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Like breaking bamboo with just mere sword presence, a Violent Sabre Sect’s disciple was cleaved apart.

Dominion Sword Liu Wuhuang was considered a top tier expert within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. Those that were stronger than him could be counted on the fingers of his hands.

Just as Liu Wuhuang was prepared to pick up his victim's storage bag, his eyes shrank and sweat beaded down his forehead.

On a tree, tens of meters behind him was a figure standing atop it.

The figure appeared to be very quiet. Even though no words were spoken, the atmosphere had the feeling of serenity before a violent storm.

Mad Sabre Duan Hai, Violent Sabre Sect’s most notorious inner sect disciple.

Obviously the current him was already at the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

Duan Hai had average looks, the edge of his eyes were curved downwards and he had droopy eyelids. He was staring at his own Hundred Battle Sabre and didn’t even look at Liu Wuhuang.

Liu Wuhuang didn’t dare to pick up the storage bag and gradually turned around.

"Mad Sabre Duan Hai." Liu Wuhuang spoke only of his name.

"Is it ok to cut you up into 18 pieces?" Duan Hai slowly asked.

"I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that." Liu Wuhuang replied with a firm tone.

Although he didn’t want to face off against Duan Hai, Liu Wuhuang was still a top tiered prodigy. How could he be oppressed by his opponent’s spirit will.

"Then make it 19 pieces." Duan Hai moved.

Like a wooden puppet, Duan Hai’s movements were stiff.

But were yet fast at the same time. With a sway of his body, he was already in front of Liu Wuhuang.

It was a bone chilling scene.


Liu Wuhuang couldn’t really see how Duan Hai made his move. He relied on his intuition to swing his sword and guard himself.

Blinding sparks burst forth.

Then, there were even more sparks.

"Very fast."

Liu Wuhuang fell into a tough situation. Duan Hai’s sabre was too quick, so quick that he had no way to counterattack. He could only guard, guard, and guard repeatedly.

"No. I have to counterattack."

Liu Wuhuang let out a roar and his battle qi burst forth. A qi presence gushed into sky and trapped Mad Sabre Duan Hai.


An even stronger qi presence arose and smashed Liu Wuhuang’s qi presence.

Pierce! Liu Wuhuang’s shoulder was gashed. Pierce! Yet another wound on the thigh, then it was the chest and abdomen.

Within a few breaths, Liu Wuhuang’s body was slashed eight times.

If Liu Wuhuang hadn’t activated his 2 star secret technique, Secret Mark Technique, it wouldn’t just have been wounds. But dismembered limbs and open holes in the chest and stomach.

'Damn it. Why am I, Liu Wuhuang so weak.' Liu Wuhuang roared in his heart, as he hated his weak self.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered Li Fuchen.

If Li Fuchen was here, how would he deal with Mad Sabre Duan Hai?

Soon enough, Liu Wuhuang abolished the laughable thought. If we were talking about the same cultivation realm, Li Fuchen was formidable. But his cultivation level was too low to deal with Mad Sabre Duan Hai who was now at the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

Wounds continued to be inflicted on his body.

Liu Wuhuang began to retreat.

Frantically retreating.

If this carries on, he would be chopped alive into pieces by Duan Hai.

One of them chased while the other was fleeing. Their speed was as fast as a whirlwind.

"Liu shixiong, let us assist you."

The energy shockwaves were sensed by White Water Sword Bai Tao and Lin Wanqing. With each of them taking a side, they attacked Mad Sabre Duan Hai.

Seeing the change of circumstances, Liu Wuhuang’s spirit was lifted and he immediately turned back to counterattack.

The three of their sword presences were like a heaven’s net, not allowing for any loopholes.

If it were any other top tiered prodigy, they would have immediately died under these sword presences.

Cling, cling, cling, cling…

Duan Hai’s ability was much stronger than expected. Even when the three of them worked together, they still couldn’t break Duan Hai’s sabre presence. The best they could do was slightly suppress him.

"He is too strong."

As the battle dragged along, Bai Tao and Lin Wanqing grew fearful.

