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Chapter 261
“This child isn’t bad . ” The white-haired elder had some interest in Chiyu Ye .

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“He is rather good . ” The preeminent man nodded .

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“You aren’t going to snatch from me again right!?” The white-haired elder asked perturbedly .

The preeminent man replied, “Don’t worry . I will not snatch from you . He is still a gap from my benchmark . ”

“That is true . ” The white-haired elder nodded . In fact, Chiyu Ye was still a little lacking from his standards and could barely qualify as his personal disciple . But the prerequisite was if he could pass the sixth mystic martial door, otherwise, all this would be empty talk .

The middle-aged beauty said, “The sixth mystic martial door requires one to maintain their willpower without dissipating for a period of time . As long as they can withstand for this period of time, they will pass . I wonder if these two can actually pass . ”

There might only be a small possible for Li Fuchen to become her personal disciple, but the Mystic Martial Experts cherished all prodigies .

“The former should be able to . The latter might have some uncertainty . ” Another Mystic Martial Expert with grizzled hair analyzed .

As time slowly elapsed, the two of their willpower had been maintained and had not dissipated yet .

Especially Li Fuchen’s side, which didn’t dissipate and was condensing instead .

“Such terrifying willpower . ” The white-haired elder was moved .

It was already of extreme difficulty to preserve one’s willpower within the space of wind blades, and there should be no more excess energy to condense one’s willpower . At least it was something that neither of them saw accomplished .

But Li Fuchen actually did it .

This meant that he still had ‘energy left over’ .

His willpower grew more powerful and the wind seemed to have quietened down .

“Is he trying to regain his energy by himself?”

The Mystic Martial Experts were shocked .

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The preeminent man was tenaciously staring at Li Fuchen within the space of wind blades .

Withstanding through the stipulated timing and regaining energy by oneself was two totally different concepts .

It was just like the time within the space of flames . Being able to produce the burst strength of a mythical dragon class and dragon class was entirely different .

No, compared to this, the difference was more than tenfold .

One’s spirit will could be tempered, but there was no way to temper one’s primitive willpower, at least the Mystic Martial Experts had no way to do it .

One could only rely on oneself .

One could only draw it with fate .

“Big Brother, can you give him to me . ” The white-haired elder was extremely tempted .

Mentoring such a personal disciple was something that would give one a feeling of accomplishment and achievement .

“In your dreams . ” The preeminent man replied .

Taking the spot as the center, the winds within a large range had stopped .

That’s right, the winds had stopped .

The wind blades couldn’t be produced anymore .

A spot of radiance was blossoming .

“Is this child going to defy the heavens?” The middle-aged beauty murmured .

“Isn’t he already defying the heavens?” The tall and sturdy had this sorrow in his heart .

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“Compared to him, the personal disciple that I accepted previously was much too weak . ” The old man with the grizzled hair shook his head .

He was the no . 4 Mystic Martial Expert and simply looked old in appearance . He was precisely the one who accepted the Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan as his personal disciple .

On the other side, Chiyu Ye’s willpower was very concentrated and didn’t have any signs of dissipating, but it didn’t have any signs of condensing either .

He was persevering .

As an elite sword dao prodigy in the East Unicorn Continent, he swore to ascend to the pinnacle of the sword dao and become the King of Swords .

Howl, Howl, Howl!

The wind blades shuttled back and forth, violently cutting at his willpower .

He felt as though he wouldn’t be able to persevere any longer, but he didn’t want to surrender .

His target was to become the no . 1 or no . 2 Mystic Martial Expert’s personal disciple and achieve something that no one was able to achieve .

This was his mission .


The willpower that dissipated slightly was like a candle flame which was trying its best to hold on .


“I will defy against my fate with my life! Condense!”

Radiance illuminated in all directions, Li Fuchen’s voice suddenly echoed .

In the next moment, taking the radiance as the core, the shattered body began to reform .

After taking a bit of effort, a complete body was formed .

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Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen saw the space of wind blades once again .

But this time, there were no longer any wind blades in the space . Wherever he looked at, the wind blades would dissipate, seemingly unable to withstand his gaze .

The space of wind blades was a space of willpower .

As long as your willpower was sufficiently strong, the wind blades wouldn’t dare to go against you .

“He, succeeded?”

Apart from the preeminent man, the other seven Mystic Martial Experts all took in a deep cold breath .

What kind of character was this!?

He only had to persevere for a stipulated amount of time to pass the sixth mystic martial door . But he surpassed the rule and recovered by himself, breaking the limitations of the space of wind blades .

“Producing dragon class burst strength and relying on his primitive willpower to restore his body . Can such a prodigy be an indigenous prodigy of the East Unicorn Continent?” The white-haired elder was bewildered .

The preeminent man had this stern expression as he spoke, “He is an anomaly, but I will not agree blindly to your statement . The East Unicorn Continent might be small, but it still holds the possibility to produce such a heaven-defying prodigy . A true dragon might still emerge from the land the size of a pellet . ”

These Mystic Martial Experts were not Reincarnation Realm martial artists, but an existence that surpassed the Reincarnation Realm . They were merely restricted by the rules of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and were unable to leave without permission . Even if they paid the price to leave, their ability would be suppressed and would only be able to display the power of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist . Hence their scope of vision was much wider than anyone on the East Unicorn Continent . But a prodigy like Li Fuchen was something that exceeded their imagination .

“Appear . ”

Li Fuchen pointed in front, causing a bundle of wind to gather, turning it into a door of wind .

Taking a step forward, Li Fuchen walked into the door of wind .

The entire outside world was in a craze .

“Passing the sixth mystic martial door? Is he even human?”

“In this generation, only three individuals have passed the sixth mystic martial door . He actually did it too!”

Everyone had mixed feelings .

Passing the sixth mystic martial door was an enormous feat . If Li Fuchen was a nobody in the past, then right now, his was fame would flow with time and spread throughout the entire East Unicorn Continent .

The Stars Ranking Tournament which was going to be held one year later, would definitely have a seat reserved for him .

The feat of Li Fuchen passing the sixth mystic martial door was certainly displeasing for the people from Heaven Fiend Sect .

The mystic martial doors Li Fuchen passed, the higher the price the Heaven Fiend Sect would have to pay .

If earlier they still had a tiny chance that Li Fuchen might not become a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts, then there was truly no more chances now .

Anyone who passed the sixth mystic martial door would definitely become a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts . This was the iron rule .


On the main path, the seventh stone door appeared in front of Li Fuchen .

The preeminent man suddenly spoke loudly, “Will the void shadows please seal the seventh and eighth stone door, please . ”

He felt that Li Fuchen had chances of passing the seventh mystic martial door, but once this information was spread out, it would definitely do Li Fuchen more harm than good . For their respective interests, some sects would still take the risk out of desperation .

Furthermore, there were a few extremely powerful Reincarnation Realm martial artists in the East Unicorn Continent . If the Mystic Martial Experts didn’t have to pay the price for walking out of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, they naturally had nothing to fear of . But after paying the price, they didn’t have the confidence to win .

In short, it wasn’t good to be overly low-profile, but it wasn’t good to be overly high-profile either .

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He didn’t wish for Li Fuchen to encounter any unexpected circumstances .

The void shadow that was guarding the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain seemingly heard the voice of the preeminent man . It waved its right hand, while the void shadows standing on the left stone pillars of the seventh and eighth stone doors, disappeared .

“What is going on?” Everyone was confused .

“Let it vanish then . Anyway, no one can pass the seventh mystic martial door . ” Even though they couldn’t understand, everyone didn’t bother about it either .

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