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Now that there was a team of two, the searching of herbs became much more productive.

Be it yellow class high-tier, peak-tier, or mystic class herbs, all would be harvested.

There was a sun within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

As the sun was about to set, the two of them headed over to the rocky mountains to find a resting place.

When the sun had completely set and the moon rose, the two of them were inside a valley.

In the deep parts of the valley was a small lake. Near the lakeside was a red scaled demonic beast resting. It’s body was at least 7 meters long.

"It’s a class 3 low-tier demonic beast, the Red Scales Beast." Chen Fanghua whispered.

"This beast should be guarding some sort of important herb. Let’s look around." Li Fuchen’s eyes seemed to be lit up by lightning, even the darkened environment couldn’t obstruct his eyesight.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen spotted a herb growing in the cracks within a pile of rocks, which was right beside the demonic beast.

This stalk of herb was pitch black in colour, while the top of the fruit was silver in colour and had a hint of gold.

"Now I see. It is guarding the mystic class high-tier, Earth Shattering Fruit." Li Fuchen withdrew his gaze and informed Chen Fanghua.

"Earth Shattering Fruit?" Chen Fanghua raised her brows.

The Earth Shattering Fruit could not be given a price. It could allow a 9th level Origin Realm martial artist to quickly progress into the Earth Shattering Realm, helping to save a lot of time.

What’s more, after progressing, it would not give the user the feeling of a void, and could even allow them to get ready for the next cultivation level.

Of course, not any regular 9th level Origin Realm martial artist could progress after consuming the Earth Shattering Fruit. For those average 9th level Origin Realm martial artists, they would have to be at the upper extreme limit of the Origin Realm in order to breakthrough using the Earth Shattering Fruit.

Sect disciples wouldn’t have this problem as they all had a higher tiered cultivation technique, which could easily refine the Earth Shattering Fruit and absorb its potent medicinal effects.


The Red Scaled Beast noticed Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua. It stood up vigorously and a boundless demonic qi burst forth from within its body. A whirlwind was created by the qi burst which caused all the small rocks to fly around.

"Chen shijie, you should step back."

A class 3 low-tier demonic beast was tough enough to instantly kill a regular low leveled Earth Realm martial artist. Only those Earth Realm experts who cultivated a mystic class cultivation technique could deal with this beast.

Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated.

Li Fuchen dashed towards the Red Scaled Beast.


A bunch of sparks came from the body of the Red Scaled Beast. With a loud spark sound, scarlet red flames appeared.

Swinging its front claws viciously, a few streaks of its scarlet red claw mauled at Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen’s body turned to dodge the claws, as he then sent a lightning fast strike at the Red Scaled Beast.


The bright sword qi penetrated the scale armor of the Red Scaled Beast, opening a wound on its chest.

"No wonder it’s a class 3 demonic beast, it’s biggest advantage is having a tough physical defense."

Class 2 high-tier demonic beasts possessed around 20 thousand kg of physical strength. A class 3 low-tier demonic beast would have at least 100 thousand kg. Depending on the type of demonic beast, its physical strength would be different.

With such a high physical strength, their bodies were naturally tough as well. Average low leveled Earth Realm martial artists would never be able to break their defenses.

But Li Fuchen was different, with his Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was almost at the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

Complimented by his scarlet fire intent and meteor sword intent, piercing through the Red Scaled Beast’s defenses was still possible.

Suffering damage to the chest, the Red Scaled Beast became frenzied. Flames were blazing around its body as it rush at Li Fuchen.

Pfff, pfff, pfff…

Li Fuchen used peculiar maneuvers to dodge all the attacks of the Red Scaled Beast and at the same time, left blood wounds on the enemy’s body.

In the eyes of Chen Fanghua, the Red Scaled Beast was like a trapped beast that was bound for defeat.

After 5 minutes, Li Fuchen thrusted his blade into the left eye of the Red Scaled Beast and poured his sword qi within it to destroy the brain of the foe.


Like a structure losing its pillar, the Red Scaled Beast collapsed onto the ground, with it’s flames gradually extinguishing.

Dissecting the abdomen of the Red Scaled Beast, Li Fuchen couldn’t find a demonic core.

He didn’t put any of the other materials in his eyes.

"The Earth Shattering Fruit is only ripe after it turns completely gold. It seems we need to stay here for a day or two." Li Fuchen said.

Chen Fanghua nodded, "There is no need to hurry. We have plenty of time."

For the whole day, she had filled nearly half of her storage bag. The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain would only close in another 6 days.

Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua underestimated the maturity rate of the Earth Shattering Fruit.

On the morning of the second day, as the rising sun's rays were shining on the Earth Shattering Fruit, it had already turned completely golden. It let out a medicinal scent throughout the entire valley that lifted one’s mental state immediately.

"The Earth Shattering Fruit is now completely ripe."

Li Fuchen reached out and plucked the Earth Shattering Fruit.

"For you." Li Fuchen passed it to Chen Fanghua.

"For me?" Chen Fanghua couldn’t understand.

Li Fuchen replied, "There isn’t much use for me in consuming this Earth Shattering Fruit. It can only help martial artists progress from the 9th level of the Origin Realm to the 1st level of the Earth Realm. It cannot help me breakthrough from the 7th to the 9th level of the Origin Realm. There is still a period of time before I reach the 9th level of the Origin Realm. Why don’t you consume it first and contribute to our combat strength once you attain the 1st level of the Earth Realm."

The Earth Shattering Realm and Earth Shattering Fruit were closely related. The mystics in between was something Li Fuchen could never have fathomed.

"Is this really good?" Chen Fanghua hesitated.

Naturally she wanted to progress to the 1st level of the Earth Realm quickly. Once she was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, she would have the ability to protect herself. Unlike the current her who was considered to be a bottom feeder of all the four sects.

"The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain has countless herbs. There is still 6 days left, perhaps we may find another Earth Shattering Fruit. If you do not increase your cultivation level now, you will face many difficulties later on."

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to guarantee the safety of Chen Fanghua. Among the four sects, there were plenty who suppressed their own cultivation. In a few days, there may be a batch of newly promoted 1st level Earth Realm martial artists.

"Many thanks then." Chen Fanghua receive the Earth Shattering Fruit.

To progress from the 9th level of the Origin Realm to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, was a significant process which required a place of absolute peace. Chen Fanghua found a suitable cave and entered to begin the process.

After a few moments, Chen Fanghua picked up the golden Earth Shattering Fruit and swallowed it.

Time passed from morning to noon and from noon to evening.

Li Fuchen was also seated and cultivating by the lakeside.

The 15th rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique wasn’t the limit, the peak state of 15th rank was the true limit.

When reaching that point, the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique would have a variation and the cultivator’s combat strength would increase by quite a bit.

As the sun was about to set, Chen Fanghua broke through.


Within the valley, violent winds blew the rock shards all around. A fearsome spirited tornado gathered to where Chen Fanghua was at.

"Is she about to break through?"

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and looked at the cave.

Within the cave, a glow was released. It was Chen Fanghua’s qi glow.

After a while, a figure walked out from the cave.

The current Chen Fanghua’s qi presence wasn’t just one or two folds stronger than before, it was at least several folds stronger. The surging qi was like a wave, coming one after another.

"What does it feel like?" Li Fuchen smiled while laughing.

"Very strong. Just the 1st level of the Earth Realm is already this formidable. It’s like a total rebirth. And my senses towards the energy of heaven and earth are much sharper now." Finishing her sentence, Chen Fanghua sent a palm strike towards the sky.


A vigorous and terrifying wind force made the ground of the valley split slightly, creating a gap.

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