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Chapter 221
What were the benefits in having a formidable consciousness?

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There were are too many to list .

A formidable consciousness meant

Li Fuchen
’s perception was stronger .
A formidable consciousness meant Li Fuchen’s thinking ability was stronger too . One’s thinking ability was closely related to one’s perception .

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen awakened .

“Congratulations Master!”

Seeing Li Fuchen awakening, ‘Li Wuxue’ and the other demon spirits greeted in unison .

The qi presence from Li Fuchen’s body might not feel like their master’s qi presence, but they didn’t think that their master would fail .

Li Fuchen replied indifferently, “Your Master is dead . ”

“You aren’t Master? How can this be possible?”

‘Li Wuxue’ and the rest of the demon spirits revealed an expression of disbelief .

Master, dead?

Master might only be left with his true spirit and was much inferior when compared to Master’s prime, but to seize a body of an Earth Realm martial artist, there shouldn’t be any mishaps… Even if it was a body of a Heaven Realm martial artist, with Master’s capabilities, there shouldn’t be a problem either .


‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongsan’ lunged towards Li Fuchen at the same time .


With the sword out of its sheath, a sword light winded . It was as though the attacks from ‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongsan’ had sank into a quagmire . They couldn’t even utilize 30% of their original strength and their attacks were easily blocked by Li Fuchen .

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The formidable consciousness allowed Li Fuchen to instantly determine the attack trajectories from ‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongsan’ . Li Fuchen was one step ahead in intercepting the enemies’ attacks, causing them to be unable to utilize their true strength .

“Actually blocking our coordinated attack?”

‘Fu Chongsan’ was shocked . He knew that Li Fuchen’s ability was much inferior to his in the past . What exactly happened for his ability to drastically improve like this?

Pfff, Pfff!

The Nine Revolution Sword Style could be used for defense and offense . When the sword revolved nine times it was sufficient to neutralize any force and then use those forces to return to the enemy a few folds stronger . Which also meant that if the enemy’s force was stronger, the returned force would be stronger .

Two rays of sword lights rebounded, piercing ‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongsan’, causing their bodies to spray out with blood .

“How can he be this formidable?” ‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongsan’ were stunned .

How would they have known that Li Fuchen had a great increase in his consciousness . His sword skills might not have any changes, but his combat skills weren’t just stronger by two folds . He could easily convert a single portion of his ability into more than twice it’s original capability .

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After repelling the two demon spirits, Li Fuchen launched a ferocious assault on ‘Fu Chongshan’ first . Using the Starfire Sword Style, every starfire had its own spirit, it was extremely crafty and ruthless, scorching numerous blood wounds on ‘Fu Chongshan’’s body .

Without any sound or presence, a transparent demon spirit’s shadow floated out from ‘Fu Chongshan’’s body .

“I can see it?” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

Previously, he wasn’t able to see the demon spirits but could see the Tomb Master’s true spirit . But it was probably done by the Tomb Master deliberately .

He didn’t expect for him to be able to directly see the demon spirits after an upgrade to his consciousness .

Since he could see the demon spirits, then everything was much easier . Li Fuchen slashed at the demon spirit with his Rotating Flow Sword Style .

The demon spirits were not afraid of regular attacks, but they were afraid of martial dao intents .

When Li Fuchen’s Rotating Flow Sword intent landed a hit on the demon spirit, it instantly caused the demon’s spirit to distort .

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It was obvious that Li Fuchen’s sword intent was able to deal severe injuries to the demon spirit .

Which was why, it wasn’t impossible for Li Fuchen to vanquish the demon spirits within a short period of time .

“Since it is so . Let me try with my consciousness . ”

Li Fuchen’s consciousness gulfed out and blasted at the demon spirit .

“Ahh!” The demon spirit let out an intermittent glow and then dissipated .

“Success . ” Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression .

He didn’t expect for his consciousness to be able to actually attack demon spirits .

When the Tomb Master’s true spirit entered his mind, he was able to battle with his consciousness, but he had yet to try using it outside of his own mind .