For this year’s Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, it was obvious that the disciples from the other three sects were much superior than themselves. Even Liu Wuhuang had no choice but to admit it too.

"Duan shixiong, we are here to assist you."

After a short moment, the Violent Sabre Sect also had members coming over, two who were at the 1st level of the Earth Realm and one was at the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

The odds had now turned.

"All of you get lost." A hatred filled voice echoed out. Duan Hai was determined to defeat the Liu Wuhuang trio with his own ability.

Hearing Duan Hai, the three Violent Sabre Sect disciples who were about to enter the fray stopped in their tracks as they dared not defy Duan Hai.

"Forget it. We shall standby at the side."

One of the 1st level Earth Realm disciple from the Violent Sabre Sect decided.

"This is the best we can do."

The three of them observe the battle from afar, eyeing covetously.

Numerous miles away, Li Fuchen and the group were searching for herbs.

Not only Li Fuchen required the Origin Return Herb, Yu Wen Tian required it too.

Of course, the first stalk of the Origin Return Herb would naturally be for Li Fuchen, as Yu Wen Tian would have to wait his turn.

With regards to this, Yu Wen Tian had no objections.

Whether he admitted it or not, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was ten folds stronger than his. Only by relying on Li Fuchen could they go against the other three sects.

"There will be opportunities in the future."

Yu Wen Tian clenched his fists tightly. He used to only limit himself within the Azure Water Sect, thinking that a 5 star bone frame was almighty. But after witnessing the top tiered prodigies from the other three sects, his desire to get stronger was now much more intense; by at least ten folds.

Now, his rival wasn’t just Li Fuchen or the other top prodigies from the Azure Water Sect. Even the top prodigies from the other three sects were now his targets. One day, he would put them below his foot.

Multiple mystic class herbs were found, but a pity that none of them were Origin Return Herbs. The Earth Shattering Fruit was nowhere to be seen either.

The Origin Return Herb and Earth Shattering Fruit were almost non-existent in the outside world, it was obviously rare within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain too.

"Liu Wuhuang seems to be at the front. Is he being chased after?"

Storing a stalk of mystic class herb, Xiao Libie lifted his head and frowned.

A few thousand meters away was Liu Wuhuang in a miserable state, covered in blood.

Behind him were four Violent Sabre Sect disciples, with Mad Sabre Duan Hai as the leader. Along with them, were three Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples, with Li Wuxue as the leader.

A total of seven individuals were chasing after Liu Wuhuang.

It wasn’t an easy feat for Liu Wuhuang to survive until now.

Originally with the combined strength of three individuals, they could suppress Mad Sabre Duan Hai, as the other three Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples were ordered to not interfere.

A pity that the Liu Wuhuang trio ran out of luck, because Li Wuxue and his team was nearby. Sensing the energy waves, they hurried over.

The others were afraid of Duan Hai, but Li Wuxue isn’t. Obviously, Li Wuxue didn’t attack Duan Hai but instead assisted him in eliminating the Azure Water Sect.

Under the attacks from the both of them, Bai Tao and Lin Wanqing was dealt the death sentence on the spot.

Liu Wuhuang gave his best, just to barely escape.

But he could not continue running for long as his blood was almost running dry, and there was no time to rest at all.

"Let’s go quickly!"

Xiao Libie drew his sword and swiftly ran to rescue Liu Wuhuang.

Liu Wuhuang noticed Xiao Libie and his group and quickly came over too.

"Begin battle!"

Activating his Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and Divine Movement Leg, Li Fuchen traversed at a speed much faster than Xiao Libie.

"Liu Wuhuang, they won’t be get here in time to save you, die!"

Li Wuxue’s weapon was a blood red spear. Revolving the spear, it turned into a blood red dragon, drilling towards Liu Wuhuang.

Liu Wuhuang was unwilling to resign to his fate as his heart roared.

Seeing that the spear was able to strike at Liu Wuhuang.


A black gold sword deflected the spear’s tip.

"Go back."

Li Fuchen activated his arm strength to repel Li Wuxue.

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