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(TL note: Flourishing Tree in the Forest is a saying that means: an outstanding individual amongst the rest of the group)

"There is definitely a need to be wary of these people. But there isn’t a need to crown them like kings and put down our Azure Water Sect. We who cultivate in the sword have nothing to fear. If we meet a god, we shall slay a god. If we meet a buddha, we shall slay a buddha. The sharpness of the sword is to slash every obstacle. If there is fear in the hearts, the sword dao would stray. If the sword dao has strayed, how would we cut down obstacles and progress forward?"

Li Fuchen explained his reasoning.

"Your meaning is to kill whoever we meet and to face death with equanimity?" One of the inner sect elder questioned.

Li Fuchen replied calmly, "It is both correct and incorrect. Seeing that thought the situation is important, being fearless is even more important. There is no need to demonize these people. They are still human, they still have flesh and blood. If they get stabbed, the thing that flows out is still blood. Since they are of flesh and blood, why do we need to avoid them when we see them? Could it be that our Azure Water Sect can only escape if we see any strong foes?"

The earlier advice from Zhao Wujin invoked a fearful intent in some of the Azure Water Sect disciples. Don’t even talk about meeting the prodigies like Mad Sabre Duan Hai, if they had met someone who was of the same level of ability as them, they would still have that fear within their hearts and would have gotten killed.

"Well said."

Zhao Wujin didn’t criticize Li Fuchen but was rather pleased.

He was overly concerned and didn’t consider the overall situation.

He was worried that these ten great saplings would die within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, which was why he sounded more protective.

Who didn’t know that a true swordsman needed to have a brave heart.

If the heart was flawed, the sword would be flawed too. How would the swordsman continue to cultivate his sword dao?

"This old man may have sounded too wary. For the people that I have mentioned earlier, you just need to pay attention. If there is a need for a battle, then display the prowess of our Azure Water Sect. Let them fear us instead! Our Azure Water Sect isn’t any pushover. The sword is a killer’s weapon, only blood will make it sharper."

The speech from Li Fuchen and Zhao Wujin ignited a fire within the eyes of those disciples who were originally frightened, now they were oozing with a sharp and confident aura. Those disciple who didn’t have fear within their hearts, felt their sword dao become even more firm and steadfast.

Liu Wuhuang looked at Li Fuchen seriously. He didn’t feel it previously, but now, he suddenly thought that Li Fuchen was extremely terrifying. Even more so than Mad Sabre Duan Hai or Young Master Specter Duan Muyou.

Putting his gaze on the Heaven Fiend Sect, Zhao Wujin began to introduce the inner sect disciples of Heaven Fiend Sect.

"The first person to be mentioned in the Heaven Fiend Sect is Blood Fiend Li Wuxue. He is the son of the Heaven Fiend Sect's Patriarch. He possesses a 5 star blood fiend bone frame. Not only is this type of bone frame on par with all other types of extraordinary 5 star bone frame, it has another additional effect. The more people he kills, the stronger his evil qi. The stronger his evil qi, the more he would be able to utilize his true potential. It is said that he has already claimed over a thousand lives, and every one of them were at an equal cultivation level to him."

"He killed a thousand men?"

Even if everyone was motivated earlier and had their fearful intent lowered, once they heard about the feats of Li Wuxue, they couldn’t help but have a change in expression.

Compared to Li Wuxue, the number of people they killed may not have even exceeded 10.

"Isn’t he a killer demon!?" White Water Sword Bai Tao couldn’t help but say.

Zhao Wujin continued, "About three meters to the right of Li Wuxue is Black Fiend Leng Wuchang. Beside Leng Wuchang is White Fiend Gao Chou. They are also known as the Twin Fiends of Black and White. They specialize in synchronized assault. They are able to individually defeat a regular 1st level Earth Realm martial artist. Once they are synchronized, their ability would double. Their fame within the Heaven Fiend Sect isn’t inferior to Li Wuxue."

"Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan. He has cultivated the mystic class, low-tier claw arts, the Netherworld Ghost Claw, which has of the highest difficulties within the Heaven Fiend Sect. It is said that within the entire Heaven Fiend Sect, only three disciples are able to attain the trance stage for the Netherworld Ghost Claw. The two of them are direct disciples and are very formidable. They are said to be on equal grounds with Li Wuxue but just lack in terms of status."

"Finally, it’s the Heaven Fiend Sect’s major clan, the Yan Clan’s prodigy, Yan Qingwu. Her ability may not be as strong as Li Wuxue's, the Twin Fiends of Black and White, or Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan. But she has the highest potential because of her 6 star bone frame."

Everyone was frowning after hearing the information of Li Wuxue, the Twin Fiends of Black and White, and Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan.

Judging the information from Zhao Wujin, everyone roughly knew that Li Wuxue was on par with Mad Sabre Duan Hai. Even though the Twin Fiends of Black and White may be weaker individually, but once they grouped up, they would perhaps surpass Li Wuxue. In addition to that, Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan was someone who may not be inferior to Li Wuxue.

Just based on the four of them, it showed that the prodigies from Heaven Fiend Sect were much superior to any of the other three sects.

This was the common understanding that everyone reached.

But after knowing of Yan Qingwu’s 6 star bone frame, everyone was shocked.

What is the meaning of a 6 star bone frame? 

Everyone knew of it.

If a 4 star bone frame was a prodigy, a 5 star bone frame would be considered a first rate prodigy.

A 6 star bone frame was considered a generational prodigy.

Since the creation of the Azure Water Sect, there were no other 6 star bone frame individuals except for the first generation Sect Patriarch.

A 6 star bone frame had the chance to exceed the Reincarnation Realm and reach the realm beyond.

That realm was like, one man equivalent to a sect. One man was enough to suppress an whole sect. If anyone didn’t comply, be ready to face extinction.

"The Heaven Fiend Sect is too horrific!" Mountain Creek Sword Luo Yishan mumbled.

"It is indeed a fearsome sect." Li Fuchen agreed.

Li Fuchen could only imagine, once Yan Qingwu developed in the future, what kind of a threat would it pose to the other three sect?

With flashing cold eyes, Zhao Wujin said, "I would wish for anyone to try their best to kill this girl if you meet her. Anyone who can eliminate her will be rewarded with 3 million contribution points. Their redemption limit would be raise to that of an inner sect elder's class. As long as you have enough contribution points, you can basically redeem any item you want."

The threat of a 6 star bone frame was too much. A few dozen years later, if the Azure Water Sect was eradicated, it would probably be by the hands of this girl.

"Grand Elder don’t worry. I will kill this girl."

Although Yan Qingwu is an absolute beauty that even Liu Wuhuang was moved by. But if there was an opportunity, he would definitely kill Yan Qingwu.

As long as one had enough ability, there would be no lack of women. 3 million contribution points and an inner sect elder class redemption limit was a very attractive offer.

Just like the Azure Water Sect, the Violent Sabre Sect, and Spirit Hidden Sect all gave the killing orders to their disciples. Generous rewards upon killing Yan Qingwu.

"A flourishing tree in the forest is bound to be cut down. If one’s talent is too overwhelming, it is hard to develop properly."

Li Fuchen felt a lot of pressure in his heart, wondering if he would be dealt with such 'measures'.

Afterall, his soul spirit talent was too outstanding. He who was an ordinary normal bone frame had a perception that exceeded a 5 star bone frame. Once his soul spirit turned pale blue completely, it would definitely grow by another fold.

"This Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain is an opportunity for me to develop and progress. I need to make full use of it."

What Li Fuchen didn’t know, was that he had already become an eyesore for the three other sects.

In the information sharing of the individual sects, it was said that Li Fuchen, Liu Wuhuang, and Xiao Libie were all notable targets. They were to be killed on sight. Even Yu Wen Tian made the blacklist too. Afterall, he was a 5 star bone frame, but because of his age he didn’t seem too prominent. If he was given another 2 years, he wouldn’t be inferior to Liu Wuhuang.

The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was a fateful opportunity but was also a test of blood. The strong shall survive and the weak shall die.

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