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"Li Fuchen!"

Liu Wuhuang’s mouth hung wide open as he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Li Fuchen actually used a single blade to repel Li Wuxue. Has he also progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm?

Taking a detailed look, he hasn’t yet!

He who has lost so much blood, felt even more faint.

"Liu shidi, are you ok?!" Xiao Libie hurried over and asked.

"I’m fine, many thanks for your rescue."

For Liu Wuhuang to say ‘rescue', one can only imagine what kind of feelings he was having.

Using a single blade to repel Li Wuxue, Li Fuchen was like a unmovable mountain, blocking the path of Duan Hai and Li Wuxue.

No matter what conflicts he and Liu Wuhuang had in the Azure Water Sect. As long as they were in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, they were a team and they would rise and fall together.


Li Wuxue’s first reaction was disbelief.

He wasn’t any regular 1st level Earth Realm martial artist. He was a top tiered prodigy from the Heaven Fiend Sect. Regular 1st level Earth Realm martial artists wouldn’t even be worthy to tie his shoelaces.

The crazy Duan Hai suddenly revealed some humane expression in his eyes. There were emotions of shock, killing intent, and battle intent.

"He actually deflected the spear of Li shixiong. Who exactly is this Li Fuchen? How can the Azure Water Sect have such a fearsome individual?"

The disciples standing behind Li Wuxue and Duan Hai were all stunned.

They could not imagine how Li Fuchen did it.

Unknowingly, their definition of heaven defying was beginning to be distorted. Was there anyone who could be more heaven defying than Li Fuchen?

He who was an 8th level Origin Realm martial artist, actually went even with Li Wuxue who was a 1st level Earth Realm martial artist.

"Kill him. He is a future threat, he must die!"

The disciples from the Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect were bursting with murderous intent.

"Hehe, I think all the members from the Azure Water Sect are already here! How nice for us to kill them all." Li Wuxue tried to contain his jealousy and sneered.

Duan Hai didn’t speak a word, but his eyes gave him out.

He who loved killing, enjoys splitting his enemies into pieces. If he could kill a demon child like Li Fuchen, it would be even more satisfying.

'Five 1st level of the Earth Realm and two 9th level of the Origin Realm. This seems bleak.' Chen Fanghua thought in her heart.

"Li shidi, think of a way to kill a way out of this entrapment." Xiao Libie sent a hidden message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen shook his head. With seven people eyeing them, how could they escape? If they were really going to escape, it may result in only himself escaping.

"Only seven of you and you want to eradicate us? I shall bring you all along to the graves." Li Fuchen sounded calm and indifferent, perhaps overly calm.

Even if the sky was about to fall, it still wouldn’t cause any emotional spikes for him.

But this calm statement contained despise and killing intent, which caused a chill to run in the hearts of the Violent Sabre Sect's and Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples. They could feel their bones chilling and were all unconsciously shivering.

For a moment, the air turned stale as neither sides let out a pip.


Mad Sabre Duan Hai was the first to break the silence. But it wasn’t a human’s voice, it was more of a beast’s roar. It was brutal and vicious, containing no emotions within.

With both his hands clenching his sabre, Duan Hai cleaved at Li Fuchen.

"Duan Hai, since you are titled Mad Sabre, let me turn you into a real mad man." Li Fuchen thrusted right at the sabre tip of the opponent.


A violent burst of sabre qi and sword qi got released in all directions.

"Duan Hai, I shall leave him to you. I will go kill the others." Li Wuxue’s figure flashed, and he dashed towards Xiao Libie and the others.

"Your enemy is me."

With the Divine Movement Leg pushed to the limit, Li Fuchen obstructed Li Wuxue with a thrust too.

"You want to single handedly fight both me and Duan Hai?"

Li Wuxue backed off helplessly with an ashened face.

He felt that he had been underestimated.

"Meteor Storm!"

Li Fuchen didn’t reply. The black gold sword in his hands shook and released a sword move that shrouded both Duan Hai and Li Wuxue.

