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Chapter 260
As Li Fuchen

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passed the fifth mystic martial door, the five others were still in the space of lightning .

They were Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, Xiahou Shi, Han Feng, and Li Xiangru .

The rest of the people had failed .

After a long period of time, Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, and Xiahou Shi all passed the fifth mystic martial door .

Han Feng and Li Xiangru wasn’t able to create a mystic class mid-tier martial arts within the allocated time frame and stopped at the fourth mystic martial door .

“Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, and Xiahou Shi have all passed . Including Li Fuchen, four of them passed the fifth mystic martial door this time and created a new record . ”

“Previously, only Xiahou Chuan managed to pass . This time the passing rate is four folds . This is too exaggerating . ”

“Apart from Li Fuchen, it is acceptable for the other three to pass the fifth mystic martial door with their innate potential . But I wonder if any of them will be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door . ”

“I’m afraid it is impossible! Up until now, only three individuals passed the sixth mystic martial door . ”

“That’s right . Among the Three King Stars, only two of them passed the sixth mystic martial door . ”

“The sixth mystic martial door is extremely difficult . Let’s wait and see!”

Everyone was having a heated discussion in the outside world .

The sixth mystic martial door was a space of wind blades .

Wind blades filled the entire space within heaven and earth .

Among all these wind blades, there were those which were more than several miles in length, while some were small as an ox’s fur .


One of the wind blades sliced on Li Fuchen’s shoulder, which instantly gushed out with blood .

“It can actually hurt me?” Li Fuchen was shocked .

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The previous five spaces were all illusions and didn’t have any lethal strength, but this sixth space’s wind blades was actually able to do damage . Furthermore, it was just a slightly smaller wind blade . If it was a larger wind blade, it would be able to dissect him in half .

Li Fuchen was a little confused as to what the sixth mystic martial door was testing .

If it was a test of defense, then it was too unrealistic . There was too many wind blades, and even if he was a Heaven Realm martial artist, he wouldn’t be able to resist them .

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

After a breeze blew across, Li Fuchen had several hundreds of gashes on his body . Some of these wounds penetrated Li Fuchen’s body, while fresh blood sprayed out violently .

Li Fuchen took out a mystic class shield and put it in front of him .


The mystic class shield was immediately split apart and turned into dust .

The wind blades’ power were incredible and seemed to be even more effective against things that weren’t part of the human body .

“This won’t do . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head . He could only rely on himself in the sixth mystic martial door and couldn’t rely on foreign objects .


A limb flew . It was Li Fuchen’s left arm, which was severed from the shoulder, by a wind blade that was several meters long .

Li Fuchen’s expression looked pale, but he continued to dodge them .


The heaven and earth was filled with wind, and there were wind blades everywhere . All the wind could form wind blades at any moment . Even if Li Fuchen’s awareness was heaven-defying, he still wouldn’t be able to dodge all the wind blades . This time, it was his right leg which was severed .

In the second abode, the white-haired elder spoke, “The sixth mystic martial door, tests one’s unyielding willpower . It will be up to his enlightenment as to whether he is able to pass . ”

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In the third abode, the man with the phoenix eyes said, “Each individual’s spirit will vary in toughness . This door test both one’s spirit will and also the most primitive willpower that bursts forth when facing death . ”

Spirit will had a huge impact in terms of the ability of different people .

Some people who had strong spirit will, would be afraid when facing against truly fearful moments .

While those who had a weak spirit will probably burst out with horrific primitive willpower when in the face of death .

The sixth mystic martial door was a mystery within a mystery, it was fair and yet unfair at the same time .

In summary, the stronger the spirit will, the higher the possibility of passing . But it wasn’t a certainty .

“The path of the martial dao is to defy against the natural order, which is about defying the heavens . The one who has an unyielding heart to defy heaven, will be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door . ” The preeminent man who was in the first abode spoke bluntly .

The rest of the Mystic Martial Experts nodded .

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With all four limbs severed, Li Fuchen’s mind was dazzled and he didn’t even have the strength to dodge the wind blades anymore .

This space of wind blades was an illusion, but he couldn’t differentiate between what was real and what was fake, because everything was so surreal .

Right now, he had had an obsession in his heart, that was to persevere .

He didn’t know what he was persevering for, he just knew he had to persevere .

Just like the day when he lost his talents, yet didn’t give up on himself .

If he had given up on himself back then, he might not have encountered the golden talisman .

At this same moment, Chiyu Ye had also arrived in the space of wind blades .

Pfff, Pfff!

With two blood wounds on his body, Chiyu Ye got a shock .

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“What is this sixth mystic martial door testing?” Chiyu Ye was panicking .

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

As the violent winds blew across, both Chiyu Ye’s legs were severed at the base of his crotch, while he groaned with pain .

Everything was too realistic, there wasn’t a hint of pretense .

“I am the King of the Sword . How can I surrender!?”

A wind blade which was over ten meters long came while Chiyu Ye was yelling with rage .


Chiyu Ye was severed on the waist and he looked extremely miserable .

Shortly after… Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi came to the space of wind blades too .

The two of them suffered a similar fate .

Compared to Xiahou Shi, Su Muyu fared better .

Xiahou Shi was someone who preferred to lower the risks and wasn’t that adept in dealing with such situations . His heart was apprehensive and his heart was worried about his gains and losses .

His subconsciousness told him that this was just a test, but his body told him that everything was real .

“Damn it, what kind of test is this . ” Xiahou Shi’s eyes were flushed red .

“If others can do it, so can I!” Su Muyu’s thoughts were much more simple .

If no one passed the sixth mystic martial door, she wouldn’t have persevered, but since someone passed the sixth mystic martial door before, she didn’t believe she was inferior to others .

The white-haired elder in the second abode shook his head and laughed . “How could the test be so simple? It will not work if you just persevered . If your body is turned into dust and your willpower is blurry, who will be able to persevere?”

“Just as Big Brother said it . One must have the heart to defy the heavens . ” The man with the phoenix eyes nodded .


Li Fuchen’s body had been broken down into pulp and his willpower was in a complete mess .

As he was feeling dazzled, he felt as though he turned into the wind and had become a part of the space of wind blades . He didn’t have his own mind of thoughts anymore and just randomly drifted .

Float and float!

Blow and blow!

Time felt as though it passed in an instant, while it also felt like it lasted forever, while his willpower was becoming even fuzzier .


The moment his body was turned into dust, Xiahou Shi was frightened and was in despair .

But in the next moment, his body had been reformed and he was quickly teleported out of the sixth mystic martial door .

“The first failure . ” The white-haired elder shook his head .

“This one is actually not bad . Why not let me take him in!” One of the lower ranked Mystic Martial Expert said .

As long as one could pass the fifth mystic martial door, they would basically accept them as a personal disciple . After all, personal disciples were hard to find and they didn’t have the luxury to be choosy . With more personal disciples, there would bound to be a few that would have some results .

Only Big Brother and Second Brother would rather go without any disciple than accept unqualified individuals, because their expectations were too high .

From start to finish, Su Muyu didn’t fall into despair, but her willpower dissipated . It meant that her heart to defy heaven was ultimately not strong enough .

Furthermore, she was too young as she was around the same age a Li Fuchen and didn’t have enough life experiences .

If she had a few more years, she might be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door .

Su Muyu failed, but she was chosen by the no . 3 Mystic Martial Expert .

As the no . 3 Mystic Martial Expert, the man with phoenix eyes seldom took in any personal disciples, it was rather praiseworthy to be chosen by him .

Now, only Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen were still struggling as they hovered around .

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