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Chapter 199
“Indeed worthy of being the Mystic Tools Sect . In the entire Eastern Unicorn Continent, only the Mystic Tools Sect would willingly sell mystic class, peak-tier weapons . ”

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The Mystic Tools Pavilion had a reliable backer and they weren’t a regular organization, but rather the famous Mystic Tools Sect of the Eastern Unicorn Continent .

The Mystic Tools Sect was famous for their weapon forgings .

In any other sect, it was considered great to have one elite smith master, but the Mystic Tools Sect had dozens of elite smith masters . As long as they had sufficient materials, they could constantly produce mystic class, peak-tier weapons .

In almost every city of the Hundred Battle region, there would be a Mystic Tools Pavilion . Each store would sell mystic class, peak-tier weapons . Every store would display at least one, some stores had up to five .

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Of course, mystic class, peak-tier weapons were of extreme price points . Of the three mystic class, peak-tier weapons displayed in this Mystic Tools Pavilion, the cheapest of them was around six million gold coins . While the most valuable one was eight million gold coins . It wasn’t exaggerating to say that they were heisting a daylight robbery .

If eight million gold coins were to be stacked up, it could easily form a golden hill .


Li Fuchen
’s praise of the Mystic Tools Sect, the store manager of the Mystic Tools Pavilion replied with pride, “Naturally . Our Mystic Tools Sect never had a lack of elite mastersmiths . There may perhaps be a grandmaster smith in the future . ”
Grandmaster smiths had an unrivaled status . In certain ways, even superior that than of a Reincarnation Realm expert . If a grandmaster smith didn’t like a sect for any reason, a single order from them would have countless sects assault that particular sect .

Li Fuchen asked, “Store manager, I need a mystic class, peak-tier treasure sword . I wonder which Mystic Tools Pavilion has one?” Li Fuchen naturally couldn’t say that he wasn’t sincerely here to by a mystic class, peak-tier weapon . If he were to explain in that way, it would undoubtedly cause some conflicts .

The store manager frowned . Without even thinking, he knew that this deal was a bust .

He replied, “Young master Chen . There are plenty of sabre and sword users in the East Unicorn Continent . If you want to get a mystic class, peak-tier treasure sword, you would most likely have to pre-order one from our Mystic Tools Sect . But I don’t know how soon you will be able to get it . ”

The Chen Clan may perhaps be a major clan, but wasn’t considered much in the entirety of the East Unicorn Continent . A wait of eight or ten years was a normal phenomenon when pre-ordering a mystic class, peak-tier weapon . It was normal to wait for an entire life and still not get the weapon . After all, people with influence could easily cut the queue .

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“Is that the case? Then I better go try my luck in some other cities then!” Li Fuchen acted as though he was disappointed .

“Please take care young master Chen . ” The store manager saw Li Fuchen out of the doors .

Walking on the street, Li Fuchen was feeling exceptionally pleased .

This earth class weapon shard was most definitely a priceless treasure if it was brought to the Mystic Tools Sect . Selling it for millions or tens of millions of gold coins wouldn’t be a problem .

Of course, he wouldn’t do so .

‘A farmer wasn’t at fault but when he possessed a jade, it becomes his fault’ . This earth class weapon shard was involved in a much bigger matter . It was best to bring it back to the Azure Water Sect and offer it to the elite mastersmith to study it . If this elite mastersmith was able to comprehend something and step into the realms of a grandmaster smith, it would help to secure the Azure Water Sect’s position in the East Unicorn Continent .

(TL note: The saying is meant that if a farmer suddenly possessed a piece of jade, it would look like he stole it and would be suspected as a criminal)

“Things of the future shall be left for the future . This earth class weapon shard can temporary be used as my trump card . ”

The attack power of the earth class weapon shard wasn’t much, but it was extremely sharp . Li Fuchen tested it by injecting his qi into the weapon shard . It easily penetrated his qi protection and possessed the ability to neutralize qi . It was on par if not better than the Devil Break Arrow .


As the sky got darker, the red sunset let out its final radiance .

Gradually letting out a deep breath, Li Fuchen asked around for directions towards Leaves Burrow .

Flying Blade City was huge and had extensive roads and alleys . After walking for nearly two hours, Li Fuchen arrived at the north area .

