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Chapter 321
Since he can enter Sword Monument Canyon indefinitely, Li Fuchen naturally does not want to waste this opportunity . He intends to redeem a Profound level top rank sword technique to increase his strength .

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Due to cultivation of Burning Heaven True Merit, Li Fuchen's first choice was Profound level top rank technique Burning Heaven Sword Technique .

As the top 50 Mortial Art of Eastern Lín Continent, Burning Heaven Sword Technique is naturally powerful and complements Burning Heaven True Merit .

The remaining contribution point of Li Fuchen is not enough to redeem Burning Heaven Sword Technique, but Sect Master also gave him a privilege to exchange anything at a discount, so that the exchange of Burning Heaven Sword Technique is more than enough . It is .

"very powerful ssword technique!"

Burning Heaven Sword Technique has a total of four styles, each of which is overbearing . The first type is called enthusiasm . It can force a strong and hot sword qi, which is enough to burn gold and iron, and easily break the defense of the martial artist in the same world . .

On destructive power, Flame Demon Sword Aura of Flaming Demon Sword Heart doesn't know how much .

Of course, the current Burning Heaven Sword Technique is still low . Even if Li Fuchen has Light Blue Soul, it will only be able to cultivate Burning Heaven Sword Technique to small accomplishment realm in half a month . If you want to cultivate to great accomplishment, I am afraid at least A few months .

The Burning Heaven Sword Technique of small accomplishment realm is still better than Flaming Demon Sword Heart .

“Worthy is Profound level top rank sword technique , the difficulty of cultivation has increased several times . ”

Li Fuchen sighed in his heart .

However, if anyone knows the progress of Li Fuchen's cultivation, it must be surprisingly stunned .

Profound level top rank sword technique, in a few months, small accomplishment is already fast, and only peak 5 star root bone and 6 star root bone can do it . Half a month, small accomplishment, 6 star root bone can't do it . .

To know Teng Qingyun, Chi Yuye, and Situ Lei, it took a year or two, or even more than a year, to develop Profound level top rank Martial Art cultivation to great accomplishment .

On this day, Li Fuchen continued the cultivation Burning Heaven Sword Technique .

He intends to take the Burning Heaven Sword Technique to the great accomplishment and then go to the Sword Monument Canyon comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

Going early, I went to a lot of self-understanding of Burning Heaven Sword Technique .

Unlike usual, Li Fuchen today found that the process of practicing swords was exceptionally smooth, and it seems that there is something that can help .

Could it be…

Li Fuchen has a heart .

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The next moment, Li Fuchen suddenly settled there, and the pure blue brilliance was emitted from the unseen eyes .

In my mind, the Light Blue Soul spins wildly and quickly turns into blue .

With the blue Soul, Li Fuchen's mind was instantly inhaled .

Blue Soul is like a blue crystal ball that is perfect to peak . It is beautiful, not only without a trace of impurities and flawed, but also contains many mysteries, like the stars above the sky, revealing the invisible strength of Rule .

The original empty space, a piece of primal chaos's mind, inexplicably appeared a lot of silk, these silks are in a mess, simply can't figure out where to where, where is the connection, only a few lines are connected together, become a complete The loop .

This situation, which happened when Soul was promoted to Light Blue Soul, has now appeared again and is even more shocking than the last time .

Crackle and rattle !

The blue current explodes and all wires are contaminated with current .

The current is very savage, and a wire connection point is opened, which increases the number of circuits .

I don't know how long it has been in the past . When the current is completely dissipated, the circuit in Li Fuchen's mind has doubled . These loops also contain the mystery that Li Fuchen can't understand, more than the Profound level top rank sword technique . More mysterious .

The loop flashed a few times and it quickly disappeared as if it had never been seen before .

At the same time, Li Fuchen only felt that the mind was more clear than ever, and the speed of thinking increased by more than double . In the past, some blocked places were instantly opened, and then the spiritual light flashed wildly .

“Soul is promoted again, and I don’t know how long it will take Burning Heaven Sword Technique comprehend to the realm of great accomplishment . ”

At the previous rate, Li Fuchen estimated that it would take nearly half a year .

Two months passed .

"Burning Heaven Extinguishing Earth !"

On the open earth, Li Fuchen swung a sword, and the dazzling hot sword qi seemed to fall into the ground, and the madness struck out . As the way went, the earth and stone burst into black, and the crystal-like soil could be seen faintly .

This is clearly the burning of the sword qi qi to the earth .

“In less than two months, Burning Heaven Sword Technique great accomplishment, Worthy is Blue Soul!”

Li Fuchen is moving in the heart .

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In this way, within six months, he is entirely hopeful to understand the Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

Once the Burning Heaven Sword Intent is realized, even without the sword essence secret technique remnant sheet, Li Fuchen is enough to kill Situ Lei who has not been promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm .

Coming to Sword Monument Canyon, Li Fuchen started comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

Of course, the Burning Heaven Sword Technique must first be comprehend from the bract to the point of perfection to the reaching peak .

“Look, it’s Senior Brother Li Fuchen !”

“Senior Brother Li Fuchen is a legend . When I first came to Azure Billow Sect, it was not very eye-catching, but then, the progress was getting faster and faster until it became number 1 True Disciple, and it was Eastern Lín Continent first King Star . ”

"If I could have the Senior Brother Li, it would be fine . "

Today, Li Fuchen has long been a legend, and wherever he goes, it will attract attention .

