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Chapter 202
Slaughters could be seen all over the Hundred Battle region .

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There were massive fights, fights between experts and even fights between martial artists and demonic beasts .

Blood dyed every inch of land in the Hundred Battle region .

Ten days had passed and

Li Fuchen
was now far away from Blood Color City .
Here was a valley with a stream that flowed in the middle of it . The sides of the valley were filled with luscious trees .

Sitting on a big boulder by the side of the stream, Li Fuchen took out some rations to eat .

The rations were scrumptious, there was wine, meat, and even dessert .

With his storage bags, Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about space for keeping the rations .

Finishing the rations, Li Fuchen was about stand up when a sound broke out in the air . There were three figures, the first two that landed were obviously injured . Fresh blood was sprayed into the stream, dying it red . Another figure that was clothed in silver robes landed quickly afterwards . On the chest area of the robe was a black claw with three fingers .

“Silver Cloth Sect?”

The first two were casually dressed and Li Fuchen couldn’t tell which sect they were affiliated with . But the one who came afterwards was definitely a Silver Cloth Sect disciple .

All members of the Silver Cloth Sect, be it the sect patriarch or the outer sect disciples, were all clothed in silver robes . Their grade could be differentiated by the claw marks on their chest .

A one-finger black claw meant outer sect disciple, two-finger meant inner sect disciple, three-finger meant direct disciple, and a three-finger golden claw meant that individual was a gold class direct disciple .

It was obvious this individual was a direct disciple of the Silver Cloth Sect .

“Fan Qiansong, Fan Qianyu, the two of you aren’t going anywhere . When I, Liu Guangfeng takes up a task, I will not return without witnessing blood . ” The silver-robed youth said with a severe tone .

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The young man who was named Fan Qiansong clenched his teeth and replied, “Liu Guangfeng, if it wasn’t because of your despicable poison . Do you think I, Fan Qiansong would fear you?”

In terms of ability, Fan Qiansong was on par with Liu Guangfeng, but he didn’t expect that his enemy had a poison bomb . And as the poison bomb exploded, it inflicted poison on both him and his younger sister—Fan Qianyu .

“Haha! The winner is the king and the loser shall be the sinner . Is there any meaning in saying all these details?” Liu Guangfeng sneered .

‘Should I interfere?’ Atop a huge tree, Li Fuchen had a look of hesitation .

He could see that Liu Guangfeng’s cultivation was at the 8th level of Earth Realm and had a formidable combat ability .

It was rumored that the Silver Cloth Sect had great ties with Heaven Fiend Sect . The wife of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Patriarch seemed like she was from the Silver Cloth Sect . It was said that one of the Supreme Elders of the Silver Cloth Sect was related to the Heaven Fiend Sect as well .

“The friend of an enemy is obviously an enemy . The enemy of my enemy is naturally a friend . ”

“So be it . It would a great chance to test the power of the earth class weapon shard . ” After some considerations, Li Fuchen decided to interfere .

Liu Guangfeng was around 30 plus years of age while Fan Qiansong was just 25 . When Fan Qiansong said that his ability wouldn’t lose out Liu Guangfeng before he was poisoned, Li Fuchen assumed that Fan Qiansong was most probably a gold class direct disciple of his affiliated sect .

There shouldn’t be any disadvantages in building a good relationship with a gold class direct disciple .

Liu Guangfeng made his move, a killer move to begin with . Multiple silver streaks entrapped Fan Qiansong .

Fan Qiansong’s weapon of choice was a two meter steel pole . Whipping the steel pole and dispersing the silver streaks, the force of streaks caused him to vomit blood as it pushed him back .


In midair, a tearing sound could be heard . A black light suddenly appeared and vanished .

“Not good!”

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Liu Guangfeng was shock by the horrifying threat of death that shrouded his spirit . It caused his whole body to tremble .

The silver long sabre was brandished .


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The blade swung and missed, the black light shot into Liu Guangfeng’s chest and exited from his back . The black light carried along—blood, innards, and bone fragments .

