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"A mere seventh level Origin Realm martial artist and yet he wants to embarrass himself on stage. He definitely cannot be qualified."

"I heard he is in conflict with Dominion Sword shixiong."

"He is in a bad situation for sure. A single blade from Dominion Sword shixiong would turn him into a running dog."

"Let’s look forward to it! I sure would like to see how deep a mark he can leave on the black iron ore."

At this moment, all eyes were on Li Fuchen but all of them were eyes of doubt.

Even Chen Fanghua didn't have too much of an expectation for Li Fuchen.

It wasn't the expectations of how deep the mark Li Fuchen can leave on the black iron ore. She didn’t expect a good outcome if Li Fuchen were to fight against Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang.

After the screening test were the ranking matches. With Liu Wuhuang’s dominance, he would definitely obstruct Li Fuchen.

Standing in front of the black iron ore, Li Fuchen analyzed the surface of the ore.

After suffering the beatings from 3000+ candidates, the black iron ore was covered in intersected marks and scars

'I have yet to test my blade on black iron ore before. I wonder how deep a mark I can produce if I do not utilize the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.'

Li Fuchen wasn’t certain about things of the unknown. He could only exert his full ability.

Taking a half step back and grasping the perfect attack distance, Li Fuchen made his move.

No one could see Li Fuchen's execution.

They could only see Li Fuchen's right hand move slightly. A stream of light like a meteor falling, drilled into the black iron ore. It let out an intent for an instant that struck fear into people’s heart.


On the black iron ore, was a hole the size of two fingers. Fine sand trickled from within.

"This is… Sword intent!"

Chen Fanghua's mouth went wide and could barely close it back temporarily.

"Such terrifying sword intent." Xiao Libie’s pupils shrunk into a dot.

If Liu Wuhuang's Soaring Cloud sword intent represented dominance and an unstoppable force,  Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword intent represented extreme speed and lethality. One was unstoppable, the other was unblockable.

Bai Tao and Luo Yishan looked at each other. They each had a helpless feeling that the new generation was taking over the old generation's places.

"Is he still human?"

Everyone was shocked and felt a burn sensation on their faces.

"Comprehending sword intent at the seventh level of the Origin Realm. He is on par with Sword Maniac shixiong in his years."

"That’s right, Sword Manic shixiong also comprehended sword intent at the seventh level of the Origin Realm."

"His sword dao perception is the same as Sword Maniac shixiong. He is like a demon!"

After Li Fuchen displayed his sword intent, no one despised Li Fuchen anymore.

They did not have the qualifications to do so.

No one could look down upon Li Fuchen.

If you wanted to despise Li Fuchen, you would at least have to comprehend sword intent. If not, on what basis can you criticize Li Fuchen?

"Interesting. No wonder he dares go against me. It is because he comprehended sword intent. I may have underestimated you. Though you have sword intent, I have sword intent too. What’s more, my cultivation level is higher than your's by two levels."

Liu Wuhuang's face ashened as he spoke to himself.

"D**n it!"

Yu Wen Tian's face looked even more upset than Liu Wuhuang.
His mystic class, low-tier sword art has attain the perfection stage but he was still far from the trance stage.

Li Fuchen once again surpassed him.

The inner sect deacon was startled and quickly stuck a long and narrow ruler into the hole.

"2 inches… 2.9 inches." The inner sect deacon’s voice stuttered.

2.8 inches was originally the limit. Who knew Li Fuchen would break the limit and achieve 2.9 inches.

In the arena, were waves of gasps of air.

Li Fuchen was only at the seventh level of the Origin Realm now. Once he was at the ninth level of the Origin Realm, wouldn’t he be heaven defying?

"Li shidi, how did you do it?" Chen Fanghua hurriedly asked as Li Fuchen walked off the stage. Zhao Mingyue had a face of curiosity too.

Even if Li Fuchen comprehended sword intent and had a high rank in his cultivation technique, it still wasn’t logical for him to surpass Liu Wuhuang.

From what Chen Fanghua know, Liu Wuhuang's cultivation technique was already at the thirteen rank, which was only one rank lower than Li Fuchen’s.

Li Fuchen replied, "Wait till you comprehend sword intent, then you will understand."

