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During the time he cultivated his Divine Movement Leg, Li Fuchen concurrently cultivated the yellow class, mid-tier sword arts.

Perhaps due to his current sword dao foundation, Li Fuchen took less than a month to reach the trance stage for 6 of the yellow class, mid-tier sword arts. Had it been before, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve this feat.

"Yellow class sword arts are foundation sword arts, but foundation can be categorised as well. Yellow class, low-tier sword arts are low-tier foundation sword arts, while yellow class, mid-tier sword arts are mid-tier foundation sword arts. A single mid-tier foundation sword art is actually the end product of the combination of a few low-tier foundation sword arts. Some of the more formidable mid-tier foundation sword arts are the byproducts of a dozen low-tier foundation sword arts."

Li Fuchen had a feeling, that if he could comprehend 1000 yellow class sword arts, it may be possible for him to create his own mystic class sword art.

Creating a mystic class sword art was a grand task. Those who could create their own mystic class sword arts, were qualified to be sword dao masters. Seeing all the Heaven Realm experts in the Azure Water Sect, those that qualified to be sword dao masters were rare.

9… 24… 30 yellow class, mid-tier sword arts.

Just like when he was cultivating yellow class, low-tier sword arts, Li Fuchen’s cultivation pace of sword arts became faster and faster. On the first month, he only reached the trance stage for 9 of the yellow class, mid-tier sword arts. In the second month, it was 15. Just two weeks into the third month, Li Fuchen had reached the trance stage for all 30 yellow class, mid-tier sword arts.

Standing in his courtyard, Li Fuchen’s body was overflowing with sword intent.

The Meteor Sword intent was just like a monster, endlessly absorbing sword dao essence and strengthening itself.

'Could sword intent possibly increase in rank?' Li Fuchen thought to himself.

With the 30 yellow class, mid-tier sword arts all at the trance stage, Li Fuchen didn’t redeem anymore additional sword arts.

Firstly, it was due to time constraints. Secondly, he felt that his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique was at the brink of a breakthrough.

If the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique broke through again, it would be at the highest 15th rank.

This was an extremely important matter. In certain ways, it is even more important than comprehending sword intent

The main reason was that the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique was a mystic class, mid-tier technique, while the Meteor Sword Style was a mystic class low-tier.

As the blazing sun was shining from above.

Li Fuchen sat motionlessly on a monolith, his body had traces of flames pervading him.

If anyone had x-ray vision, would be able to see that within Li Fuchen’s body, it was like a nourishing furnace. The furnace was like a living being, swallowing massive amounts of qi.

The furnace then produced dominating qi which were like fire red crystals.

"Luckily I cultivated the Hidden Blood Body Technique, if not, my blood and body would definitely have been unable to withstand such blazing hot qi."

Blaze type cultivation techniques were one of the most domineering techniques, and also had an extreme demand for the cultivator’s body qualities.

If one's body qualities weren’t up to standard, it would be hard to even breakthrough to the 13th and 14th rank, don’t even mention the15th rank. Forcing a breakthrough would result in being charred by one's inner inferno. For the lucky ones, they would get their meridians burnt and be turned into a cripple.

It is said that the True Inferno Technique, which is one of the two ultimate cultivation technique of the Azure Water Sect, has an abnormally high requirement for body qualities. If not, the cultivator would never be able to progress into the higher ranks.

Throughout the entire Azure Water Sect, no one has ever been able to attain the highest 21st rank of the True Inferno Technique.

It is not because of insufficient perception, but it is due to fear and also incompetent body qualities.

With Li Fuchen’s current body quality, even if he was given the True Inferno Technique to cultivate, he would at best be able to reach the 14th or 15th rank. Before he could progress to the higher ranks, he would need to increase his cultivation level.

With a higher cultivation level, it would help offer more protection to one’s own body.

Each and everyday, Li Fuchen would begin cultivating once the sun rose, ending only when the sun set.

There were ten days left before the opening of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain…

A horrific blazing heat intent frenziedly expanded.

This blazing heat intent was formless and invisible, but it truly existed. Wherever it spreaded to, it would char up the place. In the courtyard where Li Fuchen was, the surface of the ground was cracked, the walls were cracked, the house became cracked, the trees were burnt, and the stream dried up. This blazing heat intent seemed to have absorbed the heat energy from the heavens and earth. Within its domain, it would gather all the heat energy around it and burn it rapidly.


A blinding red light burst forth. As Li Fuchen step down from the monolith, it was melting so fast, that it was possible for the naked eye to notice. The monolith was like a giant candle melting.

Gradually opening his eyes, two bright red glows flashed in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

"So this is the 15th rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique?"

Li Fuchen opened up his right hand and a scarlet fire qi immediately surged out like a blazing and burning flame.

This flame contained one’s willpower within. With the reinforcement of one's willpower, the flame’s temperature would be intensely hot. So hot that even the air would convulse and create contorted visions.

"The scarlet fire qi’s heat isn’t that terrifying by itself. But after adding on scarlet fire intent, it becomes much more fearsome, as though it has its own soul."

Li Fuchen took in a deep breath and came to stand in front of a piece of a black iron ore. He pressed both his palms on it and used the blazing scarlet fire qi to shroud the ore.

After a period of time, the 2 meter tall ore was refined into a piece of black iron the size of a basin.

Although the black iron contained quite a lot of impurities, it was still considered a successful refinement.

"Scarlet fire intent is as formidable as it is rumored to be."

Li Fuchen who comprehended the Meteor sword intent was surprised.

He realised that he still underestimated the difference between a mystic class, mid-tier intent and a low-tier intent. Even after his Meteor sword intent absorbed a large amount of sword dao essence, it still wasn’t able to compare to the scarlet fire intent.

"If a mystic class, mid-tier intent is already so domineering, I wonder how dominant an earth class intent is. Who knows if it is true that those legendary heaven class intents, are rumored to be able to interfere with the heavens and shift the earth."

Martial dao, martial dao.

There is always dao within the martial arts.

The most major dao is naturally the heavenly dao.

Heaven class martial arts are the origin of low tiered martial arts. It is undoubtedly very close to the heavenly dao.

Martial arts intent is the nature and also the higher goal, which will bring a martial artist one step closer to the heavenly dao.

Not considering future issues, Li Fuchen was more concerned about stabilizing the 15th rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

He was currently unable to control the scarlet fire intent, which was expanding to any place it wanted and was being extremely high-profile and domineering.

This was a sign that the scarlet fire intent wasn’t stable yet.

In the eyes of Li Fuchen, power that wasn’t within his control, wasn’t considered his own power.

What he needed was the full control of this new power.

Three days later, the scarlet fire intent was finally now stabilized.

As long as he didn’t intentionally revolve the 15th rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, the scarlet fire intent wouldn’t be revealed.

In addition to that, Li Fuchen found out that the scarlet fire intent was actually closely related to his own emotions.

If his emotions were going through some fluctuations, the scarlet fire intent would develop fluctuations too.

"It seems like the mystic class, mid-tier intent is closely involved with the body’s willpower. This scarlet fire intent is extremely irascible, if I get agitated, the scarlet fire intent should get stronger too."

Taking a look at the mess in his courtyard, Li Fuchen let out a bitter laugh.

The yard was fine, it was just no longer beautiful. But the furniture within the house had all been turned into ash. Had it not been because of the firm structure of the house, it would have been burnt as well.

The next day, an inner sect deacon apprentice came to deliver a letter. It stated for Li Fuchen to head to the inner sect grand hall.

Li Fuchen estimated that it was time to set off towards the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

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