This time they used to force Azure Billow Sect to hand over Li Fuchen, and let the other side give up some resources .

Azure Billow Sect .

Li Fuchen didn't dare to hide, telling Ouyang Wentian about the departure of Odd Martial Artist .

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Ouyang Wentian's face is not very good-looking, although he knows that Odd Martial Artist will leave, this kind of thing has not happened before, but I did not expect Odd Martial Artist to leave at this time .

"The situation is not good, Heavenly Fiend Sect, I am afraid I will not give up . "

Ouyang Wentian knows Li Xietian is a person, this person must report, will never let Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen silently, let him fight Heavenly Fiend Sect, naturally Mantis Resisting Chariot, overestimate one's capabilities, so he can only rely on Azure Billow Sect .

Taking a deep breath, Ouyang Wentian slowly said: "But you can rest assured that there is Azure Billow Sect, Heavenly Fiend Sect can't move you . "

At this time, Azure Billow Sect must not back down, once retreat, Sect majestic, nowhere, not to mention Heavenly Fiend Sect is not strong enough to make Azure Billow Sect retreat, he does not believe, Heavenly Fiend Sect will be a Li Wuxue, Fight Azure Billow Sect .

“Thank Sect Master . ”

Li Fuchen is one of the other hands, but the heart is sighing, involving the Sect level, he is now no different from the mole crickets and ants .

However, with Goldem Small Talisman, as long as he is given twenty years, no, as long as ten years, he has the power of self-protection .

Next, Li Fuchen continues to Sword Monument Canyon comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

Accumulation requires a process . As long as there is enough accumulation, he believes that one day he can understand Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

Days After

"Ouyang Wentian, don't hand over Li Fuchen that little bastard, you have to bring disaster to your Azure Billow Sect . "In the sky outside Azure Billow Sect Mountain Gate, Li Xietian Li Feihe stood up in the air . Li Xietian took a deep breath and the sound broke out . For a time, the loud voice seemed to be a Heavenly Thunder, and it was spread to Azure Billow Sect .

Sōu sōu sōu sōu ……

Across the Azure Billow Sect, it was Ouyang Wentian and several Supreme Elders .

Ouyang Wentian stared at Li Xietian, and immediately gaze at Li Feihe next to Li Xietian, her eyes flashing through the dignified color .

Li Feihe, Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist, Heavenly Fiend Sect first expert, and also the first of the four experts, even Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, one of the top ten secret techniques of Eastern Lín Continent, Azure Billow Sect People are their opponents .

"Li Xietian, you asked me to surrender Li Fuchen, what happened?"Ouyang Wentian is not angry or happy .

Li Xietian sneered, "Li Fuchen little bastard killed my son Li Wuxue, Ouyang Wentian, I advise you to surrender him . "

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Ouyang Wentian asked, "There is no evidence for you . If there is no evidence, I will not hand him over . "Of course, even if there is evidence, he will not hand over Li Fuchen .

Evidential matter Ouyang Wentian, when you are a three-year-old, are you fooling? No matter what, I have to take him away . He is not a murderer . I will try it . ”Li Xietian awe-inspiring .

Ouyang Wentian shook his head . "Without any evidence, I have to pay someone, Li Xietian, advise you to leave quickly, and you have to lose the face of a Lord . "

"It seems that you are to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit . "

Li Xietian within the body murderous aura broke out .

Aside, Li Feihe grinned . "Old Fellow Ouyang, a battle of ten years ago, you are not my opponent . I don't know what it is like today, how good is your strength . "

Old Fellow Ouyang in his mouth is the gray-haired old man next to Ouyang Wentian .

The gray-haired old man looks similar to Ouyang Wentian, but is Ouyang Wentian's Eldest Uncle Ouyang Tie and Azure Billow Sect's first expert, Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer cultivation base .

The gray-haired old man frowned . "Li Feihe, you want to fight, then fight!"

He also wants to know what level Li Feihe is now .


The two flew instantly into the higher sky, facing each other .

"Old Fellow Ouyang, pick me up Heavenly Fiend Fist!"

Li Feihe inspires True Spirit, the majestic True Spirit is like a storm, the sky is black, the clouds are rolling, and at the same time, Li Feihe hits Ouyang Tie with a fierce punch .

Wū wū wū wū ……

This box is terrifying, and the fist is not out . Heavenly Fiend Fist has already been sent out . The general Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, I am afraid that under this Fist Intent, I will die and die .

"This is Profound level top rank Fist Intent !"

Below, Li Fuchen sees this scene in his eyes .

