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"Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples?"

Li Fuchen’s eye let out a dazzling light.

He wasn’t a bloodthirsty person and on normal conditions, as long as no one provoked him, he wouldn’t either. But this was the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

He needed more storage bags, the more the merrier, and the only way to obtain more storage bags was to steal it from others.

In order to progress on the path towards the peak of his sword dao, Li Fuchen didn’t mind killing anyone who was in his way. The ones who were blocking his way now were the Heaven Fiend Sect, Violent Sabre Sect, and Spirit Hidden Sect.

"My bad." Li Fuchen swiftly moved towards the two of them.

"Seeking death, he actually took the initiative to approach."

These two Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples let out a fierce and terrifying killing aura from their eyes.

As inner sect disciples of the Heaven Fiend Sect, they were instilled with a sense of superiority. In their eyes, all other sects were weak chickens. Even Li Fuchen who was the Azure Water Sect’s top disciple would be a simple target if they joined hands.

"Give up your storage bag and we can give you a corpse that is still intact, if not…"

Two of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples stood on the left and right walking neared towards Li Fuchen. But before the two could finish their sentences, Li Fuchen attacked.

There wasn’t even a need to use his hands, Li Fuchen simply blasted his scarlet fire qi towards the both of them.

A vigorous and surging scarlet fire qi rush towards the two of them like a storm.

Within the scarlet fire qi was the scarlet fire intent that aimed to incinerate everything.

Pfff! Pfff!

The two of them were dealt serious injuries instantly. Their qi protection melted like paper paste.

"Obviously, my cultivation level is still too low."

Li Fuchen expected that these two should be at the peak state of the Origin Realm, but he was only using strength equivalent to that of a 7th level Origin Realm martial artist. Using qi to strike at the enemy was definitely not as effective as using his martial arts.

"How could he be this formidable? Just his qi burst and we are already in this state of injury."

The two Heaven Fiend Sect disciple were confused, then fear kicked in.

In their minds, even Li Wuxue and Zheng Xuan weren’t this horrific. Only the Twin Fiends of Black and White could be so powerful when synchronized.

"Damn it. The higher ups' information are too backdated. How is this person worth attention. He is sick, demonic, and extremely dangerous. If anyone sees him, they should escape immediately and avoid him at all cost."

"Run, we have to inform the others."

At this moment, the two of them only had one thought, that was to run, run for their lives.

"Can you run fast enough?"

With the Divine Movement Leg activated, Li Fuchen caught up swiftly and landed a palm strike on each of them.

Mystic class, low-tier palm arts, Iron Smelting Hand.

The two of them fell to the ground and slid a few tens of meters. Their bodies were black like charcoal and didn’t have any hint of life left in them.

"The scarlet fire intent is too strong." Li Fuchen’s heart gasped.

A mystic class, mid-tier intent was able to be directly apply onto the Iron Smelting Hand, pushing it to a mystic class, mid-tier martial arts technique. With the palm strike executed, the fierce and violent scarlet fire intent invaded the two bodies along with the palm force.

Walking over, Li Fuchen picked up the storage bags at their side.

Pouring hia qi within, he opened it to take a look

There were quite a fair bit of mystic class herbs. A majority of them were mystic class, low-tier, only two stalks were of mystic class, mid-tier.

"With 3 storage bags now, I can fill them to my heart’s content."

Before this, Li Fuchen’s storage bag contained plenty of yellow class, high-tier and peak-tier herbs too. Afterall, a yellow class, high-tier herb was worth a few hundred gold coins and a yellow class, peak-tier herb was worth at least a few thousand gold coins. With an accumulated amount, they were worth quite a fair bit of gold coins, which Li Fuchen didn’t want to go to waste.

Also, the armor and weapons from these two were worth almost 300,000 gold coins.

"It seems that herbs and ores aren’t the only resources within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. Other sects' disciples are also resources. Killing any one of them would allow you to acquire a vast amount of wealth."

A killing intent was slowly nurtured within the heart of Li Fuchen.

Gu gu gu gu…

Not long after Li Fuchen walked away, the surface of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain began to wriggle, then quickly devoured the corpses of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples.

In a short period of time, there were no traces of the bodies any longer.

At the same time, massacres were happening all over the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

Mad Sabre Duan Hai had killed the Azure Water Sect’s Luo Yishan in a single blade with his overwhelming ability.

Blood Sabre Ling Huang used his Blood Purification Slash to purify all the blood of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples and turn then into mummified corpses.

Young Master Specter Duan Muyou went and left like a ghost. The Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples didn’t even know how they died.

Ghost Girl Ye Hua and Spirit Child Jiang Xiaomao were going around killing prodigies like harmless chickens.

Not forgetting the five prodigies from the Heaven Fiend Sect, who were all like murderous devils.

Within a single day, a dozen of the 43 disciples who entered were already dead.

"Run, run quickly!"

Chen Fanghua and an inner sect disciple named Lu Xiaofei were frantically on the run. Behind them was Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan, catching up. He speed was obviously a tad bit faster than theirs.

"Why do I have to meet Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan… Somebody save me…"

Lu Xiaofei didn’t want to die. He still had a long road ahead and didn’t want to perish here within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

Even though he knew of the dangers within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, the previous him was full of vigor and ignored all these danger. But when he met with the real deal, he realized that he feared death. He wasn’t afraid of death in the past because he had never meet a formidable foe who he could not match. The wanted criminal during those missions were just average joes who were slightly more cunning.

Chen Fanghua’s face was rather pale as she too didn’t want to die.

If one could stay alive, who wouldn’t want to?

"Meeting this kind of foe who I can’t win against, I can only flee."

Chen Fanghua understood what Li Fuchen meant. She understood that Li Fuchen didn’t mean for them to fight with their lives against anyone they met. But to not have fear and lose the edge of their sword dao due to fear.

Right now, Zheng Xuan was about 100 feets away.

"Netherworld Ghost Claw!"

Zheng Xuan was equipped with a pair of black claws. With a wave of his claws, a few streaks of light flashed.


Lu Xiaofei’s qi protection got ripped apart like paper. He was torn apart along with his class 3 beast pelt armor.

Blood, flesh, and bones flew all around as Lu Xiaofei died instantly, and his corpse crash to the ground

"Lu shixiong is dead?" Chen Fanghua was momentarily dazed.

Seeing how Lu Xiaofei, who had a great future ahead, die in front of her eyes caused a great emotional impact. This was the first time she felt the cruelty of this world.

"Forget it! Let’s do this!"

Chen Fanghua didn’t try to flee. She turned around and faced Zheng Xuan.

Since there was no way to escape. Might as well fight and die with pride and dignity.

"Not going flee? Wise choice. Take off all your clothes now and let me feel good. Perhaps I can grant you a honorable death. If not, even if you die, I will use a hundred ways to wreck your corpse."

Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan was an abnormally cruel man whose eyes were filled with a sick glow.

"You devil."

Chen Fanghua’s courage which was finally gathered, was instantly crushed.

She couldn’t deal with this type of enemy.

"Devil, huh? I am someone who is a 100 folds more horrifying than a devil." Zheng Xuan took slow steps towards Chen Fanghua.

"Chen shijie, do you need help?"

On a hill not far away, a figure appeared.

"Li shidi…" Chen Fanghua’s voice was on the verge of crying.

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