But he didn’t know that a regular person’s consciousness was unable to even sway a demon spirit . It was because of his tenacious consciousness that allowed him to vanquish demon spirits .

When the other demon spirits saw Li Fuchen vanquish a demon spirit, the three drifting demon spirits panicked and wanted to enter the three nearby bodies . But how could Li Fuchen allow them to do so?

His consciousness fanned out and vanquished the three demon spirits immediately .

Only ‘Li Wuxue’ was left .

‘Li Wuxue’ had the intent to retreat before his body flashed and skimmed towards the grand hall .

“Where are you going?” Li Fuchen’s consciousness rushed over .

‘Li Wuxue’’s body swayed but continued to fly .

“It seems like the consciousness can only target pure demon spirits and true spirits . It is unable to target a demon spirit that is in possession of a body . ” Li Fuchen understood so and activated his movement skills to chase after ‘Li Wuxue’ .

After ‘Li Wuxue’ left, Su Muyu, Wei Shanhe, Fan Qiansong, and Fan Qianyu gradually awakened .

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“What happened?” Fan Qianyu was confused .

“Where is Li Fuchen?” Su Muyu frowned .

She could only remember the Tomb Master’s true spirit entering her body and that she tried to resist it . But she couldn’t remember anything else afterwards .

Outside of the hall, ‘Li Wuxue’ was travelling at his top speed, which was much faster than Li Fuchen .

“Come down . ”

Li Fuchen executed the Starfire Sword Style . It was as though the starfires had its own will which tracked down ‘Li Wuxue’, scorching blood wounds the size of eggs on his body .

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“Damn it!”

After a period of time, ‘Li Wuxue’ wasn’t able to shake off Li Fuchen . If he continued to run, he would just be a target practice .

Turning around, ‘Li Wuxue’ lunged at Li Fuchen .

He wasn’t afraid of suffering any damage and would at most lose this body . But if he could injure Li Fuchen, he would have an opportunity .

‘Li Wuxue’ violently attacked Li Fuchen, using his life to exchange for Li Fuchen’s life .

A pity that his every move was unveiled with Li Fuchen’s consciousness . Every move that ‘Li Wuxue’ made, Li Fuchen would instantaneously be able to determine countless neutralizing moves . It gave ‘Li Wuxue’ the feeling that he couldn’t utilize any strength at all and was instead inflicted with more wounds .


With a flash of a sword light, ‘Li Wuxue’’s head flew .

A demonic beast shadow emerged from the now the body .


Li Fuchen was waiting for the demon spirit to exit before his consciousness rushed out . With a ‘pfff’ sound, the demon spirit was dispersed .

After killing the last demon spirit, Li Fuchen finally let out a breath of relief .

Before killing the enemy, he couldn’t rest with any peace . The demon spirit was a class 6 demonic beast and if he allowed it time to grow, he would be the one that would be dead .

Extending his hand, he vacuumed the storage bag from the corpse of ‘Li Wuxue’ . Li Fuchen then turned and hurried back to the hall .

In the hall, Su Muyu and the rest were waiting there .

“Li Fuchen, is it you?” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu wasn’t certain .

“Of course it’s me . ” Li Fuchen replied .

“What happened earlier?” It was Su Muyu who was asking .

Li Fuchen replied, “I am not sure either . ”

He was naturally not going to tell the truth .

Su Muyu furrowed her brows and didn’t continue asking . Her intuition told her that Li Fuchen was definitely involved with everything . It seemed like he was hiding a huge secret within his body .

“It is fine if everything is ok . I got a fright earlier . ”

Fan Qiansong quickly sat and consumed a recuperation pill and began to circulating his technique to recuperate .

Li Fuchen expelled a breath and continued to explore his consciousness .

If it was the previous him, his consciousness could only be released with the support of his qi . But now, there was no need for any qi and it could be directly released . What’s more, it had a rather long range and could scout areas that were a few hundred meters away .

After some time, Fan Qiansong’s injuries had recovered .

The five of them exited the hall and prepared to find an exit .

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