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With the reinforcement of the Furnace Form, Li Fuchen’s scarlet fire qi and intent went up another notch. With a half spin, countless streams of light were released. It neutralized both Duan Hai’s Mad Demon Sabre Style and Li Wuxue’s Blood Dragon Spear Style.

"Damn it, his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique actually took form."

Li Wuxue’s heart was filled with jealousy.

He who was the young master of the Heaven Fiend Sect had only attained the 14th rank of the Blood Fiend Mystic Technique. But not only did Li Fuchen attain the 15th rank, he actually reached the 15th rank peak stage at this precise moment.

What is the meaning of the peak stage? It naturally meant no other ways to advance.

If he could reach the 15th rank peak stage of the Blood Fiend Mystic Technique. He wouldn’t even need to make a move and could just use his qi burst to kill all the disciples from the three sects.

Which was why he was very jealous of Li Fuchen’s perception.

Jealous of why he didn’t have the same kind of perception.

Jealousy fueled his murderous heart. He couldn’t allow for this demonic existence to live. Under the sky, only he, Li Wuxue was enough. Yan Qingwu was also another demonic existence, but she was destined to be his wife. By then, he would ask his father to plant an evil qi seed in her body, he would then use this seed to easily control her.

From his view, as long as someone was a heaven defying existence, they must either be controlled or destroyed. There were no other choices.

"Li Fuchen. You must die! Arghh!"

Li Wuxue’s expression twisted like an apparition. He assembled the three section spear to reform the blood red spear and drilled it towards Li Fuchen.

Mad Sabre Duan Hai became even more crazy as the battle continued. He was now in a berserk state that abandoned all senses.

"Now this is a fight. Why not make it even more ferocious?"

Li Fuchen’s blood nearly caught fire as it boiled. Intense battle intent, sharp sword intent, blazing technique intent. With these three factors, Li Fuchen clashed against the sabre intent of Duan Hai and the spear intent of Li Wuxue.

Right now, within a ten meters radius of these three individuals, was a death zone. Anyone who entered would immediately be turned into a blood mist by their qi forces, not even leaving behind any bones.

Due to the intense clashes of spirit will and martial dao intent, it has become an area which forbidden to illusion arts. If anyone dared to utilize their illusion arts, it would definitely backfire.

"Those are three battle crazed men."

Xiao Libie and the rest would occasionally look at Li Fuchen’s side. All of them could only let out sighs to regulate their overwhelmed astonishment.

Compared to the Azure Water Sect disciples, the disciples from the Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect were in doubt if they were in a dream.

Mad Sabre Duan Hai and Blood Fiend Li Wuxue, these two vicious individuals were actually being dealt with by a single person.

And this person was the Sword Demon of the Azure Water Sect.

At first, no one highly regarded this title.

But now, they deeply understood what a Sword Demon was.


As the sabre, spear, and sword clashed, a huge explosion could be heard, as the three of them each backed away.

The difference was that Duan Hai and Li Wuxue were flying backwards in an unconscious state, while Li Fuchen was still conscious.

Pfff, pfff!

The sound of a blade piercing flesh could be heard. The Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples who were locked in an intense battle with Xiao Libie and group, instantly lost their lives. Vacuuming their storage bags, Li Fuchen ordered, "Go!"

Everything happened too suddenly.

Don’t even mentioned the two disciples who couldn’t react in time and was killed…

Even Xiao Libie and the rest didn’t react in time either.

But the current Li Fuchen was extremely reliable, which was why the four of them unconsciously followed Li Fuchen and fled.

Duan Hai and Li Wuxue could only react now, but it was already too late. The clash earlier was too vigorous and the two of them flew at least dozens of meters away. By the time they could gain control of their body, Li Fuchen and the his group were already 200 meters away.


Even though he do not understand why Li Fuchen suddenly fled, Li Wuxue was furious. The attitude that the opposition, was to say that he could come and go as he liked. And this made Li Wuxue feel like he was useless.

As he prepared to give chase, a sound of the wind breaking came from behind.

At this moment, Li Wuxue now understood everything.

Li Fuchen had long detected enemies from far away. Which was why he did all those things earlier.

How calm could he be? In such an intense battle, he could still sense people from such a far distance. Even he and Duan Hai who were at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, totally ignored their surroundings.

