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"This woman is too strong. Due to her age, she still has yet to comprehend a sabre intent. But if I were to go all out against her, my chances of winning is only about 50%."

From the qi burst the maiden released earlier, Li Fuchen knew that her mystic class, mid-tier cultivation technique was already at the thirteenth rank. Her cultivation level was also two levels higher than his own, thus, he got received some damage from the qi burst.

Li Fuchen could not even imagine, if his enemy was given more time, what state of martial prowess could she achieve…

Of course, if he too was given more time, he too wouldn’t know what state of martial prowess he would be at either.

Since a year ago, his soul spirit was now already 80% pale blue. Once his soul spirit completely metamorphs into the pale blue state, his perception would once again go through another qualitative change.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Li Fuchen quickly got dressed. He quickly kept the jade buddha and manuals, then headed back where he came from.

"Thinking of leaving?"

The speed of how Yan Qingwu got dressed was much faster than Li Fuchen's expectation. Just as Li Fuchen entered the tunnel from where he came from, Yan Qingwu leapt out from the pool and chased after him.

Li Fuchen tried to flee while Yan Qingwu chased after him. Within an hour, they had arrived at the karst cave where the Wang brothers used to hide.

"You cannot escape."

Yan Qingwu’s light body technique wasn’t as established as Li Fuchen’s, but her cultivation level was two levels higher, hence the gap between the two didn’t get pulled further away.

"If you want a fight, I shall keep you company." Li Fuchen stopped fleeing.

If he wanted to flee, it was entirely possible. With the Wind Shadow Steps and Shadowless Leg combined, it was enough for him to slowly increase the gap in between them.

But he didn’t like the feeling of being driven away by a maiden who was younger than himself.

With the Wind Shadow Steps withdrawn and the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique revolving, Li Fuchen’s eyes turned sharp and locked onto Yan Qingwu's figure.

Yan Qingwu’s eyes turned solemn too, she sensed an invisible but dominant qi presence from Li Fuchen.

"Black Moon Shine!"

Yan Qingwu wielded the black curved sabre in her hands. Like a black lightning racing through the air, it instantly arrived in front of Li Fuchen. A black arc floated in the air like a black crescent moon.


Li Fuchen thrusted. The sword light was just like a meteor falling, appearing out of nowhere. For a moment, the burst of speed and light was enough to numb the scalp and send a chill down the spine.

Sparks bursted forth and the two of them backed off.

"Sword intent?" Yan Qingwu frowned.

The intent of martial dao was an existence she hadn’t experience yet. It wasn’t because of her lack of perception, but because she didn’t have the foundation.

She originally intended to return and master a hundred sabre arts to bolster her sabre dao foundation. From then, she would be able to comprehend the Black Moon Sabre intent.

Once she perceived the Black Moon Sabre intent, her abilities would increase by at least two fold. No one below the cultivation of the Earth Realm would be able to withstand her blade. Even a first level Earth Realm martial artist would be slayed by a single blade from her.


This maiden’s ability was extremely formidable. He wouldn’t her opponent if he was unarmed.

With a sword in his hand, his ability was now a few folds stronger.

There was a saying ‘You only need one unique skill to rule the world', the Meteor Sword intent made his Meteor Sword Style become as fast and as powerful as a falling meteor. Even the fastest sabre arts could be deflected by him.

"Are you a Cang Lan inner sect disciple?" Yan Qingwu inquired.

Li Fuchen asked in reply, "Are you a Tian Sha inner sect disciple?"

The Tian Sha Sect was the strongest sect within a 100,000 mile radius. Their overall sect strength was slightly stronger than that of the Cang Lan Sect's. They were neither evil nor righteous, they saw themselves as the mightiest. Each and every one of their disciples were domineering and overbearing.

Now that he accidentally saw her body, he wasn’t sure how much hatred he had incurred.

"Blind both your eyes now and I can spare your life." Yan Qingwu demanded coldly.

