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Chapter 265
ountain .

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The hall of the first abode .

The preeminent man might only have Li Fuchen as his only personal disciple, but he had plenty of write-in disciples . Apart from those who were in seclusion, the rest of the write-in disciples were waiting in the hall of the abode . There were seven of them .

“In the future, he will be your Elder shixiong . ”

The preeminent man went right to the point as he pointed at Li Fuchen and spoke to the rest .

“Greetings Elder shixiong . ”

Under the attentive eyes of the preeminent man, no one dared to act imprudently . Even though their hearts didn’t feel this way .

Li Fuchen’s expression was as per normal, but he could see hostility and despise in a few of their eyes .

Indeed, the innate potential was a rather vague measure, while strength was an unchanged truth .

With a high innate potential, it would only cause jealousy and unacceptance .

But if your ability was formidable, others might be jealous, but they would fear you even more .

The Three King Stars were ranked at the top three on the Stars Ranking, but was everyone convinced?

Not necessarily .

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It was reckoned that there were plenty of people who wanted to knock the Three King Stars off their horses .

Hence Li Fuchen’s heart was very bright and spacious, he understood clearly that innate potential represented the future, while one’s ability represented the present .

The future was unpredictable, but the present was the truth and nothing else .

If you wanted others to respect you, to be fearful of you, you needed to have a convincing ability .

If Li Fuchen assumed that after he passed the seventh mystic martial door and had the no . 1 innate potential in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain; he should command everyone’s respect; it was an impossible matter .

‘I reckon after a period of time, people will take the opportunity to challenge me!’ Li Fuchen thought to himself .

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“You are all dismissed!” The preeminent man waved his hand .

Towards these write-in disciples, he would only give them some pointers whenever he was in the mood . On usual days, they would all ‘emerge and perish on their own’ .

(TL note: It means to cultivate on their own)

After hearing the statement, apart from Li Fuchen, everyone else even the youth who was accepted as the new write-in disciple left .

“What is your name?” The preeminent man asked .

Li Fuchen replied, “Master, disciple’s name is Li Fuchen!”

“Li Fuchen, huh?” The preeminent man smiled, “A good name . ”

A person’s name was about a part of one’s destiny . Li Fuchen’s name was indeed a good name .

(TL note: Li Fuchen’s name is actually Floating Dust)

The preeminent man continued, “You are very fortunate . The sword dao is my main martial dao and in this area, I can offer you the best advice . ”

All the eight Mystic Martial Experts were specialized in a certain skill . The first and second Mystic Martial Experts specialized in the sword dao .

Of course, both were sword daos, but there were differences .

Some sword daos were exceedingly free and not restrained by anything .

Some sword daos were upright and orderly, had a vast spirit which existed forever .

Some sword daos were emotionless, heartless, and inhumane .

Some sword daos revered oneself with sole supremacy, which was the sword dao of a monarch .

Some sword daos were absolutely unbridled and irrespective of good and evil .


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There were many different kinds of sword daos and it varies for each individual .

The preeminent man’s sword dao belonged to the first kind of sword dao… the Exceeding Sword Dao .

Li Fuchen nodded . He did sense an indistinct sword intent coming from the preeminent man .

The preeminent man asked, “Let me ask you, what is sword dao?”

Li Fuchen thought for a moment and replied, “Using the sword to kill, that is sword dao . ”

“Isn’t it too simple?” The preeminent man questioned .

Li Fuchen replied, “It is the most simple and the most truthful . If a sword can’t kill anyone, then it cannot be known as a sword dao . At least, it is an incomplete sword dao . ”

The preeminent man laughed, “Indeed . The sword is meant for killing . What if there is no sword?”

“Create a sword!”

Li Fuchen’s answer wasn’t an outcome of careful deliberations, but it was his personal understanding .

Right now, he wasn’t going for knowledge and he wasn’t required to be meticulous . He just had to follow his inner heart .