"Blood Fiend!"

The Twin Fiends of Black and White hurried over.

"Duan Hai." "Duan shixiong."

Ling Huang and Shen Feihei rushed here too.

The commotion here was so prominent that they could clearly sense it from dozens of miles away. The entire Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was only just about 200 miles wide.

"Who was the one that was locked in that fierce battle with you guys?"

Black Fiend questioned Blood Fiend Li Wuxue.

Li Wuxue clenched his teeth while replying, "Sword Demon Li Fuchen."

"What? It’s him?" White Fiend was shocked.

"It’s him again."

Ling Huang couldn’t help but take in a deep breath, as he then said loudly, "It can’t be him. When we fought earlier, he was still slightly weaker than me."

Li Wuxue replied coldly, "He has advanced to the 8th level of the Origin Realm. His technique is now at the 15th rank peak stage and it has developed a technique form."

Hearing that information, Ling Huang went silent.

When he fought against Li Fuchen, he was only at the 7th level of the Origin Realm. Now that he has had an advancement in both his cultivation level and technique, his ability must have been boosted by quite a bit.

"This person cannot live. We need to team up and eliminate him." Shen Feihe said in a deep tone.

"He must be killed." White Fiend was also pumped with killing intent.

Black Fiend said, "He is already so formidable at the 8th level of the Origin Realm. It would be unimaginable once he finds an Origin Return Herb and Earth Shattering Fruit. Every one of us would be swept off our feet without a doubt."

"Origin Return Herb? Not good." Li Wuxue’s expression changed.

"What happened?" Everyone looked at Li Wuxue, including Duan Hai.

Li Wuxue almost wanted to vomit blood, "Qi Shaohua’s storage bag has one stalk of Origin Return Herb."

Qi Shaohua was the Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciple who just got killed. And his storage bag was taken by Li Fuchen.

Hearing such, everyone’s expression changed.

"Chase! He must not have the chance to consume the Origin Return Herb!" Li Wuxue shouted.

Right now, the Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect were working together as one and their only goal was to eliminate Li Fuchen.

"Why not include us?"

From afar was yet another group of people.

It was the Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples.

There were a total of five of them. Young Master Specter Duan Muyou, Ghost Girl Ye Hua, Spirit Child Jiang Xiaomao, and two other unknown disciples of the Spirit Hidden Sect.

Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, the Spirit Hidden Sect had the least amount of  casualties. They emerged and vanished like a ghost. It was rare that anyone could spot them.

With the arrival of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples, almost everyone was gathered here. Those that weren’t here, were generally the 9th level Origin Realm individuals who dared not reveal their positions. There probably weren’t a lot of them, as most of the weak ones were either dead or great at hiding.

"Sure. But if you guys dare pull any tricks, don’t blame us for changing our targets." Li Wuxue said.

The Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples were people who are always feared.

"Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be too late to fight it out after we eradicate the Azure Water Sect’s disciples." Young Master Specter Duan Muyou laughed.

"Keke!" Ghost Girl Ye Hua giggled.

"Come, let’s give chase."

A total of eleven people rushed towards the direction where Li Fuchen’s group of five escaped to.

"Li shidi, the top priority is to find a secure place to consume the Origin Return Herb." Knowing that Li Fuchen’s seized storage bag contained the Origin Return Herb, Xiao Libie was extremely excited. More excited than when he broke through to the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

"That’s right. As long as Li shidi advances to the 9th level of the Origin Realm, he can definitely defeat the combined forces of Li Wuxue and Duan Hai." Chen Fanghua spoke out.

Li Fuchen said coldly, "They are giving chase. Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples included. We have to find a place which it is easy to defend and hard to attack." Amongst them were people of varying speeds. If it was only Li Fuchen, he could easily flee.

"My injuries have recovered by at least 80%. If we can find a secure place to defend, I will give it my best." Consuming a stalk of the mystic class, mid-tier Blood Spirit Herb, Liu Wuhuang’s injuries recovered quickly. But the medicinal effects haven’t been completely refined yet, it was still nourishing his body.

"Over there then!"

With Li Fuchen’s exceptional eyesight, he spotted a cave at the foot of the mountain which was numerous miles away. If the cave was deep enough, it would undoubtedly be an easily defendable place.

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