Li Fuchen laughed lightly, "You were the one who stripped naked for me to see. What does it have to do with me? And why would I need you to spare my life."

"D**n you, you really think I cannot deal with you? Die!"

Yan Qingwu was infuriated, the black curved sabre in her hands cleaved and slashed in all trajectories with extreme speed and accuracy. Every blade's speed and power was executed to the limits. Streaks of black rainbow rained at Li Fuchen.

Cling, clang, clink……

Sparks bursted as their blades clashed.

Both of them were moving at an extreme speed, be it their maneuvers, sabre skills, or sword skills. If an average high leveled Origin Realm martial artist were here, he probably wouldn’t be able to make out their sword and sabre trajectories. The only time their blades were still was during the point of contact.

This battle lasted for two hours and neither side held the advantage.

Yan Qingwu had an advantage from her physical strength and dense qi.

Li Fuchen had an advantage from his outstanding sword intent.


Suddenly, Yan Qingwu held her sabre with both hands and cleaved with force.


The air was instantly invaded by a chaotic black lightning.

It was sabre qi, black sabre qi.

With the mystic class, mid-tier Earth Fiend Technique at the thirteenth rank and a cultivation level at the eighth level of the Origin Realm, Yan Qingwu had long attained the ability to release qi. She didn’t rely on it due to her pride, hence she wanted to defeat Li Fuchen with just her sabre skills.

"Such a fast sabre qi."

When comparing Liao Tianjun’s release of sword qi to this maiden’s release of sabre qi, the speed was at least a few folds slower.

Shadowless Leg. Without shadow nor trace.

In an instant, Li Fuchen’s body turned transparent. The sabre qi cleaved at his afterimage which scattered.

"Such brilliant leg arts!"

Even though Yan Qingwu hated Li Fuchen to the core, she had to admit that Li Fuchen was much superior than most male disciples she had seen.

She had cultivated the light body technique, Cloud Space Roam to the perfection stage but didn’t practice any leg arts nor footwork. But Li Fuchen had obviously reached the perfection stage for both his light body technique and leg arts.

Against Yan Qingwu’s sabre qi, Li Fuchen would dodge while possible and deflect at other times.

The ability to release qi wasn’t everything. His Meteor Sword intent was enough to block against any attacks.

Unless, his opponent’s attack force was too overwhelming for him to block against.

"D**n it! It would have been better if my Black Moon Sabre Style was a group slash type sabre art." Yan Qingwu frowned.

Group slash type sabre arts. With a single sabre slash, it can emit multiple sabre qi. As for the Black Moon Sabre Style, it emphasized on firepower instead.

Four hours… Six hours…

The two were drenched in sweat.

With qi replenishing pills, both of their qi wouldn’t get emptied.

But this intense match was a challenge to both their endurance and stamina.

During the fight between two experts, the rate of energy depletion was increased to ten or even a hundred fold. With the battle stretched into long hours, it was equivalent to them fighting for as long as two days. Had it not been because they were martial artists, they would have long been exhausted.

"If you can block against this blade. I will spare your life today."

Yan Qingwu's body was glowing with sweat as her silky smooth black fringe covered her forehead which enhanced her beauty. Had it not been for her young age and lack of charm, she would have made many men fall head over heels for her with this look.

"Bring it on." Li Fuchen readied himself with a firm stance.


Yan Qingwu's qi presence exploded. A gush of qi was congealed at her palm, then onto the black curved sabre. It was then constantly compressed.

"This is a secret technique?" Li Fuchen’s eyes widened.

In order to increase one’s ability immediately, it must be either a pill or secret technique. The opposition didn’t consume any pills, thus it must be a secret technique.

What is the star grade of this secret technique?

"Black Moon Shine."

It was the same sabre move, but this time, the firepower displayed was a few folds stronger. This single cleave produced a black light so blinding that it covered ten meters from where the blade was swung. This blade was unimaginably lethal and domineering.

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