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Even though they were both at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, Chen Fanghua was still considered a bottom feeder at the same level. Unless she comprehended sword intent, she would never be a match for Blood Sabre Ling Huang. For her to stall time against Ling Huang was to send her to her death.


Chen Fanghua was filled with anxiety, as Li Fuchen was only at the 7th level of the Origin Realm and there was a huge gap in cultivation level.

"There are no buts. Did you think that I have displayed my full ability?" Li Fuchen replied.

Be it against Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan or the Red Scaled Beast, Li Fuchen only momentarily let out his full ability. Even he himself wasn’t sure how strong he was at his full might. Because he has yet to find an enemy who required him to go all out.

Blood Sabre Ling Huang was indeed formidable, but not to the point where he could not contest against.

Hearing Li Fuchen’s statement, she chose to believe him.

"Take this shield." Li Fuchen retrieved a shield from his storage bag. It was the mystic class, low-tier shield that he got from Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan.

Without the shield, Chen Fanghua would most probably be instant killed by Blood Sabre Ling Huang.

Receiving the shield, Chen Fanghua didn’t speak anymore. She decided that even if she were to die, she wouldn’t back down and wouldn’t cower.

"Two little ants actually dare to go against me. What a joke." Blood Sabre Ling Huang saw everything and let out a cold smile.

In his eyes, no matter if it was Chen Fanghua who was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm or Li Fuchen who was at the 7th level of the Origin Realm, they were just like ants. Especially the latter who was just a 7th level of Origin Realm martial artist and still tried to act like an expert. He must be jesting.

"I have no time to play around with the two of you. Go to the other side to claim your death prize!"

Ling Huang drew his long sabre from his waist.

It was a blood coloured long sabre, which was named: Blood Thirst Sabre. It was a mystic class, mid-tier treasure sabre gifted to Ling Huang by the Violent Sabre Sect. It had the same fame as Mad Sabre Duan Hai's, Hundred Battle Sabre.

As for the other Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples, they were equipped with mass produced mystic class, mid-tier treasure sabres.

With the Blood Thirst Sabre out of its scabbard, Ling Huang casually cleave at Chen Fanghua and Li Fuchen.


In mid air, there was a grand flash of a blood colour. The majestic sabre qi that looked like it could rip the heavens, came down on the two of them.

‘I can’t block this!' This was the only thought in Chen Fanghua’s mind.

Lifting the mystic class, low-tier shield that Li Fuchen gave to her, Chen Fanghua used it to guard her front.


As the sabre qi clashed onto the shield, Chen Fanghua felt a giant force. It was like she was being struck by lightning; she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Her whole body was flung backwards.


The ground was split, leaving a sinister looking crack. As a subtle sabre qi was emitted from the crack.

"Mm!" Ling Huang had on a surprised look when he looked to the left at Li Fuchen.

When Ling Huang cleaved at Li Fuchen earlier, his body vanished and dodged the sabre qi. When he reappeared, Li Fuchen was already at Ling Huang;s side.

"Meteor Fall!"

Activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, a vast amount of scarlet fire qi was transmuted into mystical dragon qi.

The 15th rank scarlet fire qi was already ferocious. Now that it was transmuted into mystical dragon qi, it was full of profound mystics. Like a lava snake flowing within Li Fuchen’s meridians.

With his intent, the mystical dragon qi poured into the black gold sword. Li Fuchen thrusted towards Ling Huang, and concurrently used the scarlet fire intent and meteor sword intent to strengthen his sword presence.

"Not good." Seeing this blade, Ling Huang’s scalp went numb.

The blade was so fast, that it already exceeded the speed limit of a mystic class, low-tier sword art.

"Twisted Heart Finger!"

Without enough time to block with his sabre, Ling Huang could only lift his left hand that was coated with a layer of dense qi. Then, trying to use his index and middle finger to catch the black gold sword.


Ling Huang’s finger which was able to crush Snow Silver Steel, was crushed by the sword qi of the black gold sword even before he touched the sword. His bones in his fingers became twisted like a fried dough twist.