Heavenly Fiend Sect's Heavenly Fiend Fist, after the prestige, not inferior to Burning Heaven Sword Technique, cultivation, and the Heavenly Fiend Fist, Fist Intent can kill anyone .

"Azure Billow Sword Art !"

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Ouyang Tie pulled out the treasure sword, this is a Profound level top rank treasure sword, the treasure sword is in hand, Ouyang Tie is a mysterious wave, the next moment, layered sword glow, as if the wave, one wave is higher than one Wave, greet Heavenly Fiend Fist .

Crackle and rattle !

Above the sky, the dark clouds roll more and more, the Shedding Body Realm martial artist great war, has been able to change the small-scale sky, the momentum is ten times ten times more powerful than the Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist great war .


In the storm qi strength, a figure flew out .

It is Ouyang Tie .

After all, he is only Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer cultivation base, which is comparable to Li Feihe of Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer cultivation base .

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin . ”

During the flight, Ouyang Tie strictly shouted, the whole body imposing manner Dasheng, countless sword qi emerged, every word qi, as if to split the sky, bringing endless sense of fierceness, which casually a sword qi, It's enough to kill the most powerful Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, which is why Heavenly Fiend Sect doesn't easily fight Azure Billow Sect . After all, Heavenly Fiend Sect wins and wins .

Fortunately, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, sword qi is not endless, but needs to be in the body, consume a sword qi less than a sword qi, it takes a long time to make up for it, if the sword qi is endless , Heavenly Fiend Sect Where else dare to provoke Azure Billow Sect, you have to retreat .

“A good Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, Heavenly Fiend Asura . ”

In the face of Ouyang Tie who applied Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, Li Feihe did not dare to care, and instantly inspired Heavenly Fiend Sect 5 star secret technique Heavenly Fiend Asura .

For a time, the black in the sky, the more sprawling, the endless storms, swept over, and in this endless storm, a huge phantom appeared behind Li Feihe .

This is how the phantom is .

The phantom is small in size, although the figure is slightly blurred, but a pair of eyes, blood red and red, revealing endless evil thoughts and killing intent .

On the direct attack, the Heavenly Fiend Asura secret technique is better than the Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, but the Heavenly Fiend Asura secret technique also contains the spirit of attack and shock, to a certain extent, can affect the enemy state .


Ouyang Tie waved his hand, and Jianlin’s general sword qi spurred Li Feihe .

"Asura Body Protection . "

Li Feihe screamed, Heavenly Fiend Asura phantom shrouded his body, his hands stretched forward, hard against the thousands of swords, and attacked Ouyang Tie .

Although Ouyang Tie has a lot of Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, it is a great expert in Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist, but Li Feihe is more than him, and he is inspired by Heavenly Fiend Asura secret technique . After that, the defense was amazing, and for a time, he could not break the defense of the other party .

Of course, if he is desperate to release all the Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi, he can hurt Li Feihe and lose Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi . His strength will be greatly reduced . Next is not Li Feihe's opponent .

"Heavenly Fiend Fist !"

Close to Ouyang Tie Baizhang, Li Feihe hit a punch .

This punch, with him as the source, with Heavenly Fiend Asura phantom, the hill-sized fist, completely ignored the distance of Baizhang, and slammed into Ouyang Tie .


A blood spurted out and Ouyang Tie flew out .

"Senior Brother, I will help you . "

Another Supreme Elder soar, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique inspired, countless sword qi attacked Li Feihe .

Ouyang Tie was only a minor injury, and he also counterattacked Li Feihe in an instant .

Under the attack of two Shedding Body Realm martial artists, Li Feihe's offensive was suddenly stagnation .

"It’s shameful to bully too much . "

Li Xietian and another Heavenly Fiend Sect Supreme Elder joined the battle group .

Unfortunately, here is Azure Billow Sect, Shedding Body Realm martial artist is a lot more, the rest of Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder and Ouyang Wentian have joined the battle group .

The number of people was more and more, the scene became more and more chaotic, but Li Feihe and Ouyang Tie were restrained .

"Old Fellow Ouyang, let's put a horse this time, we will withdraw . "

Li Feihe came over this time, purely forcing Azure Billow Sect, and to test the strength of Azure Billow Sect's Shedding Body Realm martial artist, knowing ourselves and knowing each other, can win every battle, this is the famous saying .

He didn't think that with three people, he could force Azure Billow Sect to come .

The future is long, today is just the beginning .

With the departure of Heavenly Fiend Sect, Ouyang Wentian breathed a sigh of relief . The strength of Li Feihe is really terrifying . At least two Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist can compete with him and only compete .

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