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Inner sect grand hall…

Zhao Wujin stood in the middle and on his sides were nine inner sect elders whose qi presences weren’t much inferior to his. There were a few that had an almost equal prowess to Zhao Wujin.

Not too long after, Li Fuchen and the rest had arrived at the grand hall.

Zhao Wujin began to speak, "Today we shall head out towards the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. But before that, come redeem your treasure sword and belongings."

As he finished his sentence, ten inner sect deacons each brought out a treasure sword and a beast pelt bag.

After receiving the treasure sword, Li Fuchen gently drew the blade. Swish, an intimidating cold sword qi was emitted, so much, that could raise one's arm hairs.

‘It’s a mystic class, mid-tier treasure sword, the black gold sword!' Li Fuchen was shocked.

Black gold swords were the equipment swords for direct disciples. It was a razor sharp blade that could cut a falling hair and shave metal like mud. If an average yellow class sword clashed with it, it would be broken immediately. Even the black iron sword wouldn’t be able to withstand multiple hits from the black gold sword.

"A single black gold sword is at least 100 thousand gold coins. In the outside world, such rare blades couldn’t even be bought with money." Li Fuchen gasped at the generosity of the sect.

His gaze shifted from the black gold sword to the beast pelt bag.

"This should be a storage bag made with a Storage Void Beast pelt. The price of this bag is far beyond the value of the black gold sword!"

The Storage Void Beast was a class 4 demonic beast. It had some void attributes and can swallow anything. Using it’s pelt to make storage bags would allow for large quantities of items to be stored. This small bag by itself could most probably store things the size of a huge urn.

"Pour your qi onto the storage bag and it will open. Give it a try." An elder beside Zhao Wujin spoke.

Listening to the elder, everyone poured their qi into the storage bag.

Sure enough, the storage bag opened automatically. Li Fuchen took a look inside and saw that the palm sized opening actually had a storage space of about a meter wide.

"Such magical effects!"

The ten inner sect disciples were shocked after seeing the storage bag’s capabilities for the first time.

'The world is a big place and there are many mystical things. It is best to maintain an open mind in this world.' Li Fuchen calmed his emotions.

Zhao Wujin said, "The opening time of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain is a week. Within this week, you should do your best to harvest useful herbs and ores. Unless necessary, do not kill anyone. Of course, if the opposition isn’t courteous, then you need not be. Our Azure Water Sect disciples do not seek trouble but isn’t afraid of trouble either. If possible, try to group up, so as not to give chances for other sects' disciples to kill you."

"Yes Grand Elder." The ten of them nodded.

Zhao Wujin continued, "Other than being wary of disciples from other sects, you would need to be aware of the demonic beasts within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. These demonic beasts unintentionally entered the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. Some are higher classed, some are lower. Numerous years ago, a class 3 high-tier demonic beast got in and caused major casualties among all sects. But that is a very rare occurrence and can be neglected. Thus, you guys do not need to have unnecessary worries."

Finishing his briefing, Zhao Wujin waved his hand, "Come along with me." He then walked out of the inner sect grand hall.

Outside of the grandhall, Zhao Wujin spoke to the inner sect elder beside him, "Elder Liang, ask your two preciouses to come over."

Elder Liang’s hair was dishevelled like the hair of a wild man. He let out a ‘hehe' giggle, then blew a clear and sharp whistle.



Two aerial type demonic beasts flew over from a faraway mountain peak.

"Huge!" Li Fuchen and the group all widened their eyes.

One of them was an avian type demonic beast, cladded with golden feathers. Each of its feathers was a few meters long, it’s wingspan was at least 20+ meters, which could easily cover the sun.

The other was a demonic beast with a tiger’s body with wings. But on the other end of the tail was actually a head of a bird. It’s wingspan was about 20+ meters too.

Class 4 low-tier, Golden Bird.

Class 4 low-tier, Winged Tiger.

As a matter of fact, they weren’t demonic beasts but actually spirit beasts.

