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Chapter 259
‘It should be a test of martial arts!’

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As Li Fuchen thought about it, he drew his black gold sword and demonstrated the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

But there wasn’t a hint of a response .

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‘Is my martial arts not profound enough?’

Li Fuchen demonstrated his kill move, but there still wasn’t any response .

‘Why not draw over one of the lightning strikes . ’ Li Fuchen brandished his blade towards one of the lightning bolts .


After successfully drawing over the lightning bolt, it instantly struck at Li Fuchen .

Essences of martial arts appeared in Li Fuchen’s mind .

“So this is how it works . ”

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen was rather astonished .

This lightning actually contained the essence of martial arts .

‘Creating a move according to the martial arts essence?’

Li Fuchen assumed in such a way .

Acting as soon as he thought about it, Li Fuchen began to study these essences of martial arts .

The martial arts essence within this lightning was the essence of leg art . After obtaining the essence of this leg art, Li Fuchen could feel his leg arts skill level increased by quite a bit .

It was almost close to the level of sword art .

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‘It should be a rather high classed leg art essence . ’

Li Fuchen felt that it was rather beneficial to stay in this place a little longer .

Obtaining a leg arts essence was different from cultivating a leg arts manual by oneself . The former was the direct injection into the mind, while the latter required time to slowly cultivate .

After studying it for a moment, Li Fuchen began to create his own leg art moves .


A qi explosion echoed with a single kick .

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

Like a sound of thunder, Li Fuchen executed hundreds of kicks and each kick was more tyrannical than the previous kick; each kick got more exquisite as they continued . Finally, the kicks didn’t even lose out to a mystic class low-tier kick arts, as it began to produce kick art intent .

But still, there wasn’t any response .

Li Fuchen didn’t feel discouraged and continued studying .

After an unknown period of time, Li Fuchen’s kicks finally produced lightning and his kicking speed was lightning quick . It was incredibly quick and unpredictable . If he were to fight against regular prodigies, they wouldn’t even be able to see the trajectory of the kicks and would only see the flashes of lightning .

After one hour, a bolt of lightning blasted out from Li Fuchen’s kicks which conformed with the bolts of lightning in the sky .

At the same time, a door of lightning appeared in front of Li Fuchen .

‘As expected . As long as I create a mystic class mid-tier martial arts according to the martial arts essence, I will be able to leave this space of lightning . ’

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‘I wonder if I can continue absorbing more lightning . ’

Li Fuchen brandished his blade towards another lightning, but this time, there wasn’t any response .

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‘It seems like every individual can only absorb one lightning bolt . One should not be greedy . ’

Thinking as such, Li Fuchen advanced and stepped into the door of lightning .

“This child’s perception is exceptional . I shall take him in . ” The white-haired elder spoke .

Feeling reluctant, the man with phoenix eyes said, “Second Brother, can you give him to me?”

The white-haired elder laughed and replied, “Lao San, you already have a personal disciple, why snatch from me?”

(TL note: Lao San means Old Third)

The man with phoenix eyes spoke, “At most I will exchange my personal disciple with you . ”

The white-haired elder spoke, “Do you think I am silly? I don’t have any regards for your personal disciple . ”

“Second Brother, if he picks me, you better not create any hindrance . ” The man with phoenix eyes continued .

The white-haired elder replied, “What do you mean by hindrance? But you can be at ease, if he picks you even though he knows about our information, I will not snatch from you . ” He assumed that such a possibility was almost negligent . Who would pick the no . 3 Mystic Martial Expert and forsake the no . 2 Mystic Martial Expert? Unless he was a retarded fool .

“All of you stop arguing . Him, I will take him . ” The preeminent man spoke .

“Big Brother, is he up to your expectation?” The white-haired elder was rather unsettled .

The preeminent man was the no . 1 Mystic Martial Expert and he was also everyone’s Big Brother .

Actually, they weren’t sworn siblings and they were not related by blood either . But they addressed each other as brothers because everyone here were Mystic Martial Experts .