Countless streams of meteor like sword qi were shot out. Li Wuxue wasn’t able to break free and had to use his spear to guard. Duan Hai danced with his Hundred Battle Sabre to create a compact sabrenet, not allowing any attacks through.

But Li Fuchen didn’t bother. His Meteor Storm’s true targets were the rest of the Violent Sabre Sect’s and Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples.


Two Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples and one Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciple died on the spot.

The Meteor Storm was so flawless that a regular mystic class, low-tier sword could not be compared to it. As long as there was a tiny opening, it would enter through it. Blood Sabre Ling Huang was a fine example of that.

The battle had just begun, but the opponents' who numbered at seven, was now only four. The tables had yet to turn, but it was almost there.

"You guys kill the other two. Don’t tell me you cannot do it. Even if you can’t, find a way! Liu Wuhuang, if you aren’t dead yet, then join the battle too." At this moment, Li Fuchen didn’t care and gave his orders.

"Li shidi sure is heaven defying!" Xiao Libie was shocked.

"Li Fuchen, don’t be arrogant yet. Duan Hai, let’s kill him together." Li Wuxue almost turned berserk. The current results were as humiliating as slapping his own face.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng…

Instantly, both sides broke up into two separate battles. One was Li Fuchen against Duan Hai and Li Wuxue. The other was Xiao Libie’s and the other four members against one disciple from each of the Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect.

Fighting against two was quite a struggle for Li Fuchen. He had the advantage of the first move due to the element of surprise. The whole battle afterwards was him being in a state of being suppressed.

If it wasn’t for his formidable maneuvers, he would already be dead.




Everytime Duan Hai chanted the word ‘kill', his sabre presence would grow stronger. Right now, his sabre presence was like the stormy rain and surging waves, nearly drowning Li Fuchen.

Li Wuxue spear presence wasn’t as violent as Duan Hai's, but it was equally well honed. With every strike, it was like a poison dragon lunging out of the sea. His spear was capable of a high penetration power as it spun.

"This is what a true battle is. A battle that I can fight to my heart’s content."

Li Fuchen’s brimming battle intent bursted through the roof. Like a battle god, he exchanged blows with both Duan Hai and Li Wuxue.

"His battle conscious is too overwhelming. Duan Hai, let me lock him down."

The more they fought, the more Li Wuxue realized how powerful Li Fuchen’s battle conscious was. Li Fuchen’s battle strength was similar to his own. But even after teaming up with Duan Hai, they still wouldn’t be able to bring him down anytime soon.

Cling, clang!

The blood red spear was dismantle into three segments. Each segment was linked by a metal chain.

A three section spear. Able to be forceful, yet subtle. Being able to be used to hit or to chain.

"Blood Dragon Moon Bind!"

Li Wuxue shouted. His three section spear turned into a life like blood dragon, binding Li Fuchen.

"Mad Demon 28 Slice!"

Duan Hai wasn’t really mad, he was just engrossed in his own world. Seeing that Li Fuchen was being locked down, he used his most fearsome Mad Demon Sabre Style. The twisting sabre lights wrapped around and sliced at Li Fuchen’s head.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…

Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Style had long exceeded its original limits. Using a single blade to repel the three section spear, he concurrently launched streams of sword lights to welcome Duan Hai’s Mad Demon Sabre Style.

"Dragon Head Turn, die!"

The three section spear made a turnaround about Li Wuxue's body. With a large amount of qi poured into it, the twenty feet long spear shot straight at Li Fuchen. Right now, Li Fuchen was still locked in an intense battle with Duan Hai.

Under the extreme danger, Li Fuchen felt like a lightning current had run through his body, numbing his senses. Because of the blood threat from Li Wuxue, it finally ignited the potential in Li Fuchen which exceeded the human limits.

The already terrifying scarlet fire intent suddenly exploded. On the crown of Li Fuchen’s head, appeared a mystical furnace. With the furnace and his qi presence combining, Duan Hai and Li Wuxue fell into an inferno. Their every move was being disrupted.

Peak stage of the 15th rank, Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, Furnace Form.

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