“The effect is much stronger than I imagine!”

Li Fuchen never doubted the power of the earth class weapon shard . But when he shot out the weapon shard, it actually vanished in mid air, which was why he was surprised . If he guessed it right, it must be one of the attributes of the earth class weapon shard .

Had it not been for the special attribute, the enemy would have most probably been able to block the weapon shard .

As he fell from the sky, Liu Guangfeng had on an expression that was unwilling to accept his fate .

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu who were both prepared for death let out a delighted expression . No one desired death, neither did they .

“Thank you benefactor for saving us . Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu would like to express our heartfelt gratitude . ” The two of then bowed with cupped fists at the direction where help came from .

Li Fuchen’s figure appeared with a sway, Li Fuchen then enquired, “Which sect are you from?”

Fan Qianyu replied, “We are disciples from the Carefree Sect . ”

“Carefree Sect?”

Li Fuchen understood clearly now .

The Carefree Sect’s overall strength was about the same as the Azure Water Sect’s . Perhaps slightly inferior, but this sect had a great reputation .

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Carefree and freedom . From the name of the sect, one could tell that they were a sect that stood aloof from worldly matters .

Of course, the reason for their name wasn’t because they didn’t care about worldly matters .

The Carefree Sect was famous for their Carefree Treasure . This Carefree Treasure was passed down by the founder of the Carefree Sect—Grandmaster Carefree, which was how the Carefree Sect got their name .

“You guys are poisoned . Better detoxify yourselves first!” Li Fuchen advised .

“You are right . ”

The two of them weren’t afraid that Li Fuchen might hurt them . If Li Fuchen wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to do anything either .

The two of them immediately sat cross legged and consumed an antidote to begin the detoxification .

As for Li Fuchen, he put his concentration on Liu Guangfeng .

Using his hand to siphon Liu Guangfeng’s silver sabre landed into his hands .

This was a mystic class, mid-tier treasure sabre that worth 200 thousand gold coins . But on it, was the symbol of Silver Cloth Sect and it couldn’t be sold just like that .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found a storage bag on Liu Guangfeng’s body .

The storage bag contained a plethora of items—three gold cards, a few thousand gold coins, numerous pills, and miscellaneous items .

The three gold cards could be used to redeem about 550 thousand gold coins .

The pills all originated from the Silver Cloth Sect . Some of these pills were of an entirely different composition from the pills of the Azure Water Sect .

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Other than those items, there were also plenty of life saving tools—firearms, poison bombs, hidden weapons, etc .

“Worth it!”

Li Fuchen estimated that Liu Guangfeng’s entire net worth was over two million gold coins . Although it wasn’t on par with his wealth, but it was still quite significant .

Keeping the storage bag, Li Fuchen looked at Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu .

The two of them weren’t in great shape . It seemed like the poison spread deep into their bodies and the antidote wasn’t able to take effect immediately .

“Do you need my help?” Li Fuchen asked .

His True Inferno Technique did have some detoxification properties .

Fan Qiansong struggled to open his eyes, “I can still hold on for a while . Could benefactor help my sister expel her poison first?”

“Sure . ”

Li Fuchen went to the back of the young lady and pressed his right hand on her back . He injected the True Inferno qi into her body .

With the assistance of the True Inferno qi, the effect of the antidote was enhanced and permeated into Fan Qianyu’s limbs and bone . It even reached deep into her bone marrow .

In a short moment, Fan Qianyu opened her eyes .

She blushed, “Benefactor, thanks for the help . ”

She felt that her body was exposed to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen smiled and withdrew his palm . He then walked behind Fan Qiansong and helped him expel his poison .

After some time, Fan Qiansong woke up and thought about how a close shave it was .

As they were poisoned for a long time, the toxins reached deep into their bone marrows . It would have been too difficult for them to expel the poison by themselves . Most importantly, as they were too severely poisoned, their legs and arms felt weak and their qi was dull and not responsive .

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