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A journey of a few miles took only a short moment for the group to complete.

At the mountain foot was a cave entrance which was 2 by 2 meters wide. Looking in, it seemed to be very deep and pitch black. So dark, that even the eyes couldn’t see an end.

"This cave is a good location. We just need to seal up the entrance and we will be able to stall them." Xiao Libie’s eyes lit up.

Chen Fanghua took out the mystic class, low-tier shield, "There is still this shield. Blocking for an hour should be more than sufficient."

Mystic class, low-tier shields were almost indestructible. Don’t even mention a 1st level Earth Realm, martial artist, even a 9th level Earth Realm martial artist would find it hard to break. With qi being poured into the shield, it could easily cut down the attacking force by 50%.

The cave was roughly a hundred meters deep. In the deepest part of the cave was a relatively large space. From the claw marks on the walls, it was the residence of a demonic beast, and a class 3 demonic beast at that.

"I will refine the Origin Return Herb here. I shall rely on you guys for the rest."

Li Fuchen didn’t say any flowery words and sat down to revolve his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

"I shall take the first shift. Liu shidi, you should quickly recuperate. You need to take the next shift." Xiao Libie took over the mystic class, low-tier shield from Chen Fanghua and said to Liu Wuhuang.

Liu Wuhuang nodded and sat down too.

The 15th rank peak stage of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique had an amazing efficiency. After just a few simple revolutions, Li Fuchen felt a surge of intake, as the blazing energy of the heaven and earth gushed in like a huge wave.

Retrieving the Origin Return Herb, Li Fuchen consumed it in one mouthful.

Soon enough, Li Wuxue and the group had caught up.

"They are in the cave, let’s kill them." The Twin Fiends of Black and White were the first to enter.

When the two of them were in sync, their abilities were exceptional, which was why they weren’t afraid of any ambushes.


Just at the two of them rushed in, a white miasma bomb exploded. A thick white fog spreaded out, it shocked the Twin Fiends of Black and White as they retreated.

Although they weren’t afraid of ambushes, they needed to at least be able to see clearly. If they couldn’t even see anything, any human would develop a fear in their minds.


Being shocked by a mere white miasma bomb, the Twin Fiends of Black and White were unhappy. With a shout, White Fiend shot his palm force at the cave.


A vigorous dragon like wind gusted the white fog back into the depths of the cave.

Shortly, a huge sound echoed, the white fog came back out once again. It was accompanied by qi forces and countless rock shards as it bursted out of the cave entrance this time.

The Twin Fiends of Black and White looked pathetic as they were attacked by the numerous qi forces within the white fog. It was obvious that those qi forces were actually sword qi. Had it not been for their quick reactions and fearsome power, they would have been seriously injured.

"Damn it."

The Twins became impatient. They synchronized with one another and shot another move towards the cave.

Within the cave, massive amount of stones were dropping from above. Two qi forces which intertwined to become an unstoppable force crashed on to the mystic class, low-tier shield.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Xiao Libie suffered a serious internal injury.

His individual ability was already inferior to just Black Fiend or White Fiend alone. Now that they were synchronized, even if the shield could halve the attack strength, their qi force still wasn’t something Xiao Libie could withstand.

On either sides of Xiao Libie, Chen Fanghua and Yu Wen Tian were constantly launching sword qi towards the cave entrance. The sword qi that almost injured the Twins was from Chen Fanghua, Yu Wen Tian’s sword qi was just for support.

"They are stalling for time. Let’s all go in."

Blood Fiend Li Wuxue couldn’t wait anymore. If they allowed Li Fuchen to breakthrough to the 9th level of the Origin Realm, none of the sects would be a match against the Azure Water Sect. Not unless all three sects worked together.

The eleven worked hand in hand to siege the cave. Their prowess was stunning.

In an instant, countless sabre qi, spear qi, and qi forces rained like a storm towards the cave.


A pity that the cave entrance was too small. Everyone’s position and angle was different. Before the qi forces could reach the deepest part of the cave, they began to clash with each other. It caused the cave to collapse as large amounts of rock slabs fell and sealed the cave.

Li Wuxue and the rest felt their faces twitching. They never would have imagined a result like this.

They assumed that the rocks within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain would be tougher than those rocks in the outside world. It should have been able to withstand large forces.

"The rock slabs aren’t a lot in number. Let the three of us smash a path through." Young Master Specter Duan Muyou proposed.

"It’s the only way." Li Wuxue nodded.

Duan Muyou naturally was referring to the three strongest individuals from the three sects. Mad Sabre Duan Hai, Blood Fiend Li Wuxue, and himself.

The three of them joined forces and used their qi forces to blast at the rocks.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff!

Under the countless amounts of sabre qi, spear qi, and palm qi, shards of rocks began to burst apart and turn into dust. They gradually dug towards the inner part of the cave.

How could Xiao Libie, Chen Fanghua and Yu Wen Tian block so many of the shards? They had no choice but to keep backing off.

15 minutes later, about a dozen meters of rock slabs had been smashed. There were no longer any obstructions except for some left over rocks on the ground.

"Storm in!"

The cave’s entrance was about 2 meters in width and could only at best fit 3 people at one time.

Xiao Libie had no other choice but to toss every life saving item in front of him. Be it the thunderbolt bombs, white miasma bombs, or bull’s fur needle, they were all irregardlessly thrown.

But Li Wuxue, Duan Muyou, and Duan Hai were too strong. With their combined power, no matter what items were thrown at them, they were either destroyed or deflected. There was no way to stop their march.

The whole cave was filled with white fog or stone dust. Because it wasn’t ventilated immediately, the air quality and vision within the cave became horrible. Even if one was at the latter levels of the Earth Realm and had night vision, it would still appear to be in a state of chaos to them.


The mystic class, low-tier shield was almost disarmed as the Xiao Libie trio got knocked backwards. They all suffered internal injuries and weren’t even about to lift their arms.

"Let me."

Right at this timing, Liu Wuhuang caught up and took over the shield from Xiao Libie.

But Liu Wuhuang was also only just slightly stronger than Xiao Libie, he still wouldn’t be a match for the combined trio. He too got inflicted with internal injuries. The violent qi forces, sent both Chen Fanghua and Yu Wen Tian who stood at the back flying. They landed at the space where Li Fuchen was cultivating.


A surge of a spirit qi tornado burst forth and gushed into Li Fuchen’s body.

With the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique at the 15th rank peak stage, Li Fuchen’s pace of refining the Origin Return Herb was faster and naturally he took a shorter time to break through too.

With the qi gushing into his body, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was now filled to the brim at the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

"You guys have worked hard. Let me deal with them now."

With a shout, Li Fuchen activated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and his technique form appeared. A blazing and violent qi presence covered the entire space within the cave and extended towards the entrance.

"Meteor Fall."

An unbelievably blinding stream of light shot out towards the cave entrance.

"Not good. He has broken through. Retreat, quickly."

With a killing qi lunging, Li Wuxue blocked using his spear. This sword qi was too horrific, causing him to back off again and again, making his blood boil with anger. But due to the poor visibility within the cave, Li Wuxue unconsciously panicked.

"Trying to flee? No way." Li Fuchen chased out of the cave.

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