The preeminent man sized up Li Fuchen closely, “You are very suitable for my sword dao . The sword is meant for killing, but the sword also isn’t just merely a sword . It is all things that can possibly be a sword . The difference is the one who is wielding it . Take for example a tree branch . If it were in the hands of a swordsman, it is in fact a sword . Follow me . ”

The preeminent man waved his hand, while mysterious energy wrapped around the two of them . Once they reappeared, the two of them had arrived at an uninhabited mountain peak .

There wasn’t a lot of trees on the mountain peak and were severe gales .

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Once the two of them landed, their clothes instantly fluttered in the winds .

The preeminent man said, “The eight mystic martial doors might seem like they tested many inner qualities, but all those qualities can be embodied in sword moves . ”

“The first mystic martial door tested the ability to manipulate qi . ”

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“The second mystic martial door tested one’s foundation strength and spirit will . ”

“The third mystic martial door tested burst strength and spirit will . ”

“The fourth mystic martial door tested reaction speed and awareness . ”

“The fifth mystic martial door tested one’s creativity . ”

“The sixth mystic martial door tested one’s primitive willpower . ”

“As for the seventh mystic martial door, only you would know . ”

The preeminent man picked up a dried up tree branch and said, “Look carefully . ”

As he spoke, a weak qi was circulating in his body . From the qi presence of it, it was probably only at the Origin Realm .


The preeminent man wielded the dried up tree branch and thrust forward .

Li Fuchen couldn’t even see the trajectory of the preeminent man’s hand movements . He could only see a huge tree on the mountain peak, it instantly penetrated and it wasn’t just a single time, it was countless times .


The huge tree collapsed and disintegrated .

“Such a terrifying sword move . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes shrunk .

From this single sword, Li Fuchen saw many things .

The qi realm was only at the Origin Realm, but it was utilized flawlessly without any trace of wastage .

The foundation strength didn’t have a trace of undulation from start to finish and was extremely consistent .

The burst strength was stacked layer upon layer, which got even more terrifying the further it went .

The reaction speed and awareness, there was nothing to say about it

In short, from just a single sword, Li Fuchen witnessed plenty of unfamiliar areas .

He was afraid that he might not have caught everything .

The preeminent man looked at Li Fuchen and said, “If you are able to achieve 10% control of this sword, you will be able to comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent . If you can control 20% of it, it will be sufficient for you to comprehend mystic class peak-tier sword intent . ”

“This is an earth class sword move?” Li Fuchen asked .

The stronger the sword move, the higher the requirements for the various qualities .

In terms of limitations for cultivation level and cultivation time, he had yet to comprehend the mystic class high-tier Blaze Devil Sword intent .

But if it was as the preeminent said, once he had control of 10% of this sword move, he would be able to comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent in advance .

The preeminent man explained, “This is just a casual sword move, but I have comprehended an earth class sword intent, hence this casual sword move can also be known as an earth class sword move . ”

“Earth class sword intent?”

Li Fuchen initially thought that these eight Mystic Martial Experts were just Reincarnation Realm martial artists, but he knew he was wrong now .

These eight Mystic Martial Experts should have surpassed the existence of a Reincarnation Realm martial artists .

But it was due to the restriction from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, hence they were unable to exhibit their true strength after they exited .

In addition to that, every time they went out of the hidden domain, they had to pay a huge price .

If not, just this earth class sword move alone was sufficient to instant kill any experts on the East Unicorn Continent .

If the Star Road Hidden Domain was helpful to one’s cultivation, then the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was helpful to one’s martial arts .

Two different factors, one for the interior and the other for the exterior . None of them were dispensable .

“It is impossible for you to comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent within a short period of time . My first objective for you is to create a sufficiently formidable mystic class mid-tier kill move . ” The preeminent man knew that it was too difficult for Li Fuchen to immediately comprehend the mystic class high-tier sword intent .

Mystic class high-tier sword intents was something only Heaven Realm martial artists could get involved in . There were times if one’s cultivation wasn’t sufficient, all the energy that had to be spent would be tenfold that of the requirement .

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