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Chapter 305
Li Fuchen can't dod the trick, because this kind of trick is useless by consciousness alone, and the body reaction must be kept up .

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And even if he rushed Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, his body reaction did not reach the point of evading this trick, unless his cultivation base could take it to the next level and reach the realm of Earth Fiend Realm 9th layer .

"Since it can't be flashed, it will be hard . "

Taking a deep breath in lightning, Li Fuchen's Profound Light Sword shook, and a red cover expanded .

Dīng dīng dāng dāng !

The red hood draped Li Fuchen into it, and entered the flying sword of the red hood . It was shot down by a force of Sword Aura and shattered .

For a time, the sound of metal collisions between the heavens and the earth was dense and lingering .


Suddenly, the three small swords were spurred toward Li Fuchen in a zigzag pattern .

These three small swords are extremely fast, breaking through the Sword Aura blockade and seem to come from nothing .

"One true and two fake!"

Li Fuchen's gaze was condensed, and the two fingers in the left hand food caught the real little sword . As for the other two fake swords, although they were fake, they also had power . Li Fuchen shook his right hand, two Road sword light breaks them up .


Really, the little sword is very powerful . If Li Fuchen evokes Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, it is estimated that it can't be caught, and the fingers must be disconnected . However, Li Fuchen also flies back and unloads the flying sword . The impact .


Luo Feiyun stunned .

What kind of consciousness and eyesight is needed to clamp his flying sword .

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And even if it is caught, if there is no clever unloading skill, it is difficult to hold it .

"Li Fuchen, you won . "

Luo Feiyun smiled bitterly .

He believes that he can still fight, but the probability of losing is over 90% . There is no need to waste time .

"You let me win . "

Li Fuchen threw his hand and threw away the little sword in his hand .

"Even Luo Feiyun is no match for Li Fuchen, and the situation seems to be getting more and more weird . "

"Indeed, six Young Masters have already lost three in Li Fuchen's hands . I don't know who will be the fourth . "

"This is not very good to say!"

"Oh, I don't believe that he can continue to win, there will always be failures . "

Everyone was in a hot discussion .

In the second two hundred and seven hundred games, Li Fuchen and Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin met .


As soon as she played, Xu Lin broke out in an amazing imposing manner .

The tempesting imposing manner, covering the entire round table in an instant, on the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar around the round table, the Sect heaven's chosen all felt the bitter coldness, and they quickly supported the Body Protecting True Qi to resist the cold .

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“The cultivation technique of the seventeenth layer realm?”

Everyone big shock .

There is no doubt that Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin has cultivated the Profound level top rank cultivation technique to the seventeenth layer . Otherwise, even if the cultivation base reaches Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, the chill in True Spirit will not be so terrible, most oppressive . It feels stronger .

Earth Fiend Realm peak Realm, seventeenth layer cultivation technique, simply comparing True Spirit, I am afraid that Three King Star will be slightly less than Xu Lin .

"Wind Snow Divine Palm !"

4 star secret technique Inspired, Xu Lin took a shot to Li Fuchen .

With this palm shot, the extremely cold terrifying wind was blown up on the round table, and the wind was not coming . The round table around Li Fuchen was covered with frost . If it was replaced by Murong Di, it would definitely be No small impact, replaced by Xiahou Chuan and Luo Feiyun, it is not much better .

Profound level top rank cultivation technique , sixteenth layer and seventeenth layer seem to be one level apart, but the gap is very big . Three years ago, Xu Lin Star List ranked fifteenth . Three years later, her strength surpassed many . People are the top five strong competitors .


Li Fuchen exhibited the Flaming Demon Sword Heart and opened the cold wind .

The cultivation technique of his cultivation is Burning Cultivation Technique Burning Heaven True Merit . Although the cultivation base is not high, the cultivation technique has a high realm and reaches the sixteenth layer Apex . The cold resistance ability among the people is at least the top ten, plus Concealed Blood . Refining Body True Meaning, cold resistance can at least rank in the top five .

Since there is no problem with cold resistance, then he only needs to fight with Xu Lindirect .

"Horn of Flame Demon !"

Opened the cold wind, Li Fuchen second move followed, and the speed of the move was even faster than the first move of Xu Lin .

Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow is almost concise, moving towards Xu Lin .

Huh hū!

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The cold aura that was emitted from the whole body was penetrated, and Xu Lin gave a low voice, and her right hand condensed a cold air mass and took it toward the Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow .


The qi strength of the day is bursting wildly, which is caused by the strong collision between Burning True Qi and cold true qi .

Under the impact of Bai Qi's qi strength, Li Fuchen retired more than 20 steps, and Xu Lin only retired a dozen steps .

On the attack, the two are similar, but on the battle cultivation base, naturally Xu Linqiang, in the face of the impact of qi strength, Xu Lin's resistance is undoubtedly stronger .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn't eat anything at all . He had a Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, with his body qi and blood . It was very smooth . On the other hand, Xu Lin, there was a tidal wave on the surface . Although it only appeared for a moment, it was enough to explain that Xu Lin's qi and blood, there is a wave of fluctuations .

"Take me another sword . "

By eliminating the time to calm down qi and blood, Li Fuchen figure flashed, and a sword broke through . Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow swelled a few points and seemed to be more powerful than before .

The more fighting, the more Li Fuchen feels, the more power there seems to be .


The two men fight for dozens of tricks . From the scene, it seems that Xu Lin is better than the one, but the discerning person knows that if he continues this way, Xu Lin will lose .

In the case of similar strength, it is very stupid to be hard-working with people who are extremely high-profile .

However, Xu Lin has no way . The chill in her True Spirit can't help Li Fuchen . On consciousness and lightness merit movement technique, she is also inferior to Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen wants to fight with her, she can't hide .

"Wind Snow Connecting Heavens !"

It was noticed that the situation was getting worse and worse, Xu Lin was a little unsettled, and the real killing move broke out .

This trick is a combination of Profound level high rank killing move and cultivation technique .

The palm technique of Xu Lin cultivation is Wind Snow Divine Palm, and the cultivation technique of cultivation is the magic of the snow .

The two are complementary to each other, and the Profound level high rank killing move Wind Snow Connecting Heavens created by Xu Lin is a very extreme move that can explode more True Spirit in a flash . The consequence is that it will produce a short time . Weakness is like a person who is too hard .


The cold wind violently rushed and rushed toward Li Fuchen .

"flame dragon !"

In the void, the red dragon flutters, and immediately, plunges into the cold wind .

The qi strength of the day, in a ruinous posture, radiated in all directions . On the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, several people were blown down, one by one, and the other back to the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar .


In the center of the round table, the most concentrated place in the white qi strength, a figure flew out .

It is Li Fuchen .

The power of Xu Lin’s move is too strong, and it’s also with a rotating force, like a tenfold blizzard .

"Li Fuchen, give me a defeat!"

Xu Lin, who should have been in a period of weakness, suddenly rushed out of the white qi strength and rushed toward Li Fuchen .

“Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm !”

Someone's pupils shrank, stunned .

It turned out that after a fight with Li Fuchen, Xu Lin stepped into the Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm under strong pressure . As long as she gave her time, she could step into Heavenly Dipper Realm . Of course, she could suppress herself . Cultivation base , fixed at Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm .

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