In fact, this white-haired elder’s age wasn’t very old, he just looked old . Of course, his age was definitely older than the preeminent man, but this preeminent man was stronger than him in ability, hence he could only be ranked second .

The preeminent man said, “I have some write-in disciples, but only he is qualified to be my personal disciple . How can I miss this opportunity?”

He was the no . 1 Mystic Martial Expert and accepting a personal disciple was much too difficult .

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It wasn’t that he didn’t want to accept any, but all those people were lacking something .

After all, producing a formidable personal disciple was rather beneficial for them .

Except for him and Second Brother, everyone else already had their own personal disciple .

The white-haired elder spoke helplessly, “I thought I was finally going to get a personal disciple . Sigh…”

Lao San didn’t have any way to argue with him and agreed . He had no ways to go against Big Brother unless Li Fuchen was really a fool .

“Second Brother, just wait a while more . You will surely be able to get a personal disciple before the Stars Ranking Tournament . According to my calculation, this generation should be the strongest one since the disappearance of all the most formidable absolute experts . You still have quite a good chance for accepting a personal disciple . ” The preeminent man tried to comfort his Second Brother .

The white-haired elder nodded . “I hope so too!”

He too felt that this generation was rather special, otherwise, they wouldn’t have appeared here .


Outside of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain .

“He passed the fifth mystic martial door!”

“After passing the fifth mystic martial door, there is at least a 90% chance to become a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts . Tsk, Tsk!”

Everyone was in awe, while the Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class direct disciples had on this ashen expression .

Li Fuchen being accepted as a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts was already in the bag . Their Heaven Fiend Sect wouldn’t be able to deal with Li Fuchen in the future, unless there was someone among the younger generations who could kill Li Fuchen .

The Mystic Martial Experts once said that they would not interfere if it was a fight within the same generation . They only forbade seniors from getting involved .

Never should one ever think that they could conceal it from a Mystic Martial Expert .

Perhaps a Mystic Martial Expert might find it difficult to investigate the truth, but the void shadows that guarded the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain could .

There were rumors that the void shadows that guarded the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain were the spirits of the hidden domain and had a mysterious power . If the Mystic Martial Expert paid the price, they could get the spirit of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain to investigate the truth .

Otherwise, how would the culprit of the murder of a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Expert be exposed so quickly?

All in all, the East Unicorn Continent was huge and there were innumerable experts . Who would know who was the murderer?

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

A few figures came from above the skies, and all of them were Heaven Realm martial artists .

“Are you sure he is within the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain?” One of the Heaven Realm martial artists asked the Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class direct disciple .

The gold class direct disciple from Heaven Fiend Sect replied with an agonized expression, “Elder, he has already passed the fifth mystic martial door . I am afraid he will probably become a personal disciple of a Mystic Martial Expert . ”

“What? He passed the fifth mystic martial door?”

These Heaven Realm martial artists were all inner sect elders of the Heaven Fiend Sect and after hearing this information, they were all flabbergasted .

They knew that Li Fuchen’s innate potential was high, but they didn’t expect it to be at this level .

It was a known fact that those who passed the fifth mystic martial door were all elite prodigies of the continent and were all either 6-star bone frames or heaven-defying 5-star bone frames, but Li Fuchen was just a 1-star bone frame .

“Damn it, why does he have such great potential . ”

“We cannot settle this matter as such . The Sect Patriarch said to capture Li Fuchen at all cost . ”

“That’s right, capture him . Mystic Martial Experts cannot leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain casually . Every time they leave, they have to pay a huge price . We are just capturing him . We will let the Sect Patriarch make the final decision after we bring him back . ”

These people didn’t want to return empty handed . In their opinion, as long as they didn’t kill Li Fuchen, there shouldn’t be any problem .

They had no way to figure out what was the Sect Patriarch going to do .

He might let Li Fuchen go or he might kill Li Fuchen because of anger .

They just had to do what was required of them .

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