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Class 4 mid-tier spirit beast, Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast.

This spirit beast was specially nurtured by the Heaven Fiend Sect. Its original state was actually a Four Winged Earth Demonic Beast.

The Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast was abnormally aggressive. Even though it was now a class 4 mid-tier, once it incurred some injuries, it’s combat strength would violently increase to that of a class 4 high-tier. It is considered the Heaven Fiend Sect’s representative spirit beast.

With blade like violent winds, the Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast gradually descended to the height of several meters.

"Get down!"

A black robed veteran got off first, followed by 20+ members.

A total of 13 inner sect elders and 13 inner sect disciples disembarked.

Obviously the Heaven Fiend Sect’s quota had 3 more slots than the other sects.

"It’s her?"

Li Fuchen swept his eyes around and spotted a black clothed absolute beauty among the group.

The black clothed beauty’s cultivation was already at the 9th level of the Origin Realm. Her body gave off a menacing aura, even a single look at her would make you feel like being slashed by a sabre.

‘Worthy of being a 6 star bone frame. Rising in a cultivation level in just a few months, and it seems like she comprehended sabre intent as well.' Li Fuchen thought to himself.

At the same time Li Fuchen sized up Yan Qingwu, Yan Qingwu was also searching for Li Fuchen.

It was her woman’s intuition that allowed her to determine that Li Fuchen would definitely qualify to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

Soon enough, Yan Qingwu found Li Fuchen.

Both their eyes met, one like a razor blade, the other was calm and at peace.

"You thought that you could pretend nothing happened?" Yan Qingwu laughed coldly.

"Qingwu shimei, do you know someone from the Azure Water Sect?" On the side of Yan Qingwu, a pale white as snow youth, who looked to be of 20 years old asked.

Furrowing her brows, Yan Qingdwu said, "Nothing."

Her own matters shall be settled by herself. Compared to Li Fuchen, she disliked this Li Wuxue even more.

"Qingwu shimei must be bluffing. Seems like one of the inner sect disciples from the Azure Water Sect offended you. Its fine, I shall kill them all and bring their heads for you to see."

Li Wuxue licked his lips and sent put two rays of vicious lights from his blood-shot eyes.

"You don’t need to meddle in my affairs." Yan Qingwu snorted.

Li Wuxue didn’t cared about her comment, "Qingwu shimei’s matters are my matters. Afterall, you will become my wife in the future."

"Li Wuxue, I will repeat again. I am not going to marry you, not now, even more so in the future."

"Throwing a child’s fit again. But I don’t mind." Li Wuxue spoke with a pampering tone.

Yan Qingwu was furious but didn’t want to reply.

"Wei Yiping, it is rare for your Heaven Fiend Sect to arrive so early." The Spirit Hidden Sect’s grand elder commented with a 'jek jek' laugh.

Wei Yiping was precisely the black robed veteran. He ignored the grand elder of the Spirit Hidden Sect and swept his gaze at the three sects, "Seems like you guys still brought along a bunch of trash. Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples, when you see them, leave no one alive "

"Yes Grand Elder."

Hearing the order, the disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect all had eyes of murderous intent. They were filled with a dense killing aura that came in waves, like they were vicious beasts.

‘Isn’t this a demonic sect?!' Li Fuchen thought.

"Humph, the others may fear your Heaven Fiend Sect, but my Violent Sabre Sect doesn’t. Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples listen up. If you see any Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples, kill them off quickly." He Lianhu sneered.

The Spirit Hidden Sect’s old woman wasn’t happy that she was ignored by Wei Yiping. But the Spirit Hidden Sect had never enjoy bickering, they would prefer to assassinate and scheme in the dark. The old woman’s eyes had a flash of killing intent, which was followed by some whispers to her sect’s disciples.

"Do you see now? This is the relationship between the sects." Zhao Wujin sent numerous isolated messages to Li Fuchen and the disciples.

Hearing that, emotions erupted from the disciples. Some were excited, some were fearful, and some were doubtful of their ability

Only Li Fuchen maintained his calm and didn’t get affected by the situation.

"Since there is time now, I shall introduce some of the disciples who are highly regarded by each sect."

"The disciple who is equipped with the ghost head sabre is the inner sect's no.1 of the Violent Sabre Sect, Mad Sabre Duan Hai. He is well known for his mad sabre skills. If you meet him, do not engage with him. If you can escape, you should jolly well escape. He is a man who turns crazy if he sees blood. He was once jailed for a year for killing a sect disciple. After he was released, he crippled another sect disciple, to be jailed for another year. His ability is enough to kill regular 1st level Earth Realm martial artist. Try to avoid him if possible."

Everyone looked at where Zhao Wujin’s sight was at. Within the Violent Sabre Sect’s camp was a youth who was 20+ years old, with messy hair and droopy eyes. His finger moved non stop, like he was counting something. Once he realized someone is looking at him, he immediately raised his head.

What kind of eyes did he have…

Those were eyes that were void of emotions and were only thinking about a blood frenzy. It was even more terrifying than most of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples.

"Such terrifying eyes."

Chen Fanghua was afterall still a lady and couldn’t help but shudder.

"Chen shijie, do not look at him." Li Fuchen spoke softly.

If a person’s guts were crushed, their ability would suffer a debuff. Obviously this Mad Sabre Duan Hai could emit a frenzy intent that made his opponent lose even before a fight. He wasn’t someone a regular martial artist could deal with.

Chen Fanghua nodded and hurriedly lowered her head.

Zhao Wujin nodded with approval. Among the ten of them, only one stayed calm. It was Li Fuchen.

To be able to look at Mad Sabre Duan Hai and not feel overwhelmed. It was impressive, just based on his guts and bravery, not to mention his ability.

This type of person would be able to stay calm under any circumstances.

Sometimes, the ability to stay calm was also an advantage during combat.

As for Liu Wuhuang, Xiao Libie, Yu Wen Tian, and the others, most of them were affected emotionally. Although some of them didn’t appear to be fearful, they were inferior to Li Fuchen who managed to maintain calmness.

"Besidest, theMad Sabre Duan Hai is the Violent Sabre inner sect's no.2 Blood Sabre Ling Huang. This person is quite exceptional too. He is the only inner sect disciple who exchanged blows with Mad Sabre Duan Hai and remained injury free. There is a need to pay attention to him."

After introducing four of the Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples, Zhao Wujin began to introduce the disciples from Spirit Hidden Sect.

"Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple are adept at ambushes and assassinations. They have peculiar maneuver skills. Their inner sect's no.1 is called Young Master Specter Duan Muyou. He has once assassinated a 3rd level Earth Realm expert. Be mindful as to not get near him if you see him. Do not neglect his existence, if not, you may not be able to react in time and probably will be killed."

"At his side is a female disciple called Ghost Girl Ye Hua. She is an expert of illusion arts. Do not look into her eyes, don’t even look at any parts of her body. In some areas, she is even more fearsome than the Mad Sabre Duan Hai and Young Master Specter Duan Muyou. It's best to avoid her."

"The the midget disciple in the back is the Spirit Child Xiao Mao. He has some special features about his body. He cannot be considered a human nor a apparition. His ability cannot be judged. Not even Young Master Specter Duan Muyou and Ghost Girl Ye Hua dare to provoke him. It is better not to deal with some mysterious and unknown individual."

Before Zhao Wujin introduced the inner sect disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect, Li Fuchen interrupted, "Grand Elder, I have a different view."

"Hooo.. What kind of different view do you have?"

Zhao Wujin and the rest of the inner sect elders looked at Li Fuchen with either astonishment or furrowed brows.

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