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Walking towards an alley of Leaves Burrow, Xiao Cong had just gotten back too .

With the one gold coin, he bought medicine with four silver coins and a few dozen of copper coins worth of buns and biscuits . He then bought a skewer of his sister’s favorite candied fruits . He kept the rest of the five silver coins and planned to hand it over to his sister to manage them .

Due to his frail and small body, it took him six hours just to reach the north area of the city .

His complexion was yellow and his body was lean . He had dry and cracked lips but was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to return home .

“Oh? Isn’t that Xiao Cong? You actually bought buns and biscuits . Seems like you made some money today!” A few ruffians who looked to be twenty years of age, obstructed Xiao Cong’s way .

Xiao Cong’s eyes were alert . He immediately turned into an alley and ran .

“You little brat, how dare you run even after seeing Luo ge . ”

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The ruffians were furious . They chased after Xiao Cong and threw him to the ground . One of them searched Xiao Cong’s body and picked out the five silver coins .

“Look Luo ge, there are five silver coins . ”

Snatching the five silver coins, the ruffian who called out to Luo ge sneered, “Luo ge shall gladly receive these five silver coins . But how dare you run when you saw your Luo ge . If you aren’t taught a lesson, wouldn’t it be disrespecting Luo ge?”

Luo ge picked up a bun to chew on while giving a stomp to Xiao Cong’s back .

Xiao Cong nearly fainted, but he who was an introvert was extremely obstinate too . He endured the stomps by biting on his lips .

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“Quite stubborn, huh? This is the medicine for your sister right?!”

Luo ge looked at the medicine which was littered on the floor and stepped on them .

“You can take everything else, but don’t step on my medicine . ” Xiao Cong’s eyes were flushed red .

“What can you do if I want to step on them?” Luo ge scoffed and carried on with his trampling .

Xiao Cong finally couldn’t help but have tears trickling from his eyes .

“Haha! Let’s go brothers!”

Luo ge was delighted . Five silver coins was enough for him to have plenty of good meals . It didn’t matter whether Xiao Cong and his sister lived or died .

“This sure is pathetic . Why are there scumbags like you even among the poor?” A voice echoed .

“Who is it?” Luo ge got on his guard as he looked around for the source of the voice .

Li Fuchen walked over slowly .

When Xiao Cong saw Li Fuchen, he said with agitation, “Sir martial artist, they snatched my medicine . ”

Li Fuchen nodded and glared at Luo ge .

Luo ge’s legs were shuddering . How would he not know that Li Fuchen was a martial artist .

They were just average people that didn’t have any chance to cultivate . Any random Qi Realm martial artist could beat them to death .

“Great martial artist, we were just playing around with him . Xiao Cong, you can have your silver coins back . These additional silver coins are for you to buy medicine again . Great martial artist, we shall take our leave . ” Luo ge and his group took out all the silver coins they had and placed it in the hands of Xiao Cong .

Luo ge thought to himself that this martial artist couldn’t protect Xiao Cong for life . He would have opportunities in the future to take revenge .

“Who allowed you to leave?”

With a wave of his hand, Li Fuchen let out a weak qi burst .

Boom, boom, boom…

Luo ge and his group crashed into the walls of the surrounding houses and spurted out fresh blood . At least half their bones were broken . Even if they were able to heal up in the future, they would still be cripples . If there wasn’t any first aid provided to them, they would most probably die today .

“Xiao Cong, let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen used his right hand to vacuum and bring Xiao Cong to his side .

“Sir martial artist, my medicine is gone . ”

“No problem, I have it . ”

Leaves Burrow was one of the major slums in Flying Blade City . Here, the rundown houses were packed closely next to one another . One small house most probably had three generations living under one roof, making it hard to even shift one’s body .

Xiao Cong’s house was a tiny one . The length of the house was only about two meters . It wasn’t much of a difference from a kennel .

Unlocking the door, Xiao Cong pushed the door open and walked in .

There was limited lighting in the house . Apart from the bed that was made from planks, there was just this table which had a huge hole in it . At the foot of the bed were many miscellaneous items . It must be the scraps that these siblings had scavenged, thinking that they would be useful .

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