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"Are you the top seat disciple of the Azure Water Sect, Li Fuchen?"

Zheng Xuan looked in Li Fuchen’s direction.

Without a trace, Li Fuchen’s figure vanished from the hills and reappeared by Chen Fanghua's side.

"Chen shijie, go rest by the side. Let me handle this."

He could tell that Chen Fanghua was on the verge of a mental collapse.

It wasn’t because she had a weak willpower, but that Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan was too brutal and atrocious.

A woman would definitely put a higher priority on her own chastity. Her mental state would obviously be in despair if she couldn’t even have a honorable death.

Chen Fanghua nodded, she knew this wasn’t the time to put on a strong front. Her confidence and willpower was nearly crushed by Zheng Xuan.

"You think you can save her?" Zheng Xuan sneered, his body was giving out a devilish qi presence.

"I, myself am more than sufficient." Li Fuchen replied.

"No wonder you are the top seat inner sect disciple of the Azure Water Sect. Such confidence. But it has always been my favourite activity to kill confident individuals. I will peel off your skin whole and stuff it with straws. Among all my creations, you will be the crown jewel." Zheng Xuan attempted to break Li Fuchen’s willpower.

Li Fuchen laughed coldly, "Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan. Stop your trickery. Don’t use your shameless tactics to humiliate yourself."

"Ooh!" Hearing Li Fuchen's reply, Zheng Xuan’s expression turned cold.

He realised that Li Fuchen was different from the others.

Li Fuchen was calm, there wasn’t a flicker in his eyes. There was only tranquility and hints of killing intent.

"Seems like I cannot underestimate you."

Zheng Xuan intended to treat this a bit more seriously and not play anymore tricks.

"Three blades." Li Fuchen had an indifferent expression as he drew his black gold sword inch by inch.

Zheng Xuan wasn’t any average individual. It was impossible to kill him in one blade, but three blades was still possible.

"Haha." Zheng Xuan began to laugh. He had never seen anyone so arrogant, he thought Li Fuchen was the joke of the century.

"First blade." Li Fuchen made his move.

Scarlet fire intent activated.

Meteor sword intent activated.

With the two intents intertwined, he thrusted at Zheng Xuan with his black gold sword.

This blade was blinding bright like never seen before. Even more so than the Meteor sword intent, because it now contained the scarlet fire intent.


Too fast. So fast that Zheng Xuan couldn’t dodge.

Once the blade was fully drawn, it was already in front of Zheng Xuan’s eyes.

It was an inescapable blade.

This blade sent chills down Zheng Xuan’s spine.

"Netherworld Ghost Claw!"

Zheng Xuan roared as he slashed at the blinding light.

Swish, clash!

The surface of the ground was torn up. Zheng Xuan’s claw merely scratched the sword light. As the sword light was too fast, it caused him to make a misjudgement.

His qi protection and demonic beast pelt armor was pierced. The scorching sword light made Zheng Xuan scream miserably, he could not help but scream in fright.

On his chest was a small charred cavity, about half an inch deep.

At the crucial moment, Zheng Xuan activated the Heaven Fiend Sect’s 2 star secret technique, Demonic Pattern Body.

This secret technique required a demonic pattern to be tattooed on the body. The pattern helped to increase the density and strength of the flesh.

"Sword intent and technique intent!" Zheng Xuan’s face was filled with fear.

From the information he got, Li Fuchen had only comprehended sword intent but not technique intent.

If it was just sword intent, he couldn’t be bothered. Afterall, he too comprehended the Netherworld Ghost Claw intent and his cultivation level was two levels higher than Li Fuchen's.

"How is this possible? He has attained the maximum rank for a mystic class, mid-tier technique at the Origin Realm."

Zheng Xuan didn’t believe it could happen, but had not choice but to believe his eyes.

If not, there was not explanation for the prowess of that first blade.

