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Chapter 322
The sun is shining, the bare peaks, the air is twisted, and a hot force spreads .

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In the center of the twist, Li Fuchen's aura is getting more and more prosperous . This aura is full of burnt flavors, and the usual Earth Fiend Realm martial artist, I can't even get close to it . Once I get close, I can't stand it . ,spirit will not stand .


I don't know how long it took in the past, the heat of a surge spread, the air twisted to the peak, Li Fuchen's figure was also twisted and elongated, and it looked extremely unreal .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

Surrounded by the ground, the inch burst, the black earth, like black crystals, with hot rays of light in the sun .

As expected…

With the breakthrough of Burning Heaven True Merit, Li Fuchen felt a bit of burning in the meridian, which was the result of the meridian unable to withstand the Burning Heaven True Qi riot .

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen opened the mouth and took the fire-ice flower .

Fire-ice flower Into the body, a pure hot aura blended into Burning Heaven True Qi, making Burning Heaven True Qi a lot gentler, while a cold force protects the meridian, making the riot Burning Heaven True Qi will not hurt meridian .

Time flies, Li Fuchen within the body The rioting Burning Heaven True Qi is getting less and less, and the aura is becoming more and more pure, like a small sun shining .

"Good terrifying Burning Heaven True Qi . "

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen felt the Burning Heaven True Qi with the body, and he felt a deep sigh .

Just a step forward, his True Spirit quality has risen at least a bit .

Now his True Spirit quality is not worse than the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer martial artist .

After all, Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st layer martial artist, the estimated cultivation technique has a maximum of fifteen or six layers, which is two or three layers worse than him .

Such a pure and hot True Spirit made Li Fuchen feel a little uncomfortable .

When revolved True Spirit, I felt like the magid was flowing in the meridian, and it was hot .

“Burning Heaven Sword Technique is ranked in the top 50 of the Eastern Lín Continent Martial Art . Burning Heaven True Merit is said to be in the top 30 of the Eastern Lín Continent cultivation technique . It’s a little hard for me to be physically fit!”In truth, Li Fuchen's physical fitness is not weak at all, and Azure Billow Sect is definitely peak .

After all, Azure Billow Sect has no more high level Body Refining Cultivation Technique than Concealed Blood Refining Body Merit .

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Of course, the Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, Earth Fiend Realm martial Artist and Heavenly Dipper Realm martial Artist are still different . The difference is different from Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but Li Fuchen can't wait for cultivation to Heavenly . Dipper Realm, he wants to control his power perfectly at all times .

Therefore, he must make his physical fitness to a higher level .

“I don’t know where to go on the Vein Mark of Earth road in the Odd Martial Secret Realm Gate of Earth . ”

The Vein Mark of Earth road is likely to contain an Earth level Body Refining Cultivation Technique .

Earth level Body Refining Cultivation Technique, which contains the world's subtle, once it is small, it can be used for a long time .

Li Fuchen doesn't expect to see how high the Earth level Body Refining Cultivation Technique cultivation is . In his opinion, even the initial entry is enough to outweigh the Concealed Blood Refining Body Merit .

Unfortunately, until now, he did not sense the existence of the Earth level Body Refining Cleaning Technique, which seems to be hidden in his bloodline .

Of course, in addition to the Earth level Body Refining Cultivation Technique, Li Fuchen also got an Imprint of Heaven in the Odd Martial Secret Realm Gate of Heaven . This imprint is likely to contain the subtle of Heaven level Martial Art, but Li Fuchen even Earth . Level Body Refining Cultivation Technique can't be found, but I'm more than looking for Imprint of Heaven .

With a wry smile, Li Fuchen stood up, and the figure flashed and flew down the mountain .

Burning Heaven True Merit cultivation to eighteenth layer, Li Fuchen has a short flight ability, and the speed is not slow, it can be said quite fast .

In the days that followed, Li Fuchen continued to comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent in Sword Monument Canyon .

However, it is clear that the Burning Heaven Sword Intent is not so good comprehend .

Think about it, Burning Heaven Sword Technique is the Profound level top rank sword technique, which is the same level as Burning Heaven True Merit .

Although Martial Art is so good, comprehend is much harder than the cultivation technique, but it can't be too exaggerated .

So far, Li Fuchen has been able to break through the Burning Heaven True Merit to the eighteenth layer, so in a short time, wanting a comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent is simply impossible, even if he has a blue Soul .

Unless his cultivation base is promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm, it is almost the same .

"You can go back to Odd Martial Secret Realm . "

Since he can't comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent, Li Fuchen is not in a hurry, he plans to return to Odd Martial Secret Realm .

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The first Odd Martial Artist said that soon they were leaving Eastern Lín Continent, and Li Fuchen felt it necessary to see the first Odd Martial Artist before the first Odd Martial Artist left .

For Li Fuchen's departure, Ouyang Wentian is very relieved, there is the first Odd Martial Artist, no one does not have long eyes to deal with Li Fuchen, as for the martial artist of the same realm, it is impossible to be Li Fuchen opponent .

In order to make Li Fuchen hurry, Ouyang Wentian even specially rewarded a level 4 low rank flying spirit beast .

With a spirit beast, I believe Li Fuchen can't use it for a long time .


This day .

In the clouds, a black shadow flies .

This is a giant bird with scales and a suckle .

Level 4 low rank Spirit Beast – Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

Giant Scythe Vicious Bird Before being trained as a spirit beast, he was fierce and violent, trained as a spirit beast, and the fierceness still existed . He tried to smash Li Fuchen several times, but Li Fuchen had a Spirit Beast Jade Card .

