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On the snow accumulated mountain, Li Fuchen sat cross legged while grilling a piece of demonic beast meat with his right hand.

When the demonic beast meat was starting to get cooked, a fragrant smell was emitted.

Li Fuchen then began to devour the meat in huge bites.


Looking into the distance, Li Fuchen spotted a black figure a few miles away.

Pushing his eyesight to its limits, Li Fuchen could see the face of the black figure.

"It’s the youngest of the three Wang brothers." Li Fuchen’s eyes flash with delight.

There was a saying, "When you wish to look for something, you wouldn’t find it no matter how hard you try. But it would appear only when you least expect it to."

Swallowing the rest of the meat in three mouthfuls, Li Fuchen executed his movement technique and descended the peak

The Wang brothers were named, Wang Da, Wang Er, and Wang San.

(TL note: Wang Da = Big Wang, Wang Er = Second Wang, Wang San = Third Wang)

Wang San scouted for a bit and found a Snow Boar.

The Snow Boar was a class 1 mid-tier demonic beast which had firm textured meat and delicious flavours.

Without using his full strength, Wang San used a single palm strike to slay the Snow Boar. He then picked up the carcass and hurried back.

Li Fuchen silently followed after without leaking out his presence.

At the back of the mountain, the snow storm was unable to reach this weird looking cliff.

Wang San was very familiar with the route and casually entered a flat cave.

"Big brother, second brother, I’m back!"

Wang San had a naturally loud voice as he shouted.

"Shouting from day to night, you sure are noisy." Wang Er spoke with an unhappy tone.

Wang San snorted, "Don’t eat it if you have guts."

"How about sharing a portion with me?" A clear voice travelled in.


The three of them turned their heads suddenly in the direction where the voice came from.

A white clothed Li Fuchen casually strolled in.

"Who are you? How did you find this place?" Wang Er asked in a stern voice.

Li Fuchen looked at Wang San, "The credit belongs to him."

Wang San looked angry, "You dared to stalk me?"

At this moment, the silent Wang Da spoke, "Since you are here, then don’t even think about leaving. We the three Wang brothers have killed plenty of Origin Realm martial artists, but not a Cang Lan inner sect disciple."

Being at the sixth level of the Origin Realm at such a young age, even a retard could figure out that Li Fuchen was a Cang Lan inner sect disciple.

"Heh Heh, I wonder what a Cang Lan inner sect disciple will turn into after getting hit by my Blood Form Secret Technique." Wang Er licked his lips.

Blood Form Secret Technique, the victim would turn into a pile of blood pus. It was an extremely ruthless and suitable for the personality of Wang Er.

"I actually only wanted to cripple the three of you, but since you guys don’t know what is best for you, then don’t blame my sword for not having any mercy." Li Fuchen drew his black iron sword and took a few steps towards the three brothers.

"Come for death!"

Wang San's hands turned blood red, like it was painted with blood.

Blood Print Palm Style, mystic class, low-tier palm arts!

But of course, Wang San could only cultivate the Blood Print Palm Style to the sub-completion stage.

"Blood Form Secret Technique!"

Wang Er's body bursted with a blood red qi. His qi boiled like a sea of clouds tumbling.

The Blood Form Secret Technique was a 2 star secret technique that allowed the cultivator’s qi to boil. Upon a clean hit, even an average ninth level Origin Realm martial artist would have their qi instantly dissipated and would be corroded by the Blood Form Secret Technique, then turned into a bloody mess.

In an instant, a palm shaped blood shadow flew across together with the boiling blood red qi, shrouding Li Fuchen.

"Meteor Fall, death in one blade!"

Under the influence of the sword intent, Li Fuchen’s sword was just like a comet, racing across.

Wang San held his neck and fell to the ground facing the sky.

Wang Er's Blood Form Secret Technique was penetrated. His chest was hit by the blade as fresh blood was gushing out and dried out with his qi.

"What? He broke through second brother’s Blood Form Secret Technique?"

Wang Da who was about to make his move felt his scalp go numb.

Wang San’s Blood Print Palm Style was formidable, but his cultivation was too low.

Wang Er was different, his Blood Form Secret Technique was already at the sub-completion rank.

A sub-completion 2 star secret technique cannot be underestimated.