Consuming a pill, Zheng Xuan swung his hand and tossed out two metallic bombs. He turned and prepared to flee.

Against someone as wickedly strong as Li Fuchen, Zheng Xuan intended to escape.

"This man has comprehended technique intent. I am not his match. But if I can find a safe place to breakthrough my cultivation realm, I can reach first level of the Earth Realm."

Zheng Xuan was long able to progress. But in order to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, he suppressed his own cultivation realm.

The breakthrough of one's cultivation realm wasn’t as simple as it sounds. A safe place to revolve the qi was required.

Once disrupted by anyone, it was easy to fall into madness and have all of one's meridians crippled.

If he could instantly breakthrough, he didn’t need to escape right now.

Boom boom boom…

In a single look, Li Fuchen knew that the metallic bombs were thunderbolt bombs. They were serious tools of destruction which could easily kill a regular 9th level Origin Realm martial artist.

A pity that Li Fuchen wasn’t a regular 9th level Origin Realm martial artist.

Extending his qi protection with his scarlet fire intent, Li Fuchen turned into a stream of fire and chased after Zheng Xuan. As he was chasing, the thunderbolt bombs would disintegrate and have their firepower diminished upon contact with his scarlet fire intent.

With three short breaths, Li Fuchen caught hold of Zheng Xuan.

No matter how fast his opponent was, he still wasn’t fast enough for his Divine Movement Leg.


A cloud of thick smog spreaded out as Zheng Xuan threw out a white miasma bomb.

Li Fuchen withdrew his qi protection, then vigorously made a qi burst.

Huff, huff, huff…

With violent winds arising, it scattered the smog.

Li Fuchen once again caught hold of Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan tried to put on a strong front, "Li Fuchen, you better let me go and not seek trouble for your Azure Water Sect."

He too was afraid of death, and moreover he didn’t want to die in the hands of an Azure Water Sect disciple.

"Second blade "

Li Fuchen let out his second blade. This blade was executed along with the activation of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. It’s fearsome qi presence shrouded Zheng Xuan.

"Damn it."

Zheng Xuan took out a shield from his storage bag and blocked his front.


Sparks flew as the thrust landed on the shield. Zheng Xuan was almost fully buried into the mud. Both his arms were numbed and he was paralyzed.

"Third blade."

With his figure vanishing, Li Fuchen appear behind Zheng Xuan and took his head off with a slash.

Three blades was all that was needed to kill the feared Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan.

Had this news gotten out, it would cause all the disciples from the three other sects to go into a panic.

But this was also due to the careless attitude of Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan. If he had first found a place to breakthrough his cultivation realm first, he wouldn’t have died this easily.

With Li Fuchen’s ability, it would be a difficult task to defeat a 1st level Earth Realm prodigy. He would need to face quite a fair bit of risks in order to do it.

"This is a mystic class, low-tier shield."

Picking up the shield, Li Fuchen was shocked.

Just this shield alone was already worth 100 thousand gold coins. It was probably worth even more because the material weight of a shield was much heavier than that of a weapon's, it’s value would naturally be higher.

Zheng Xuan had two storage bags. One of it belonged to him and the other belonged to the Azure Water Sect’s Lu Xiaofei. Each of the storage bags had their respective sects' marking on them.

After searching his body, Li Fuchen returned to look for Chen Fanghua.

"Li shidi, where is Zheng Xuan?" Chen Fanghua had already recuperated.

"Dead." Li Fuchen replied.

"Dead?" Chen Fanghua’s eyes widened.

Such a horrifying foe like Zheng Xuan actually died in the hands of Li Fuchen. How strong is Li Fuchen actually? Could it be that his ability has had a drastic improvement in just three months?

Chen Fanghua took in a deep breath and tried to absorb this information.

Only at this moment, did she truly understand how terrifying Li Fuchen was. Those devilish figures that they knew of were actually just weaklings in the eyes of Li Fuchen; people who he can easily eliminate.

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