But his fingers made Li Fuchen’s sword speed decrease by at least 30%.


Ling Huang let out a low howl as he turned sideways to cleave at the black gold sword.

The ground began to split as sword and sabre qi bursted around everywhere.

Li Fuchen was repelled by the sabre for at least a dozen meters. Ling Huang took at least eight steps back too.

"Myriad Blossom Sword Style!"

Unknowingly, Chen Fanghua was in mid air, right behind Ling Huang. With the swing of her sword, countless sword lights bloomed like plum blossoms, entrapping Ling Huang.

"Get lost!"

With his qi burst, Ling Huang didn’t even turn back before swinging his sabre behind him. A thick wave-like blood sabre shadow instantly broke Chen Fanghua’s Myriad Blossom Sword Style. The sabre qi left afterwards was enough to send Chen Fanghua flying back.

Pfff, pfff, pfff!

Three blood blossoms bloomed on Ling Huang’s back.

When Ling Huang was injured by Li Fuchen, his spirit and sabre skills weren’t as compact anymore. Coupled with his underestimating attitude, that all made him pay the price for it.

"Meteor Storm!"

When Chen Fanghua made her attack, Li Fuchen launched himself into the air and swung his sword, releasing countless light rays and flames from his black gold sword.


Absolute dazzling.

Limitless streams of meteors fell from the sky like a meteor storm.

This was a self created sword move by Li Fuchen. After absorbing large amounts of sword dao essence, Li Fuchen’s meteor sword intent had some transformations. Which was how he self created the Meteor Sword Style’s second sword move.

This move was an area attack, but each of the sword qi released was perfect, and there wasn’t much of a flaw.

This was a mystic class, low-tier sword art that was pushed to the limit in both power and exquisiteness.

It had perhaps even exceeded the limit.

Ling Huang reacted half a beat too late. By the time he realised it, the sword qi was already nearing his body!


The qi burst from the Earth Realm martial artist was like an expanding bubble, trying to block the sword qi.

A majority of the sword qi bounced off the qi protection, but this qi protection wasn’t flawless and was based on one’s body structure. Some parts of the qi protection was relatively weaker than other parts.

A dozen sword qi penetrated the weaker areas and left many small wounds on Ling Huang's body.

"The two of you must die! Must die!"

Ling Huang’s eyes were bloodshot. Even when he fought with Mad Sabre Duan Hai, he only suffered light injuries. Who would have thought that he would be inflicted with injuries, moreover, multiple times by these two ants.

He was a prideful person, and  couldn’t accept this result.

"He is still after all at the 1st level of the Earth Realm." Li Fuchen felt some pity.

"Haha! Ling Huang, you actually got hurt by two ants. What a surprise!" From a thousand meters, a figure dashed to where the three were at. It apparently was one of the notable prodigies from the Violent Sabre Sect, Shen Feihe.

"Li shidi, let me assist you."

Fortunately, the Azure Water Sect had reinforcements as well.

It was Xiao Libie and Yu Wen Tian.

Earth Realm martial artists were very sensitive towards the energy of heaven and earth. If the distance wasn’t too far away, they could easily detect which direction energy bursts were coming from.

"Xiao shixiong." Chen Fanghua let out an expression of relief.

With Xiao shixiong here, they could perhaps triumph. At least they wouldn’t be tortured.

A few breaths later, both sides' reinforcement had arrived.

On one side was the four from the Azure Water Sect, Li Fuchen, Xiao Libie, Chen Fanghua, and Yu Wen Tian.

On the other side was the duo from the Violent Sabre Sect, Ling Huang and Shen Feihe.

Both sides eyed each other like tigers, the tension was high, to point where a fight could break out at any time.

Xiao Libie was shocked in his heart, as Li shidi’s ability was too overwhelming. A 7th level Origin Realm martial artist actually injured Blood Sabre Ling Huang. If Li Fuchen was at the 8th or 9th level of the Origin Realm, his ability would definitely surpass most of the prodigies who were at the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

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