In Sword Monument Canyon, Fang Liehai also saw Li Fuchen, who had a fearful color on his face and left Sword Monument Canyon early .

In the Sword Monument Canyon, the speed of the Li Fuchen comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Technique has almost doubled . In less than half a month, the Burning Heaven Sword Technique comprehend has reached the reaching peak, and these speeds are simply shocking .

Just want to comprehend Burning Heaven Sword Intent, not as simple as Li Fuchen thought, Li Fuchen has not been comprehend to Burning Heaven Sword Intent for the next half month .

"No hurry, Brought to the point of perfection, the Burning Heaven Sword Technique, the power has greatly exceeded the Flaming Demon Sword Heart, the reaching peak of the Flaming Demon Sword Heart, a new level, not in a hurry . "Li Fuchen is not anxious, calm and very .

Floating clouds peak .

Azure Billow Sect is awarded to a small mountain of Li Family .

It is said that the peak is actually relative to the entire Sect of Azure Billow Sect .

The size of the mountain, which accommodates ten Li Family, is more than enough . In a hundred years, there is no need to worry about being too crowded .

As early as a few months ago, Li Family has moved to the Yunyun Peak . Although it is not as good as Azure Billow Sect, Azure Billow Sect will allocate a lot of resources every year . Just this year's resources, let Li Family Patriarch Li Tianhan was shocked .

Li Family is just a small family . With so many resources, it can be used for a long time .

All of this is brought by Li Fuchen .

On the Yunyun Mountain Road, you can see Li Family clansman up and down from time to time, all face is full of glory .

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"Young Master Fuchen . "

“Brother Fuchen . ”

Seeing that Li Fuchen came up from the foothills, Li Family clansman was respectful, including some Li Family junjunjun .

"Fuchen…brother! ”

On the top of the mountain, Li Yunhe just came out of a courtyard and saw Li Fuchen . His face was stiff and shouted Fuchen's name . It seemed that he felt wrong and added a brother .

Li Fuchen is only a few months older than him . Normally, there is no need to call his brother . But today, Li Fuchen’s status today does not allow him to disrespect, not to mention that he and Li Fuchen have had a holiday . I am always very tolerant and generous .

Li Fuchen nodded and left without a response .

Li Yunhe breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Li Fuchen for not asking him trouble .

In fact, he thought a lot . If Li Fuchen is just an ordinary person, maybe not so big, but he is not an ordinary person now, his future has just begun .

Looking for an ordinary person to trouble, he can't do this .

Of course, the premise is that the other party is interested .

Coming to the Li Family Patriarch compound, Li Tianhan Shen Yuyan is there, and Li Xiaodie is also there .

Li Xiaodie is now Shen Yuyan's half daughter, and Shen Yuyan is very good to her .

“Brother Fuchen . ”

Seeing Li Fuchen, Li Xiaodie is very happy .

Everything about her is also given by Li Fuchen, and her talent is not good . After taking Seven Colored Glaze Grape Fruit, the root bone has also been upgraded from Common Root Bone to 1 star root bone . The cultivation base is progressing well, the future is not There is no hope of being promoted to Earth Fiend Realm .

"dad, mother, Xiaodie is also here!"Li Fuchen smiled .

"Fuchen, you are here, just fine, lunch is good, wait for it to be eaten together . "Shen Yuyan has a smile on her face .

Good .

Li Fuchen nodded .

He came to Yunyunfeng and gathered with his family .

After all, cultivation is important, and family is important .

Li Tianhan was full of red light and smiled . "You haven't forgotten us . "

"Dad, mother, is Fuchen's fault . I will spend more time with you in the future . "Li Fuchen said hurriedly .

Shen Yuyan blames Li Tianhan for saying: "Look at what you said, if Fuchen doesn't work hard, how can there be achievements now? If you do dad, don't make up . "

When lunch arrived, the family was happy, and the mother of Lee Xiaodie came over .

Seeing everyone so happy, Li Fuchen is very warm inside .

At the same time, a pressure is also overwhelming .

All of this is hard to come by . He does not allow anyone to destroy the current environment, so he has to grow up faster .

In the next few days, Li Fuchen did not leave the Yunyun Peak .

“Um? Cultivation technique Want to break through? ”

On this day, Li Fuchen of cultivation Burning Heaven True Merit only felt that True Spirit was instigated for a while, and the charm of burning the sky was released .

He was promoted to the seventeenth layer realm in the Star List Great Competition . Some time ago, he just stabilized the cultivation technique in the seventeenth layer Apex realm . He did not expect to break through to the eighteenth layer so soon .

At this time, he gradually realized the terrifying Perception brought by the blue Soul . At the same time, in addition to Perception, it seems that there are some subtles in the blue Soul that Li Fuchen does not know .

Not planning to break through the clouds, Li Fuchen came to the depths of the mountains behind Azure Billow Sect, a bare mountain .

The palm of the hand turned over and a medicinal herb fell on the hand .

This medicinal herb is half cold and half hot . It is a fire-ice flower that Li Fuchen got in All Kinds of Grass Secret Realm .

Fire-ice flower, who can help cultivate the Burning Cultivation Technique or the cold cultivation technique, can break through the realm and not damage the meridian .

Li Fuchen has the feeling that with Concealed Blood Refining Body Merit and Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, I am afraid I can't offset the damage caused by Burning Heaven True Merit .

After all, the Burning Heaven True Merit in the eighteenth layer is not a small one . When it breaks through, Burning Heaven True Qi is partially uncontrolled .

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