It was a know fact that a 1 star secret technique was enough for Origin Realm martial artists to give their admiration. A 2 star secret technique was something of desire for even Earth Realm martial artists.


Grabbing the jade buddha, Wang Da began to flee frenziedly.

Li Fuchen reached out his hand and vacuumed two manuals from the bodies of Wang Er and Wang San. Not even taking a glance at them, he then chased after Wang Da.

There was one tunnel which seemed to extend endlessly

Wang Da who was at the front, would constantly smash granites to obstruct Li Fuchen’s path.

Noticing that speed wasn’t a priority anymore, Li Fuchen changed to activating the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique and use it as a qi shield to pulverize the granites. If he met with large granites, he would use the Mountain Splitting Palm to turn it into dust.

With one trying to flee and the other chasing, an hour past before they reached an unusually huge karst cave.

It was obvious that this is also the first time Wang Da had been to this place, as he appeared to be shocked.

But his top priority was to get rid of Li Fuchen.

"This jade buddha is yours!"

Activating his strong arms, the jade buddha shot out like a stream of light at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen used his left hand to softly catch the jade buddha.

"Blood Sabre Chop!"

Just at this moment, Wang Da drew a huge blood coloured long sabre and hacked at Li Fuchen.

This sabre was very ruthless. With the sabre in motion, it had an absolute speed and looked like t it could chop and kill anything. Anything living thing would cease to exist under this sabre.

The Blood Sabre Style, mystic class, low-tier sabre arts.

Complimented by the sharpness of the treasure sabre, Wang Da’s sabre was even more terrifying than Wang Er and Wang San combined.

He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could catch the jade buddha and block his sabre at the same time.

This sabre should be enough to seriously injure Li Fuchen.

If he had luck, this sabre chop might even kill Li Fuchen.

If that happened, the jade buddha would still be his.

Thinking about the conclusions, Wang Da's eyes grew intensively sinister.

Li Fuchen shook his head, his enemy was too greedy.

Greedy people, normally did not live as long a life.

Using his left hand to catch the jade buddha, Li Fuchen’s right hand shuttered and two rays of light appeared.



One of the light deflected the Blood Sabre Chop and the other light pierced through the throat of Wang Da.

"Why is it so fast!"

Even with his death, Wang Da couldn’t fathom how Li Fuchen’s blade could be so quick.

This had already broken the limits of an Origin Realm martial artist. Just relying on one's qi and body mechanics couldn't have made that possible.

"This is sword intent." Li Fuchen softly stated.

The existence of sword intent would turn the impossible into the possible. It is said that a heaven class sword intent could turn into reality and interfere with the heaven and earth.

Using his palms, Li Fuchen vacuumed yet another two manuals from Wang Da.

In addition to the manuals on Wang Er and Wang San, Li Fuchen now had a total of four manuals.

They were, Blood Qi Technique, Blood Sabre Style, Blood Form Secret Technique, and Blood Print Palm Style.

"All these are too bloody and ruthless. It isn’t suitable for a righteous martial artist."

Li Fuchen frowned when he realized that these four manuals weren’t suitable for himself nor the Li Clan.

Who knew where the Wang brothers got these four manuals from.

"Mm? Is this a milk stone?"

Putting the the jade buddha and manuals away, Li Fuchen began to look around the karst cave.

The karst cave was fascinating. It was dozens of feets high, making a human standing in here feel so tiny.

On the top of the karst cave was a stalactite a few dozen feet in length, suspending from above. The nearer it got to the surface, the thinner the stalactite. On the tip of the stalactite, droplets of white liquid was dripping.

"Milk stones are the treasures of mother nature. A hundred year milk stone has the effect of a yellow class, mid-tier body tempering pill. A thousand year old milk stone is on par with a yellow class, peak-tier body tempering pill. Even though this pool is made up of water in majority, it is blended with the milk stone and has turned into milk stone water. Look at the quantity of it!"

Li Fuchen’s heart was pumping with a fiery enthusiasm.

He was worrying about not having enough resources to cultivate the Hidden Blood Body Technique. He didn’t think that there would be a milk stone here. Looking at the size of the stalactite, the milk stone liquid that was dripping seems to be from a thousand year old milk stone.

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