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"Very strong!" Li Fuchen nodded his head.

Much stronger than Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan.

When a prodigy progressed to the Earth Realm, it was like gifting wings to a tiger. That palm force earlier could have easily instant killed an average 1st level Earth Realm martial artist.

"Li shidi, is this an ore?"

Chen Fanghua who was about to speak, suddenly looked at the ground.

The surface of the ground, which got cracked by her palm force revealed a golden metallic radiance.

"Let me see."

Li Fuchen sent his qi which had his consciousness into the ground.

Shortly, a urn sized, pale purplish silver ore appeared in his mind.

"It’s the mystic class low-tier, Purple Silver Ore." Li Fuchen said.

Not bothering with how Li Fuchen came to know, Chen Fanghua had on a pleased look.

One kg of Purple Silver Ore was worth 700 contribution points. With 1000 kg, it would be 700 thousand, it was quite a significant figure.

Excavating the Purple Silver Ore, Li Fuchen estimated its weight and said, "About 2000 kg."

"2000 kg is 1.4 million contribution points!"

Chen Fanghua drew her black gold sword and used three continuous blades to split the ore.

One was bigger than the other. The smaller one was only the size of a face wash basin, which was about 300 kg.

"I will take the small one, the bigger one is for you."

Without Li Fuchen, she wouldn’t be still alive. It was more than enough to have just this 300 kg of Purple Silver Ore.

Li Fuchen smiled and didn’t say much, then went on to receive the rest of the Purple Silver Ore.

Even though the sky was already dark, the two of them still prepared to leave the valley.

With their current abilities, they did not have to hide around in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain anymore, they could walk around without feeling fear.

"Finally, I am at the 1st level of the Earth Realm."

In a luscious forest, was a gigantic tree. Liu Wuhuang slowly opened his eyes and a conqueror’s qi presence was released. It shook the trees, causing it to rain leaves within several tens of meters.


A few dozens of meters away was a class 2 high-tier demonic beast which became rattled and tried to escape from its lair. A ferocious and dragon like qi force rushed from the forest and striked at the demonic beast, turning it into a pile of minced flesh.

"So this is the 1st level of the Earth Realm?" Liu Wuhuang’s eyes radiated a cold dominance.

At the same time, there were plenty who broke through to the 1st level of the Earth Realm too.

The Azure Water Sect had Xiao Libie, Bai Tao, and Lin Wanqing.

The Violent Sabre Sect had six.

The Spirit Hidden Domain had six too.

The Heaven Fiend Sect had a total of eight.

On the third day…

"Yan Qingwu, you cannot leave the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain alive. Why not have a taste of how a woman should feel before dying?" A Violent Sabre Sect’s disciple had an encounter with Yan Qingwu.

This Violent Sabre Sect’s disciple was Fan Yidao. The current him was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm. He was frenziedly releasing a dominant qi presence that seemed to be like a sabre tornado, shrouding Yan Qingwu.

"With the likes of you?" Yan Qingwu placed her right hand on the handle of her sabre.

"That’s right. Me! No matter how strong you are, you will still not be my opponent. Blame it on your demonic bone frame that my Violent Sabre Sect cannot allow to exist."

"There is a difference between every individual. So what if you are at the 1st level of the Earth Realm? Black Moon Shine."

Yan Qingwu made her move.

Compared to 5 months ago at Mount Soaring Snow, the Yan Qingwu now was now much superior.

In a few short months, her Black Moon Sabre intent was already able to used with such freedom. At the same time, she has cultivated a 3 star secret technique that was passed down by her family, the Swallow Flight Dance.

This Swallow Flight Dance could elevate one’s swiftness to twice that of one's base state.

Without any presence or sound, multiple Yan Qingwu appeared in the air. Fan Yidao was unable to detect which was the real or body double.

"What secret technique is this?" Fan Yidao began to panic.

Against someone who was famed, Fan Yidao was rather cautious with Yan Qingwu who was a 6 star bone frame.


The multiple Yan Qingwu all slashed at Fan Yidao at the same time.

"I shall break your moves!"

Fan Yidao gave a roar and spun around along with his sabre light.

Clink, clink, clink…

Blinding sparks bursted forth, as multiple Yan Qingwu backed off with a backflip and cleaved at Fan Yidao again.

15 minutes had passed, Fan Yidao’s back was drenched in sweat.

Within those 15 minutes, he didn’t dare to let his guard down. He put in his best effort to repel Yan Qingwu’s attacks. It gradually shaved off his concentration, which in turn, caused him to have some hallucinations.


All of a sudden, the multiple Yan Qingwu combined into one. A streak of sabre light shot out, like a dark moon drawn across the sky, penetrating the earth.


The ground was split apart, leaving behind a sabre scar. Fan Yidao’s body was split apart into two.

Landing lightly on the ground, Yan Qingwu looked pale.

Even though Fan Yidao was a regular prodigy who had yet to comprehend sabre intent, but the difference between the Origin Realm and Earth Realm ws too drastic. Once a martial artist progressed to the Earth Realm, his ability would rise drastically. Had it not been because of her Swallow Flight Dance, she wouldn’t have been Fan Yidao’s match.

"I need to find the Earth Shattering Fruit." Yan Qingwu’s eyes flashed with determination.

In the blink of an eye, four days had passed. Killings were happening everyday. Those that have not progressed to Earth Realm became prey for those who had. Everyone of them were hiding.

"Damn it. If I do not progress, I will die here."

Within the mountains, Yu Wen Tian appeared to be anxious.

He was still at the 8th level of the Origin Realm, and had yet to comprehend sword intent. Adding on to the fact that he happened to witness a Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple get killed in one move by a Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciple. It induced a state of mind that was severely frightful.

He had a 5 star bone frame and could not afford to die within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

"Yu Wen shidi."

As Yu Wen Tian was still panicking, a familiar voice came from a hill not far from where he was.

"Xiao shixiong." Yu Wen Tian’s eyes became illuminated.

"Luckily I found you first. Follow by my side from now on! Look for herbs than can help you progress to the Earth Realm quickly." Xiao Libie said.

"Many thanks Xiao shixiong."

Yu Wen Tian was truthfully grateful to Xiao Libie. He could see that Xiao Libie had progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm. With his protection, he would be guaranteed some safety.

Xiao Libie replied, "We are disciples from the same sect. It is common sense to help each other." Xiao Libie wanted to gather all the Azure Water Sect’s disciples together. Travelling alone was much too dangerous, even if he was now at the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

Tens of miles away from the mountain, Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua encountered the Violent Sabre Sect’s Blood Sabre Ling Huang.

Blood Sabre Ling Huang had already progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm and was much superior than Chen Fanghua.

In between them was a stalk of herb that was releasing a dense spirit wave.

Mystic class, mid-tier Origin Return Herb.

This stalk of herb could allow an Origin Realm martial artist to advance by one level. Most importantly, there wasn’t any side effects and was the same as when one advanced using their own effort.

"I can see that you want this herb very much. A pity, I will not allow it." Blood Sabre Ling Huang sneered. He looked at Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua as though they were his prey.

"Li shidi, I will hold him back. Once you get hold of the Origin Return Herb, you flee immediately." Chen Fanghua said.

Li Fuchen shook his head, "You’re not his match."

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