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Chapter 304
A person's energy is limited, and it is impossible to take care of everything .

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However, if we can do everything in the same way, in the same realm, the combat power is naturally strong .

Body Refining Cleaning Technique can not only increase the body defense of martial artist, but also increase the strength . Maybe tens of thousands of kilograms of body strength is nothing compared to Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer level True Spirit, but tens of thousands The physical fitness of Jin makes Li Fuchen's body react a lot faster, and the body's explosive power is also much stronger, which can increase the combat power .

Once the Body Refining True Meaning is realized, the strength of the increase is terrifying .

The Body Refining True Meaning body is enough to give the martial artist's body defense a level . If the strength is similar, the opponent can't even break the defense .

In addition, physical reactions and physical explosiveness are also promoted by the Body Refining True Meaning .

Body Refining True Meaning is a bit like a combination of physical will and Body Refining Cultivation Technique subtle .

Li Fuchen was originally very strong, once the Body Refining True Meaning was released, the strength was at least two or three percent .

If you play against Murong Di, Li Fuchen activates Body Refining True Meaning and estimates that one or two swords can defeat each other .

Murong Di pupils shrank, he doesn't know if he should be gloating now, or sad .

"Xiahou Shan, what I said just now . "To be honest, Murong Batian is also very surprised Li Fuchen's comprehensive, but he is Shedding Body Realm martial artist after all, Li Fuchen is amazing again, just a junior, the most important thing at this moment is to mock Xiahou Shan .

Xiahou Shan is gloomy and feels very faceless .

Winning or losing is a small matter, and it is a big deal to face .

Defeat Xiahou Chuan and Li Fuchen completed a 40-game winning streak .

Back in the moment of Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi, wrapped around Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, completely transformed into a giant scorpion form, with a scale on it, sparkling, looking very real, a pair of fist-sized eyes, It is also a faint ray of light .

Forty consecutive victories, this is a very good result .

At present, there are only ten remaining in the 40-game winning streak, namely Three King Star, four of the Six Young Masters, two of the four fairies and Li Fuchen .

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Forty-one winning streak, forty-two consecutive victories…

Forty-five consecutive victories .

Li Fuchen's winning streak is fierce and almost no one can stop him from a sword .

In the eyes of everyone, Li Fuchen's strength has been determined to be the top ten of this session .

The only problem is that the specific number can be ranked .

It is the ninth tenth place, or a better place .

Of course, every time you climb a place, the difficulty will increase by one level .

Among the six Young Masters, Murong Di and Xiahou Chuan are not too strong, and the remaining four are the real experts .

The second thousand and five hundred games .


Li Fuchen and Flying Sword Young Master Luo Feiyun's Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar sink at the same time .

"It’s Luo Feiyun . "

"If Luo Feiyun can't keep it, it is estimated that except for Teng Qingyun, the head of the Six Young Master, the other Young Masters are hanging . "

Will not it? Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye is not a vegetarian . ”

“Gale Young Master Han Yiming’s lightness merit movement technique is also terrible . It’s only comparable to Thunder King Star Situ Lei and Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu . ”

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"Let’s wait!"

The crowd held their breath and stared at Luo Feiyun and Li Fuchen .


The phantom flashed and Luo Feiyun appeared on the round table .

The lightness merit movement technique is actually an advantage of Luo Feiyun . On the lightness merit ranking, he can at least rank in the top five .

Looking at the opposite Li Fuchen, Luo Feiyun admire: "Li Fuchen, there are few people who can admire me, you are one of them, this battle, whether it is victory or defeat, I am very honored . "

In the sword technique, he thinks it is not as good as Li Fuchen, so he can rely on it, only the flying sword secret technique .

The flying sword secret technique is the 4 star secret technique of the most difficult cultivation of Approaching Heaven Sword Sect . It has a very high demand for consciousness and a high demand for the spirit will . The young generation of Approaching Heaven Sword Sect only has the flying sword secret technique cultivation . Arrived at realm of perfection .

Even, faint beyond the realm of perfection, began to have their own unique insights, another way .

"I am also honored . "

Li Fuchen nodded .

"Be careful . "

Luo Feiyun directly sacrificed a small sword .

He did not think about the sword technique compared to Li Fuchen, which is undoubtedly the display one's slight skill before an expert .


In the void, a cold light flashed away .

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Luo Feiyun sent a flying sword .

Head-to-head, Li Fuchen easily avoided .

"A terrible consciousness!"

Luo Feiyun has a look .

Not fighting Li Fuchen, it is difficult to really understand how terrible Li Fuchen's consciousness is .

In the last Star List Great Competition, only Thunder King Star Situ Lei could directly evade his flying sword . It was because his flying sword was too fast . This time, Luo Feiyun thought that except for a few people . No one should be able to dodge his flying sword, but I did not expect Li Fuchen to do it easily .


Luo Feiyun figure flashing, the little sword in the hand, shot quickly out, a blink of an eye, he shot a dozen swords, each sword is fast to peak, comparable to the electric light flint .

Even some small swords collided and instantly changed the angle .

Greatly increased the difficulty of dodging .


Several figures appeared, and Li Fuchen seemed to have clones, once again evading Luo Feiyun's flying sword attack .

"Well, I have to see, when can you dodge?"

The flying sword attack was shunned one after another, and Luo Feiyun was a little annoyed .

“Man and Heaven Numerous Hand . ”

Behind it is a vague phantom with dozens of arms and a phantom sword on each arm .

As Luo Feiyun shook his right hand, dozens of small swords slammed into Li Fuchen .

For a time, a peacock appeared in the void, and the peacock was opening the screen, covering most of the round table .

"Worthy is Flying Sword Young Master . "

Li Fuchen casts the Transforming Three Profound Wind lightness merit to the limit, with a strong sense of consciousness, the figure flashes again and again, because the speed is too fast, half of the round table is the illusion of Li Fuchen, and suddenly it seems that there are dozens Li Fuchen appears at the same time .

Dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng ……

The little sword was stunned on the round table, and some of them were broken, and some were really small swords . They were bounced off by the round table .

“Even my Man and Heaven Numerous Hand are avoiding?”

Luo Feiyun is stunned .

His Man and Heaven Numerous Hand, which has calculated all the retreats and dodge routes of Li Fuchen, is absolutely seamless, and he can't understand how Li Fuchen is dodging .

Unfortunately, what he didn't know was that in Li Fuchen's eyes, the flying sword's trajectory was clear and clear, so in a flash, he calculated his own trajectory and how to avoid the most dangerous flying . Sword, how to avoid some dead, as long as you do not put yourself in a dead end, flying sword can not hurt him .

Feeling almost the same, Li Fuchen is preparing to launch a counterattack .

"If you can take my last move, I will automatically admit defeat . "

Luo Feiyun imposing manner broke out to the limit, behind the phantom, all of a sudden solidified .

The next moment, Luo Feiyun put his hands together and pushed it toward Li Fuchen .

“Man and Heaven Numerous Hand, Sword Rain Filling The Heaven . ”


Unable to describe, how many flying swords Luo Feiyun sent out at once, these flying swords are really fake, but without exception, all are very fierce, giving the impression that it is like a sword rain .

How to resist the fine sword rain .

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