Without comprehending sword intent, one could never understand the difference between sword intent levels.

If Li Fuchen's sword intent level was the same as Liu Wuhuang’s, he would only be able to leave a mark that was slightly more than 2 inches and not 2.9 inches.

But Li Fuchen's meteor sword intent was much deeper and much more superior than Liu Wuhuang's soaring cloud intent.

In the eyes of Li Fuchen, Liu Wuhuang's sword intent was at the level where it could be released but not able to be withdrawn. He still wasn't at the level where he could execute it as he pleased.

Of course, in addition, Li Fuchen’s physical strength was much stronger than Liu Wuhuang's.

40,000 kg of physical strength is considered top tier within the Azure Water Sect.

Li Fuchen already knew that the highest tiered body refinement technique in the Azure Water Sect was only at mystic class, high-tier. Within a 100,000 mile radius, only the Heaven Fiend Sect possessed a mystic class, peak-tier body refinement technique. Neither the Azure Water Sect, Violent Sabre Sect, or any other sect possessed it.

(TL note: Kuang Dao Sect = Violent Sabre Sect)

"Comprehension of sword intent isn’t something that can be done just by mentioning it." Chen Fanghua shook her head.

Generally, a 4 star bone frame would need to be at the Earth Realm before being able to comprehend sword intent. Only a rare minority was able to comprehend sword intent at the Origin Realm.

"You really are a demon!" Zhao Mingyue was speechless.


With the morning having passed, the screening test was over.

Only 52 qualified out of the 4000+ candidates.

That was an average of 1 out of 80.

The ranking matches were in the afternoon, thus everyone went for lunch.

3 o’clock late in the afternoon.

The arena became rowdy again.

The inner sect grand elder Zhao Wujin announced, "For the ranking match, it is in a survivor format. There are a total of ten stages, whoever thinks they have the ability, can stand on it and invite challengers."

"Rules of the survivor tournament are: Everyone only gets 3 chances to challenge. Once they fail all three tries, they will face elimination."

"If the stage host can win ten matches consecutively, they will be ranked in the top ten of the inner sect. They would then not require to accept anymore challenges."

"Alright, let the survivor tournament begin."
Finishing his announcement, Zhao Wujin sat back down.

"Let me be the stage host for stage 1 then!"

Xiao Libie stood on top of stage 1.

"I will take stage 2."

"I will take stage 3."

Out of the 52, ten of them stood on a stage each.

Neither Liu Wuhuang nor Li Fuchen took a stage.

The two of them stared at one another as battle intent was building up.

"Xiao Libie, let me, Cao Guang come fight you."

A shadow jumped onto stage 1.

Cao Guang was also at the peak state of the Origin Realm and had a 4 star bone frame too.

At the screening test, he left a mark that was 1.9 inches deep and wasn’t any inferior to Bai Tao nor Luo Yishan.

"Cao Guang… You aren’t my opponent. Don’t waste one of your chances." Xiao Libie stated.

Cao Guang replied, "That may not be true. Take my blade!"

"Since that's the case. Cao Guang, I shall let you witness my Soaring Sky sword intent." Xiao Libie made his move.

With his sword out of its sheath, it shocked the entire arena.

A razor sharp Soaring Sky Sword Style came to life in the hands of Xiao Libie. An indistinct and severe Soaring Sky sword intent instantly broke through Cao Guang’s sword stance.Pfff!

Cao Guang got taken off the stage while spitting out a mouthful of blood and a face filled with fear, "You comprehended sword intent?"

Xiao Libie laughed.

"Heavens! Xiao Libie shixiong comprehended sword intent too."

"As the saying goes, ‘There is always a higher mountain’. Originally it was thought that only Dominion Sword shixiong and Li Fuchen comprehended sword intent. Who knew that Xiao shixiong also comprehended sword intent. There is going to be a show now."

The audience was shocked.

"As expected."

Li Fuchen nodded. Xiao Libie indeed comprehended sword intent.

The Soaring Sky sword intent, indistinct and severe. It was one of the hardest to guard against.

"Not bad. This child is worth teaching."

Zhao Wujin nodded with a slight smile.

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