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Chapter 306
“Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm?”

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Li Fuchen frowned .

Xu Lin's cultivation technique is so high that it has reached the seventeenth layer . Now even the cultivation base has entered the Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, saying that she is the fourth King Star .

I am afraid that in addition to the Three King Star, only Eternal Spring Young Master Teng Qingyun and Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu can compete with it .

Whether Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye can compete with it is still unknown .

Carrying an amazing cold wind, Xu Lin took a shot to Li Fuchen .

The same palm, at this moment, the power is more than one or two .

The whistling wind, faintly with a hint of light blue, like a light blue Angry Dragon, bombarded toward Li Fuchen .

In the face of the Angry Dragon, Li Fuchen took out a sword, the red light swallowed, the red dragon fluttered .


The dazzling red light and the light blue rays of light broke out, and immediately, the white qi strength spread .

This time, Li Fuchen is clearly at a disadvantage .

If the whole person is struck by lightning, he will shoot it out .

And Xu Lin just shook her body and did not retreat .

“A breakthrough, Worthy is Wind Snow Fairy . ”

"In fact, it is normal . Xu Lin's cultivation technique has a number of realms, and the cultivation technique has a high realm, and the cultivation base breaks naturally . "

"tch tch, Li Fuchen luck is really bad, now Xu Lin, except for Three King Star, no one can beat her . "

Xu Lin’s breakthrough caused an uproar .

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Outside of Heavenly Dipper Great Array, Ouyang Wentian and Zhao's endless face are not very good-looking . In their view, Li Fuchen should be able to go further . Who can think that Xu Lin will break through .

Wind Snow Sect, Wind Snow Sect Sect Master has a smile, he was worried before, and now there is no worry .

On the round table, the situation reversed .

Before, Li Fuchen forced Xu Lin to harden, and now it became Xu Lin’s hard force against Li Fuchen .


White qi strength broke out, Li Fuchen retired, almost rounded up more than half of the round table .

"Wind Snow Connecting Heavens . "

Xu Lin tenderly shouted, and issued a killing move again . As her hands rolled out, the cold weather turned into a few light blue Angry Dragon, which swept through .

The pressure of boundless ice cold makes Li Fuchen qi and blood one of the deadlocks, and True Spirit runs slowly .

At this moment, Li Fuchen even had the urge to inspire Bronze Sword Essence .

"yí !"

Just as Li Fuchen was impulsive, with the body True Spirit, it suddenly broke out, and the will to burn out the sky broke out and merged into True Spirit .

Burning Heaven True Merit, seventeenth layer .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen's cultivation technique was taken to the next level and broke into the seventeenth layer .

The seventeenth layer of Burning Heaven True Qi, how terrible, its hot aura, even caused Li Fuchen to appear in a circle of red glow, instantly dispelling the chill, the next moment, seventeenth layer of Burning Heaven True Qi, transformed into Pure Yang Astral Qi, Li Fuchen was shrouded in a bright yellow rays of light, and a sword smashed out .

Crackle and rattle !

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The Red Dragon swept across and was entangled with several light blue Angry Dragons .

After several breaths, the Red Dragon and Light Blue Angry Dragon exploded at the same time .

“Cultivation technique broke through?”

Xu Lin brows his face and his face is full of surprises and shocks .

"What, Li Fuchen has also broken through, this is too exaggerated!"

"Seventeenth layer Profound level top rank cultivation technique , absolute majority Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist is at this level, only a few people can cultivation to the eighteenth layer or the nineteen layer . "

The shock of everyone is no less than Xu Lin .

The two men who broke through both, once again great war, the scene is much more than the previous one .

However, Xu Lin’s physical quality is not as good as that of Li Fuchen . The strength of Xu Lin is much stronger than that of Li Fuchen . Every time she fights hard, there will be a shocking force to shake her qi . And blood and True Spirit, the time is short, and for a long time, it will inevitably reveal flaws .

Hundreds of strokes in the past, Xu Lin's action has a slight delay .

Li Fuchen's eyes flashed, and the Horn of Flame Demon sword move came out .


Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow ran through the shoulders of Xu Lin's Body Protecting True Qi .


One hand smashed Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow, Xu Lin vomited blood and flew back, pale: "I lost . "

Her injured, it is even more unlikely to be Li Fuchen opponents, and the initiative to admit defeat can be decent .

"You let me win . "

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Li Fuchen nodded .

In the battle with Xu Lin, he did not do anything except the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique .

But now, with Burning Heaven True Merit breaking through to the seventeenth layer, his means have increased . After all, the cultivation technique has broken through one layer, and the reaction will increase a lot . The reason why I just worked hard with Xu Lin is actually grinding . Train the Burning Heaven True Merit of the seventeenth layer to consolidate it .

In the 2,883th, Xu Lin was on Xiahou Chuan .

One palm, Xu Lin flew Xiahou Chuan out .

This is enough to prove that the current Xu Lin is so powerful that it is not a level with Xiahou Chuan .

Li Fuchen, who can beat Xu Lin, is undoubtedly more powerful, except that the cultivation base is weaker, with almost no shortcomings and shortcomings .

For a time, everyone was very emotional .

Before the game, no one thought of the emergence of Li Fuchen, the king of dark horses .

So far, Li Fuchen has passed all the way, an undefeated .

Whether it's the Star List or the Young Master, no one can stop him .

Maybe he can go further .

The second two hundred nine hundred and ninety-two .

Li Fuchen vs . Gale Young Master Han Yiming .

Han Yiming was under a lot of pressure . Before Li Fuchen didn't break through, he still had the confidence to fight Li Fuchen, but after Li Fuchen broke, he had no confidence .

Shuā shuā shuā shuā ……

Han Yiming is extremely fast . Like Li Fuchen, Han Yiming has developed Profound level middle rank lightness merit into realm of perfection . He is the first in lightness merit . He and Li Fuchen are the real first . Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu And Luo Feiyun must be slightly less than two people .

However, Jiang Ruoliu's cultivation base is Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, so in general, lightness merit is similar to Han Yiming .

Li Fuchen is similar to Luo Feiyun .

Like a gust of wind, Han Yiming swam around Li Fuchen, and the entire round table was his figure .

"Numerous Transforming Gale . "

Han Yiming didn't even mean temptation, and directly broke out the killing move .

This killing move fits well with his lightness merit, pointing out, endless squally winds, mixed with a faint illusion, and heading for Li Fuchen .

Transforming Three Profound Wind, Li Fuchen's figure is also more, there are two clones that are no different from true body .

Maybe Li Fuchen's speed is not as fast as Han Yiming, but Li Fuchen has far more consciousness than Han Yiming, which makes Li Fuchen able to make the most effective movement . Every move seems to have gone through thousands of calculations .

Crackle and rattle !

On the round table, dozens of Han Yiming and dozens of Li Fuchen played against each other, and the sound of qi strength bursting continued .


At the moment when True Spirit is about to run out, Han Yiming points to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen figure swayed, avoiding this finger, and the Profound Light Sword in his hand pierced from an incredible angle .

Han Yiming big shock, the other side's sword is too mysterious, and counts all his retreats .


The sword qi passed by and Han Yiming flew out .

Li Fuchen wins .

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