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Chapter 197
Antique street as formed in a 丰 shape . It had a main street and six alleys .

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(TL note: 丰 = it is just how the street looks like)

Walking along the main street,

Li Fuchen
would occasionally enter some of the antique shops to take a look .
Anything and everything was sold in the antique shops . A majority of the items were odd looking .

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Like special ores, scrap shards of weapons, or withered plants . There was even this antique shop that displayed a class 5 demonic beast bone but insistently promoted it as a class 6 demonic beast bone .

Li Fuchen used his consciousness to do a scan and realized that this normal demonic bone was only able to appear specially due to its surrounding environments .

“Take a walk and take a look . This shop is selling a batch of weapon pieces and they all come from a certain dangerous monument . Perhaps it may contain a high grade weapon shard within!” An antique shop named ‘Grade Tools Pavilion’ had a few of its staffs hawking .

“Great martial artist, don’t go . This shop is notorious for defrauding people . ” The young boy warned Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen lowered his head and asked, “That’s right, I haven’t gotten your name yet . What’s your name?”

“I am Xiao Cong . ” The boy answered timidly .

“Xiao Cong… That’s a good name . Is there only yourself in your family?”

“I have one sister . ”

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“And your parents?”

“My parents were formidable martial artists just like you, but they died . Now it is just me and my sister . ” Xiao Cong’s eyes looked calm but Li Fuchen could see traces of grief .

Li Fuchen sighed, Xiao Cong’s situation wasn’t the only case . In this world, everyone had the opportunity to cultivate . In most average households, the parents would be Qi Realm martial artists . When the children grew up, they would become Qi Realm martial artists too . As a martial artist, they would inevitably have to venture out to seek for a living, which was where most of them would meet their end .

“Your sister is alone at home . Is it safe? Why don’t you go back first?” Li Fuchen asked .

Xiao Cong shook his head, “Don’t worry sir . I have already locked the door and I need to keep my promise . I have taken your gold coin and I have to finish my job . ” He was worried because he hadn’t even made any recommendations except for bringing Li Fuchen here .

Li Fuchen laughed, “You should return . It is fine to bring your sister here too . Let me treat the both of you to a meal . ”

Xiao Cong said unwillingly, “My sister is sick . She used to be the one who came out here . ” Finishing his statement, Xiao Cong lowered his head and felt ashamed .

“If you love your sister, then go back now . Your sister needs care . What’s more, I will be staying in Flying Blade City for three days . Give me your address and I shall go find you and ask you to bring me around,” Li Fuchen replied .

“My house is in the north area of Flying Blade City, No . 952 of Leaves Burrow . Sir, you are a nice person . I shall bring you all around Flying Blade City for the next two days . ”

Xiao Cong didn’t feel great about leaving his sick sister at home . Had it not been because he had no money to buy medicine for his sister, he would have stayed at home to care for her .

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‘A nice person, huh?’ Li Fuchen couldn’t help but let a laugh out .

“Sure . North area of Flying Blade City, No . 952 of Leaves Burrow . I have remembered it and will look for you tonight . ”

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Li Fuchen didn’t have the ability to help everyone, but as much as possible, he would offer it to anyone who truly needed help .

To live in this world, one should not just blindly live for cultivation .

“Sir, I shall take my leave,” Xiao Cong was thinking about the things he could buy with this one gold coin . He thought about prescribing some medicine and then buying some buns and biscuits .

“Go then!” Li Fuchen waved his hand .

After Xiao Cong left, Li Fuchen walked into the Grade Tools Pavilion . He sure would like to see how this antique store was defrauding people .

“Dear sir, this way please . ” Seeing that a customer came in, the store staff was elated .

“These are the scrap weapon shards from the dangerous monument?” Li Fuchen pointed at the basket of weapon shards and asked .

The store staff replied, “Yes they are . Each of these weapon shard are sold at 100 gold coins a piece . Buy ten and get one more for free . The more you buy, the more we give . ”

“Alright . Let me see . ”

Li Fuchen picked up a piece of weapon shard and analyzed it .

The reason why it was called a weapon shard, was because of the tool patterns .

The higher the grade of a weapon, the more mystical the tool patterns were .

Take for example this black gold sword of Li Fuchen’s . On it were mystic class, mid-tier tool patterns .

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Tool patterns could give variations to a weapon’s weight and sharpness .

The material used to forge the black gold sword was obviously black gold ingot . According to the size of the black gold sword and weight of the black gold ingot, Li Fuchen’s sword should weigh about a dozen kilograms .

Matching to the value of the black gold ingot, each kilogram was worth a few thousand gold coins . A dozen kilograms would mean that this sword was valued at a minimum of 50 thousand gold coins .

But after branding the mystic class, mid-tier tool patterns, the black gold sword was now a 50 kilogram razor sharp sword that was capable of subtly letting out sword qi . Its value was now a few folds higher and would be worth 200 thousand gold coins in the outside world .

In the Eastern Unicorn Continent, weapon smiths that could forge mystic class, high-tier weapons were considered smith masters . Those that could forge mystic class, peak-tier weapons would be elite smith masters . They were the kind of assets that any sect would want to possess .

As for forging earth class weapons, they wouldn’t be smith masters but smith grandmasters instead .

A pity that there was only one or two smith grandmasters in the Eastern Unicorn Continent .

Perhaps not even one .

At the very least, there was one smith master in the Azure Water Sect .

An earth class weapon shard wasn’t of much value to a martial artist . But it was undoubtedly a priceless treasure to a weaponsmith .

A weaponsmith could totally decipher the tool patterns of the earth class weapon shard, enhancing one’s own tool pattern arts to the next level .

Holding this weapon shard, Li Fuchen used his consciousness to scan it .

He couldn’t help but laugh .

This was a shard of yellow class, peak-tier weapon shard . On the core of the tool pattern was a simple design, but this shop did some alterations and added intricate tool patterns . When two different tool patterns were combined, it gave off a complex outlook .

For martial artists who were novices, complex meant mystical . After all, they couldn’t decipher it right?

But Li Fuchen’s consciousness was competent . After he progressed to the Earth Realm, his consciousness wasn’t any inferior to a Heaven Realm martial artist’s . Li Fuchen wasn’t clear on how competent it was exactly, as he didn’t have any reference to check with .

Using his consciousness to scan, he immediately spotted the difference between the two tool patterns and was clear it wasn’t made naturally .

Putting down this weapon shard, Li Fuchen picked up yet another shard .

This time, it was even worse . It was only a yellow class, high-tier weapon shard and it had additional tool patterns engraved on it too .

Without much effort, Li Fuchen looked through a few dozen weapon shards and didn’t find any mystic class weapon shards .

“Let’s look through a few more . ”

Li Fuchen randomly picked a piece of weapon shard that was coated in dust and scanned it with his consciousness .

“Eh? This seems like a mystic class weapon shard . ”

The tool pattern wasn’t on the surface of the weapon shard but within the weapon itself . Regular martial artist normally used qi to sense the tool patterns, but Li Fuchen used his qi along with his consciousness . He could sense the mystical tool patterns within this weapon shard . It didn’t feel like it was added on after the forging either .

Going in deeper with his consciousness, Li Fuchen got rid of all his past experiences . This wasn’t an ordinary mystic class weapon shard, not even the black gold sword’s tool pattern was this complex and mystical .

“Could this be a mystic class, high-tier or even a peak-tier weapon piece?” Li Fuchen wasn’t too sure .

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