In the mind of Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, there is also a Spirit Beast Jade Card . Two Spirit Beast Jade Cards sense each other . As long as Li Fuchen's mind is moving, the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird can be split, and several times, Giant Scythe Vicious Bird is a lot of clever, no longer messing up .

Of course, this is mainly because Giant Scythe Vicious Bird has swallowed a lot of lingering spirits, with the body monster qi has already been transformed into spiritual qi, otherwise it is very fierce, even if there is a Spirit Beast Jade Card, it is difficult to control . it .

"I don't know how fast I am compared to the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird . "

The thought flashed, Li Fuchen's foot gently touched the back of the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird . The next moment, the whole person flew up .

Giant Scythe Vicious Bird A pair of bird eyes twitched . He didn't understand what Li Fuchen was doing .

But seeing Li Fuchen flying in front of it, it was very unconvincing, a pair of bird wings violently fanned, the speed increased, and instantly surpassed Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen laughed, Pure Yang Astral Qi spurred, and the speed also increased, surpassing Giant Scythe Vicious Bird .

In this way, one person, one bird, chasing in the air, nearly half faster than before .

In the end, Li Fuchen had to admit that people and flying spirit beast are incomparable .

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Even if he had the strength to kill the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, he was compared to the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird at the speed of flight .

After a few days, Li Fuchen came to Qingyun Mountain, three hundred miles away from the Numerous Battle Territory Azure Cloud City .

Three days later, Odd Martial Secret Realm opened and Li Fuchen entered Odd Martial Secret Realm .

"You came . "

The first Odd Martial Artist big and handsome man discovered Li Fuchen in a flash and teleported the other to the first mountain .

"Master . "

Li Fuchen bowed his hand .

Big and handsome man looked at Li Fuchen and nodded and smiled: "It seems that your progress is good . "

With his eyesight, it can be seen naturally that Li Fuchen's "Essence has changed a lot, and its strength is many times stronger than last time .

“Master overpraised . ”

Li Fuchen is not at all proud .

Big and handsome man waved his hand, his handsome face with a hint of helplessness . "There is still a month, and the teacher and others will leave Odd Martial Secret Realm and leave Eastern Lín Continent . "

One month

Li Fuchen blinked .

Big and handsome man said: "Unfortunately, due to the Odd Martial Secret Realm rules, I can't give you any material things . In my realm, I can't directly pass on Martial Art or secret technique to you, but I used to be on your wrist . The engraved Earth level martial mark already contains a trace of inheritance . Every time you fire the martial mark, you will feel the True Meaning . As long as you have enough Perception, it is not impossible to comprehend out the half-level of this Earth level Martial Art . However, since you have come to Odd Martial Secret Realm again, I am not good at letting you do it empty-handed . I will give you a gift for the teacher . "

Said, big and handsome man came to Li Fuchen in an instant, holding Li Fuchen's vest in the palm of his hand .

As if the iron was branding the pain of the body, Li Fuchen couldn't resist it .


The blue smoke is straight, centered on Li Fuchen's vest, a purple veined mark spreads out, and finally expands to the entire back before stopping .

Retracting the palm, big and handsome man looks pale, the last time I branded Li Fuchen Earth level martial mark, he has already consumed a lot, this time the consumption of "Essence is more than last time, no time, no recovery .

"Master, is this?"

Li Fuchen is very surprised .

Big and handsome man Some said weakly: "This is a cultivation technique veined mark . At the crucial moment, your True Spirit enters the veined mark, which can replace your meridian, push this cultivation technique, and it will erupt several times more than usual . The power, I believe, has this cultivation technique veined mark, which is enough to increase your survivability by several times . If you still can't keep your life, it means that your fate is so bad, no one can blame . "

"Thank Master . "

Li Fuchen was touched .

Odd Martial Artists are still leaving for a month, and Li Fuchen stayed in the Odd Martial Secret Realm for a month .

On this day, the Odd Martial Artists disappeared . The next moment, inside Odd Martial Secret Realm, all life was excluded .

Odd Martial Secret Realm, Odd Martial Secret Realm gate, completely closed, next time you open, do not know when .

On the top of the mountain, Li Fuchen saw a lot of Odd Martial Artist Direct Disciple, including Chi Yuye, Xiahou Chuan, Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu .

Everyone was a bit stunned . Unlike Li Fuchen, they didn’t get any news .

"It seems that Odd Martial Secret Realm has been shutting down for a long time . "Su Muyu secretly said in heart .

Immediately, Su Muyu looked at Li Fuchen, sound transmission said: "Li Fuchen, you have to be careful, Mu Xiu will be destroyed in the forest, you won the Star List Number 1, will inevitably become the target of some people, Odd Martial Artist They left, Eastern Lín Continent was afraid to be more chaotic . "

In the past, each Great Sect took advantage of the strength of Odd Martial Artists and dared not attack each other . After all, Odd Martial Artist's Direct Disciple has been in existence for many years, and it is distributed in many Sects . Who knows if Odd Martial Artist's Direct Disciple will help Odd Martial Artist, but now it's different . The news of Odd Martial Artist's departure will definitely spread in the continent in a short time . At that time, some irreconcilable contradictions will inevitably The explosion broke out .

Li Fuchen nodded . "I know . "

He has been psychologically prepared . Now he can only hope that except for Heavenly Fiend Sect, other Sects will not regard him as a target of hunting . After all, his current strength has not threatened any Sect, and according to common sense, twenty During the year, Li Fuchen could not threaten any Sect .

After all, to threaten Sect, you must first have a Shedding Body Realm cultivation base .

"The wind and rain are coming, I don't know how much time is given to me . "The urgency of Li Fuchen's heart has increased several times .

"Let's go!"

The figure falls on the back of the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird, and Li Fuchen orders the Giant Scythe Vicious Bird to return to Azure Billow Sect .

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