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Chapter 220
“Intriguing . I will probably exhaust half my true spirit to take over your body . But what about it? Your body is a true invaluable treasure . ” The shadow launched out a massive fist .

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This fist felt like it could fill up one’s entire mind .


The longsword shattered and

Li Fuchen
flew backwards .
“Such power . ” Li Fuchen was panting intensely .

The longsword was created by his consciousness and once it shattered, his consciousness dissipated slightly .


The human shaped shadow swelled up and stood as tall as the sky . Soon after, it crashed fist after fist on Li Fuchen with horrifying momentum .

Li Fuchen was like an ant, being thrashed all over the place and had no way to resist .

“My soul spirit has dissipated before . I will not give up even if I have to die!”

If it was anyone else, they would have probably given up any form of resistance .

But once the will to resist was gone, the spirit will would become weak .

There was a persistence in Li Fuchen’s heart, this persistence congealed an imposing sword .


Li Fuchen stabbed a hole in the fist of the human shaped shadow .

“You can actually damage me?!” The shadow roared .

If one’s true spirit was exhausted, it could be slowly recovered . But if one’s true spirit was damaged, it would be extremely difficult to recuperate it and would affect one’s future cultivation .

It might only be a minor injury, but it made him extremely infuriated .

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“You have a sword, so do I . ”

A giant sky towering sword appeared in the hands of the human shaped shadow . The sword then cleaved at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen felt as though his mind was being split apart . The power of this sword was condensed to the extreme .


The sword formed by the persistence shattered and Li Fuchen’s figure turned blurry, dissipating like a mist .

This was a sign that the consciousness was about to collapse .

“I don’t want to yield! I don’t want to yield!”

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Li Fuchen murmured in a low voice .

“My ability isn’t strong enough, but why is my spirit will so weak too…”

“So what if I have to surpass a Battle Spirit Realm true spirit? I, Li Fuchen will never admit defeat, not even if I have to face death . ”

Li Fuchen’s consciousness congealed again .

But this time it wasn’t just Li Fuchen’s figure, but a sword that had a dense qi .

Within the sword contained Li Fuchen’s spirit will, consciousness, and that unyielding persistence .

This sword was everything that Li Fuchen could put in . He had already forgotten himself and everything else . His only thought now, was to fight till the end and die without regrets .


With the man and sword merging, Li Fuchen shot towards the human shaped shadow .

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The shadow brandished his sword to block .


With the man and sword merged, Li Fuchen’s maneuvers were as nimble never before, easily dodging the sword slashes from the shadow . Soon enough, he penetrated the body of that shadow .

That human shaped shadow roared towards the sky . There was a giant hole in his chest, all the true spirit that was within the hole had vanished .

The damage this time was ten folds or more than the previous attack .

What made him even more infuriated was the fact that he was a true spirit that surpassed the existence of the Battle Spirit Realm, and he was actually injured by this brat . It was as humiliating as being slapped on the face .

“You have completely incurred my wrath!”

The body of the human shaped shadow shrunk in size and released a horrific true spirit oppression, which shrouded the sword that Li Fuchen had formed .

True spirit oppression required the burning of the true spirit to be released . What’s more, only those whose true spirit were above the Battle Spirit Realm could execute it .

True spirit oppression had the ability to freeze the void and contained some laws of the heaven and earth .

Under the entrapment of true spirit oppression, Li Fuchen’s sword couldn’t even move an inch .


With a single swing of the sword, Li Fuchen’s sword was shattered into pieces . This also meant that Li Fuchen’s consciousness was shattered .

“Hmph . A mere brat and you dare to show defiance in front of me? Don’t blame me for extinguishing you consciousness then . ” The human shaped shadow sneered . For the first few bodies, he merely restrained their consciousness, as he wanted to slowly explore their memories . But Li Fuchen’s consciousness had been vanquished by him and even the gods couldn’t save Li Fuchen .

Looking at the pale blue soul spirit, the human shaped shadow couldn’t help but gasp .

If he was to absorb such a formidable soul spirit, he couldn’t imagine what level his perception would be able to achieve . By then, no one would be able to eliminate him .

The body flashed and the shadow drifted towards the pale blue soul spirit .

From the beginning to until now, he couldn’t see the existence of the golden amulet .

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The golden amulet was something only Li Fuchen could see .


When he was about to enter the pale blue soul spirit, a golden light was released suddenly, repelling the human shaped shadow .

The pale blue soul spirit gradually turned transparent, while the golden amulet released limitless golden light . Under the rays of these golden light, Li Fuchen’s dissipated consciousness began to reform . At the same time, the shadow was not able to move .

“Golden amulet . What is this?” The shadow was frightened .

He was a true spirit that was above the Battle Spirit Realm, but he was actually being suppressed and couldn’t move an inch .

“A puny ant like you dares to infiltrate the soul spirit of the host I chosen? You recklessly seek death . ” This was the first time the golden amulet spoke .

“Who are you?” The shadow was trembling .

This feeling was even worse than the fear of facing the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth .

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth was a supreme existence that could only be felt and not seen .

But this golden amulet actually gave him the feeling that it was even more superior than the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth .

“A puny ant like you have no rights to know of my existence . Begone!”

The golden light intensified and eroded the human shaped shadow .

“This can’t be true!”

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In a blink of the eye, the human shaped shadow turned into a drop of liquid that was letting out a subtle glow .

This drop of liquid was extremely pure and even if it was magnified by billions of folds, there would still be no traces of impurities .

The instant the shadow was eroded, Li Fuchen’s consciousness was reformed .

“Wasn’t my consciousness dispersed?”

When his consciousness was destroyed, Li Fuchen felt like everything sank into darkness and he soon lost all senses .

After sizing up the body formed by the consciousness, Li Fuchen found out that it was ten folds more condensed than before . This condensed form wasn’t caused by the spirit will, but felt like it was originally so .

The spirit will and consciousness didn’t have an absolute relationship .

The stronger the spirit will, the stronger the consciousness . This was correct .

But the stronger the consciousness, didn’t mean that the spirit will would grow stronger too .

Take for example, Li Fuchen’s consciousness might not be any inferior to a Heaven Realm martial artist, but his spirit will was indeed inferior to a Heaven Realm martial artist .

“This drop of liquid?”

Shifting his attention away from the body form of his consciousness, Li Fuchen looked at that drop of liquid in his mind .

This drop of liquid was extremely pure and had an irresistible attraction to it, causing Li Fuchen to be unable to hold back from consuming it .

Li Fuchen took steps closer to the drop of liquid .

Just as Li Fuchen was one body width away from the liquid, it automatically entered Li Fuchen’s consciousness body form .

In the next moment, Li Fuchen’s consciousness ruptured and reformed then ruptured and reformed again .

Time didn’t have any more meaning, because Li Fuchen could no longer feel the flow of time .

Unbeknownst as to how much time had passed, Li Fuchen’s consciousness body form finally stopped rupturing and reforming .

A trace of an indistinct brilliance was glowing from Li Fuchen’s consciousness body form .

“My consciousness has condensed by at least a hundred fold . ” Li Fuchen was shocked .

His consciousness body felt like it had attained the completion rank for a high leveled body refinement technique . It was extremely firm and his instincts told him that his consciousness was now far superior to a Heaven Realm martial artist or even a Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

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