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Mid afternoon…

A thick fog suddenly rose from the Hundred Herbs Lake. This fog was very odd, such that even if someone tried to use force to wave at the fog, it wouldn’t even move an inch. This fog seemed like it didn’t belong to this world.

Just as the group was feeling a sense of repression, a quintan coloured gate gradually revealed itself.

"The Hundred Herbs Gate has appeared."

Members of all four sect gathered at the gate.

"This Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain has a teleportation ability. Whoever enters will be sent to a random spot. Remember my words, do not seek trouble but do not fear trouble either. If you meet disciples from the three other sects, do not battle unless necessary. But if required, display your prowess. You will have to judge the situation yourself. In addition, find all possibilities to increase your ability. You may consume those herbs that can improve your cultivation and physical abilities immediately, if you have any extra, then bring them out. In summary, secure your own life. I hope for all ten of you to survive." Zhao Wujin gave his piece last advice.

Right now, the Hundred Herbs Gate was slowly opening. The Heaven Fiend inner sect disciples entered immediately.

From the Azure Water Sect, Liu Wuhuang was the first to rush in, followed by Xiao Libie…

In a few blinks of an eye, all four sects' inner sect disciples had entered the Hundred Herbs Gate.

"Three well respected veterans. Since we have nothing to do out here, why not make a bet?" The Heaven Fiend inner sect's grand elder, Wei Yiping grinned.

"What do we bet?" He Lianhu’s eyes lit up.

Zhao Wujin and the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old woman looked over too.

Wei Yiping said, "Let’s compare which of the four sect has the least casualties. The one with the least casualties will be the final winner. The other three sect will have to fork out 1 million gold coins for every dead disciple."

"I’m in." He Lianhu replied.

"My Spirit Hidden Sect has no possibility of losing. I’m in too." The old woman from the Spirit Hidden Sect was very confident in her disciples. It was a well known fact that the Spirit Hidden Sect specialized in assassinations and would seldomly put one’s life at stake.

"Since the three of you are in, I have no reason not to join."

A few million gold coins was nothing to Zhao Wujin. Even if it was ten million gold coins, it would only make him feel a pinch. Of course, he didn’t want to become the loser. But compared to the gold, Li Fuchen and the rest were far more valuable.

"Very well. It seems all of you are rather confident. A pity confidence is useless. All three of you just wait to gift those gold coins to me!" Wei Yiping looked very pleased. In his view, the other three sects were surely going to lose. With each of them giving him a few million gold coins, he would earn ten plus million gold coins with a lift of his finger.

"You'll never know what the final result until the end." Zhao Wujin laughed coldly.

Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, the heaven and earth energy was much denser than one could imagine. It was a few folds thicker than in Beast Blood Town. There was no need for qi pills to cultivate here and one could still progress at an optimal pace.

"If I am able to cultivate in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain for a year. Progressing to the Earth Realm would be simple."

Landing gently on a patch of grass, Li Fuchen whispered to himself.

"Eh?! This is impossible right?"

After landing, Li Fuchen’s eyes widened as though he saw something unbelievable.

The whole patch of grass was actually all herbs.

Even though they were all yellow class, low-tier herbs, a single stalk was worth about 2 to 3 gold coins.

But this whole patch was filled with it!

"Isn’t this a land of gold coins!"

Li Fuchen was a bit overwhelmed after arriving in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

He tried his best to calm down as he gave a bitter laugh.

Even though the entire piece of land before him was gold coins, he couldn’t bring it along.

The storage bag could only store a cubic meter worth of things. Even stuffing it with yellow class, low-tier herbs wouldn’t be profitable.

What’s more, he wouldn’t want to filled it with yellow class, low-tier herbs. A single mystic class. low-tier herb was equivalent to ten thousand stalks of yellow class, low-tier herbs. Which was why harvesting mystic class, low-tier herbs was the right way to go.

"Forget it, I shall not look at it."

Li Fuchen tried hard to treat these herbs as normal grass.

The grass plains was huge. After walking for an hour, Li Fuchen still wasn’t able to leave the plains.

"This is the Seven Star Lotus: mystic class, low-tier, worth 20,000 gold coins."

"This is the Cow’s Crotch Flower: mystic class, low-tier, worth 15,000 gold coins."

"Green Vine Fruit: mystic class, low-tier, 25,000 gold coins."

The rumours were true. Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, mystic class herbs were very common. In just one hour, Li Fuchen had already found a few mystic class, low-tier herbs.

It was equivalent to picking up 70,000 gold coins.

As he was strolling, Li Fuchen spotted a demonic beast.

It was a class 2 high-tier Blood Kirin. This demonic beast loved meat and was an extreme carnivore.

Right now, the Blood Kirin was frenziedly chewing the herbs on the ground as though it was some kind of delicacy.

Li Fuchen laughed. It seemed a demonic beast which unintentionally entered the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was also attracted to the plain of herbs. No matter if it's a carnivore or herbivore, they were all munching on the herbs

Lifting its head, the Blood Kirin noticed Li Fuchen.

Its eyes flashed with a murderous glow. The Blood Kirin then fluttered towards Li Fuchen.

A carnivore could not hide from its desire. Seeing the human as a delicacy, it couldn’t help but have an appetite for human flesh.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother and continued walking.


Just as the Blood Kirin was about to bite Li Fuchen, his body released a blazing fiery intent that was meant to disintegrate all things, and sent the Blood Kirin flying.

Before it even landed, it had lost all its qi and died.

It’s body was charred and was emitting smoke. It’s scales had fallen off. Nothing was spared.

Even upon death, the Blood Kirin couldn’t understand why this human could be so formidable. Just using his protection qi was enough to dealt a fatal blow. It was something even an Earth Realm martial artist couldn’t do.

"Ice Fire Flower: mystic class, high-tier, 400 thousand gold coins."

After numerous hours, Li Fuchen’s had lucked out and found a rare mystic class, high-tier herb. The Ice Fire Flower.

This flower contained both the spirit qi of ice and fire. Those that cultivated in blazing type techniques could consume this flower to effectively lower their body temperature to avoid being immolated or have one’s meridians dry up. While those who cultivated a chilling type technique could consume this flower to protect one’s inner organs from the chilling frost.

Take for example, if Li Fuchen cultivated the True Inferno Technique, he would only be able to reach the 15th rank with his current body physique and cultivation. But with this Ice Fire Flower, he could easily reach the 16th rank or even the 17th rank.

Carefully putting the Ice Fire Flower into a jade box, Li Fuchen let out a smile.

This stalk of flower maybe quite useful in the future.

"Quickly, isn’t that the Azure Water Sect’s Li Fuchen?"

By the edge of the grass plains were two Heaven Fiend Sect disciples who found Li Fuchen by chance.

"Haha, we truly have great luck. Just snatch his storage bag and we can bring back more herbs." Storage bags were every sects' rare item and everyone could only have one. After leaving the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, you would have to return it, but a stolen storage bag needed not to be returned.

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