Spirit beasts were tamed demonic beasts. The demonic qi within their bodies had long been eliminated and were only left with spirit qi.

"This Elder Liang must be an expert to have been able to tame two class 4 low-tier demonic beasts." Feeling the oppressing spirit pressure from the class 4 low-tier spirit beasts, Li Fuchen and the rest felt it hard to breathe.

Class 4 low-tier spirit beasts were equivalent to a low leveled Heaven Realm martial artist, but had a much more boundless spirit qi. Had it not been for the lack of combat skills, even a mid leveled Heaven Realm martial artist wouldn’t be a match for a class 4 low-tier spirit beast.

As the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger landed, Zhao Wujin said, "Everyone get up!"

Both the backs of the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger were big enough to carry a dozen people.

Li Fuchen stood on the Winged Tiger’s back along with Zhao Wujin, Chen Fanghua, three other inner sect disciples, and four inner sect elders.

The rest of the people rode on the back of the Golden Bird.

"Up!" Elder Liang ordered with a shout.

The Golden Bird and Winged Tiger activated their hind legs to dash into the sky. In a few blinks of an eye, they had passed the clouds and vanished.

The Mount Tetrad Region was situated in the cross section of the Azure Water region, Heaven Fiend region, Violent Sabre region, and Spirit Hidden region.

In the middle of the Mount Tetrad Region was a gigantic lake. This lake was named the Hundred Herbs Lake.

On the surface of the Hundred Herbs Lake were two sects that have long arrived. Each of them brought twenty members, ten inner sect elders and ten inner sect disciples.

These two sects were namely the Violent Sabre Sect and Spirit Hidden Sect.

All of the Violent Sabre Sect members, be it the inner sect elders or disciples, carried a huge sabre on their backs. The great sabre had an unmatched dominance. There were a total of nine rings on the back of the sabre and its handle was carved like that of a tiger’s head. An overall display of it’s violent nature.

All of the Spirit Hidden Sect members wore a robe that was embroidered with a dark cloud. All of them had a mysterious qi presence and were sort of swaying like they could vanish at anytime. Their presence deterred the direct vision of onlookers.

As the disciples from both sides checked each other out, their eyes were filled with overwhelming animosity and murderous intent. If anyone were to say something that wasn’t proper, a fight would definitely break out.



From the skies, echoed the cries of beasts that sounded ever so sharply to the ears.

"The Azure Water Sect people are here."

The inner sect grand elder of the Violent Sabre Sect was a veteran with a huge and buff body. On his back was a platinum great sabre that didn’t have a sheathe. This great sabre was at least the height of a human, having the width of one foot. As the veteran blinked, a sharp and domineering gaze would be emitted, causing no one to dare look him right in the eye.

In a short moment, the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger arrived at the sky above the Hundred Herbs Lake.

"Everyone get down." Zhao Wujin got off the Golden Bird.

Everyone else followed shortly.

Splish, splash!

Ripples were produced on the lake’s surface as the 20 members of Azure Water Sect landed on the lake’s surface.

Elder Liang waved his hand to signal for his spirit beasts to leave and hunt for their own food

"Zhao Wujin, long time no see."

The Violent Sabre Sect’s inner sect grand elder laughed heartily, sending a horrifying sabre like qi presence at Zhao Wujin.

"He Lianhu, you are still a rude old thing."

Zhao Wujin similarly release his qi presence to counter He Lianhu's.

Boom, boom, blast!

Pillars of water blasted up on the surface of the Hundred Herbs Lake. That was the result of two qi presences clashing.

"The Heaven Fiend Sect’s people are here."

The Spirit Hidden Sect’s inner sect grand elder was a weird and crafty old woman. She lifted her head and looked towards the skies.

By the end of the skies, a four-winged black spirit beast flew over.

This pitch black spirit beast was much larger than both the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger. It’s wingspan was at least 30+ meters wide. When flying across the skies, it looked like a moving dark cloud, covering the earth with a fearsome pressure and bringing a violent storm along.

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