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As both sides sized each other up, no one took the initiative.

Even though Violent Sabre Sect only had two on their side, but these two were the disciples that grand elder Zhao Wujin told them to look out for.

The reason why Ling Huang and Shen Feihe didn’t make the first move, was because the Azure Water Sect had four members and two of them were at the 1st level of the Origin Realm. Even though one of them was only a 7th level Origin Realm martial artist, he was the top seat disciple of the Azure Water Sect and was the one responsible for Ling Huang’s injury.

With eyes erupting with killing intent, Shen Feihe was ready to make his move.

"Keke, there seems to be a lot of fun going on here!"

On a tree not far, was an enchanting girl who appeared out of nowhere.

Her robes danced with the winds, her figure was like a scene in an illusion, which seemed to be real but yet foggy at the same time.

Ghost Girl Ye Hua.

Including Blood Sabre Ling Huang, everyone’s eyes widened.

Illusion arts was an unknown territory for them. Their hearts were filled with hesitation for things of the unknown. Once you got caught in an illusion, there was no turning back.

"Do not look at her." Li Fuchen reminded Chen Fanghua and the others.

Li Fuchen who had a strong spirit could clearly sense that on the body of Ghost Girl Ye Hua, there were some weird waves. Those waves were very unorthodox and would cause one to fall into an illusion if one looked at her for a period of time.

As her body dispersed like the mist, when she re-appeared, Ghost Girl Ye Hua was already nearby them. She reached out her hand to flick her long hair. It was so alluring that it made people feel like they could hear ‘keke' laughters right by their ears.

"Ling Huang, Shen Feihe, why not the three of us work together to eliminate the Azure Water Sect?" Ye Hua proposed.

Shen Feihe frowned, "You think I will trust you?"

Working together with people who were adept at illusion arts was undoubtedly like working with a tiger. Once they decided to betray you, there was no way to turn the tables.

In short, he didn’t trust Ye Hua.

"Count yourselves lucky. Let’s go." Ling Huang didn’t trust Ye Hua either. He was injured and his spirit wasn’t secure enough to have a bout with Ye Hua. If not, he would have considered her proposal.

Finishing his statement, Ling Huang and Shen Feihe turned to leave.

Ye Hua waved her hand with a helpless face, "Since they don’t want to play, why not let us play!"

Even though she was by herself, she acted like she was the host, without even a hint of fear from the four members on Li Fuchen’s side.


Li Fuchen’s eyes let out a bluish green glow. A qi presence with a strong penetration was launched at Ghost Girl Ye Hua.

With her face going pale, Ghost Girl Ye Hua took a step back and looked at Li Fuchen with an odd look.

"Interesting…" Her expression became much more serious.

Obviously Li Fuchen’s spirit will was extremely strong and the qi presence that he let out was filled with enough lethality to disrupt her spirit will.

Once her spirit will was disrupted, her illusion arts' power would drastically decrease.

"We will meet again soon."

A breeze blew across the small group and Ghost Girl Ye Hua had disappeared along with the wind.

This wasn’t a superior light body technique but a visionary illusion.

But in the eyes of Li Fuchen, Ghost Girl Ye Hua only used a mere distraction method. Her real body had already left long ago.

"Such formidable illusion arts!" Xiao Libie said with a deep tone.

Amongst the four sects, Heaven Fiend Sect was the strongest, Spirit Hidden Sect was the most crafty, and Violent Sabre Sect was the most wild.

But putting them in comparison, the Azure Water Sect was more cautious about the Heaven Fiend Sect and Spirit Hidden Sect.

"She has already left. Don’t worry!"

Using his hand as a vacuum, Li Fuchen drew the Origin Return Herb into his hands.

"Li shidi, the three of us shall provide you protection. You quickly refine and absorb this Origin Return Herb. Afterwards, you will be able to advance to the 8th level of the Origin Realm." Xiao Libie clearly understood that Ghost Girl Ye Hua left because she was afraid of Li Fuchen. Had it not been for Li Fuchen, the three of them would not have been able to retreat unscathed from Ghost Girl Ye Hua’s illusion arts. Their top priority was to allow Li Fuchen to advance in his cultivation level.


Li Fuchen nodded and sat down immediately. He began revolving the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique multiple times before consuming the Origin Return Herb.

The Origin Return Herb melted upon consumption  as an extremely pure energy soothed all of his limbs and bones.

‘No wonder the user can advance one level without any side effects.' Li Fuchen suddenly understood.

The pure exquisite energy from the Origin Return Herb wasn’t any inferior to his scarlet fire qi. But at the same time, it contained a mysterious power that somehow was able to nourish the spirit. It wouldn’t have the effects of a force advancement, causing a gap in one’s cultivation.

7th level latter stage, 7th level peak stage…

8th level of the Origin Realm.


A boundless energy rushed in from all over and gathered to where Li Fuchen was at.

"What a stunning spirit wave."

Chen Fanghua was shocked. When she progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, there was a similar occurrence, but it was just slightly superior than Li Fuchen’s.

She didn’t expect that when Li Fuchen broke through from the 7th to 8th level of the Origin Realm; that he would cause such a huge spirit wave.

Wait till he broke through to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, what kind of scene would that be.

"Li shidi’s perception sure is heaven defying. You actually reached the highest 15th rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique so quickly."

Previously Xiao Libie felt odd about how strong Li Fuchen’s ability was.

Now he finally knew the secret to why Li Fuchen was so strong.

The scarlet fire intent was a mystic class, mid-tier intent. It was unknown how much more superior it was when compared to a mystic class, low-tier intent. Accompanied with Li Fuchen’s trance stage meteor sword intent, it wasn’t exaggerating to say that it was like adding wings to a tiger.

Different from Chen Fanghua and Xiao Libie, Yu Wen Tian had more complex feelings.

If he still treated Li Fuchen like a normal human, then he would be the silly one.

Li Fuchen may only have a normal bone frame, but he has already surpassed the example of a normal individual. Perhaps his talent is something that a regular bone frame test is unable to detect.

After all, this world was huge and it was normal for unexplained anomalies to happen. When one reached the end of the martial road, it could only be described as a myth.

"What an overwhelming feeling."

With his cultivation level now at the 8th level of the Origin Realm, Li Fuchen’s inner qi became much more forceful and pure. It was an increase of at least 30%.

If one’s foundation was increased by 30%, it would mean their overall ability was increased by 30% too.

It was like stacking yet another ability boosting 2 star secret technique on top of everything else already there.


Sending out a palm strike, the palm force was firm and violent like an angered python, rolling forward and ripping a track on the surface of the ground.

‘Now if I meet Blood Sabre Ling Huang again, I can go head on against him.' Li Fuchen thought to himself.

"Li shidi, congratulations."

Xiao Libie walked over and congratulated Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen replied, "Thanks for offering me protection."

Without the three of them protecting him, he wouldn’t have dared to go all out in breaking through his cultivation level.

"Li shidi, since you have advanced, then let us continue searching for herbs! Perhaps we may find yet another Earth Shattering Fruit." Chen Fanghua said.

The stronger Li Fuchen’s ability was, the safer their Azure Water Sect disciples were. One could imagine during the last two days within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. It would be a grand battle. When that happens, the clash between the sects would be even more brutal. Their Azure Water Sect needed a leader.

And this leader must be Li Fuchen, not anyone else.

"What Chen shimei says is true. Our top priority is to find more Origin Return Herbs and Earth Shattering Fruits." Xiao Libie nodded.

As for Yu Wen Tian, he had no rights to make any suggestions during the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, unless he progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

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