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In order to attain the completion stage for the mystic class, low-tier sword art, Liao Tianjun had to go through a hellish training. He who was a second grade inner sect disciple and had a 3 star bone frame, spent nearly ten years to reach this current state.

Of course, there were more second grade inner sect disciples who spent ten years but still couldn't achieve the completion stage for any mystic class, low-tier sword arts. Most of them got stuck at the state of right before reaching the completion stage.

"Earth Scarce Sword Style, uh?"

Li Fuchen was slightly surprised. The Earth Scarce Sword Style was considered as one of the most difficult sword arts among the mystic class, low-tier sword arts. Who would have thought Liao Tianjun could cultivate it to the completion stage. His perception was well above the average 3 star bone frame disciple.


Li Fuchen shook his head. If he only broke through to sixth level Origin Realm, then he truly wasn't Liao Tianjun's match.

With his current state, even two Liao Tianjun wouldn't be his opponent.

"Meteor Fall!"

With the black iron sword exiting the sheathe, a stream of light appeared. The light stayed in place and didn't move. Suddenly sparks flew as though Liao Tianjun was struck by lightning, the black iron sword in his hand nearly got knocked out of his hands. His body leaned backwards as he took many steps back.

Everything happened too quickly.

Before the blink of the eye, Liao Tianjun was still in control of the match with his intimidating qi presence. After the blink of the eye, he was retreating backwards. The audience didn't even see how Li Fuchen drew his sword, but only of the blinding light and sparks.

"Such a fast and fearsome blade." The spectators was flabbergasted.

This is too exaggerated!

Liao Tianjun was of the ninth level of the Origin Realm and he couldn't even withstand a single blade from Li Fuchen? Those that previously determined that Li Fuchen couldn't receive a single blade, suddenly felt pain on their faces as though they were being slapped a hundred times.

"This!" Gao Changtian looked with his mouth agape.

On the side, Wu Qingmei's eyes widened and forgot to breathe. In her mind, it constantly replayed that executed blade and Li Fuchen's confident look.

So Li Fuchen wasn't bluffing when he said Liao Tianjun was seeking death in trying to fight with him.

"This is impossible?" Zhou Xiaotian's voice escaped.

Wang Li on his side looked as though she saw a ghost.

Zhou Xiaotian was formidable, but comparing with Liao Tianjun, he was still far off. But Liao Tianjun couldn't even withstand a single blade from Li Fuchen and was repelled.

"Impossible. How is this possible? He must be using tricks!"

Off stage, Liao Hailong looked despondent and didn't believe what had transpired before his eyes.

One year ago, Li Fuchen was just slightly superior to himself. One year later, his uncle Liao Tianjun could not even receive a single blade of Li Fuchen's. This gave him a huge setback, his martial dao confidence was on the verge of collapse.

Seeing his own son get repelled by Li Fuchen, Liao Tianyun narrowed his eyes and put on a serious expression.

'Damn! Why is this Liao Tianjun so useless.' Fang Liehai sweared in his heart.

At the same time, his hatred towards Li Fuchen continued to compile.

He who was the young master of Shanhai City, was humiliated by Li Fuchen and felt it to be unbearable when he couldn't get his revenge and yet had to see his nemesis rise to the occasion.

'Li shidi, good going!'

Chen Fanghua's felt excited and complicated at the same time. In just a short year, not only did Li Fuchen surpass Liao Tianjun, but she herself didn't know if she could defeat Li Fuchen.

Such surprising and absolute talent was rare even in the entire Cang Lan Sect.

"How is it grandfather? I told you he isn't a normal disciple " Zhao Mingyue was surprised by the result too, it well exceeded her expectations. Putting aside the surprise, she couldn't help but speak proudly to the veteran.

The veteran let out a breath, "Sixth level of the Origin Realm, physical strength exceeding 20,000 kg, fourteenth rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, even his Meteor Sword Style is at the perfection stage. This perception is indeed abnormal. But most importantly, he sense of timing to strike, well exceeds any other inner sect disciple. He can even instantly detect the flaw of the Earth Scarce Sword Style."

"What? Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique at the fourteenth rank? It was still at the thirteenth rank the other time."

Zhao Mingyue's luscious red lips was slightly parted. She didn't have the eyesight of a Heaven Realm martial artist, thus she couldn't discern a lot of details.

"This young man's perception is on the same level as Sword Maniac. But looking at a wider perspective, Sword Maniac has 4 star bone frame, but he doesn't."

If this elder had known that Li Fuchen's Meteor Sword Style was not at the perfection stage but at the trance stage, he wouldn't have spoken like this. When Sword Maniac was at the sixth level of the Origin Realm, he wasn't able to reach trance stage for a mystic class, low-tier sword art and wasn't able to gain the enlightenment of the sword intent.

On the Feng Yun Stage, Li Fuchen didn't follow up with anymore attacks.

His opponent's ability wasn't even enough for him to use his sword intent, there wasn't a need to follow up closely.

That's right, that Meteor Fall earlier didn't even have sword intent. From the eyes of bystanders, it would seem like the Meteor Sword Style was only at the perfection stage.

Li Fuchen had his own reasons for withholding his full strength.

He now had plenty of enemies and would inevitably invite the plots of others. As such, it was necessary to reserve a trump card.

If his trump card was revealed, it would be hard to turn the tables if he met with any harsh situations.

He didn't wish for such incidents to happen.

'If I used sword intent, I would even be able to instantly kill two Liao Tianjuns Li Fuchen thought to himself.

The difference of not using sword intent was very prominent. With sword intent, the speed of Meteor Fall is doubled, which increased its overall firepower by three folds.

In the face of absolute speed, it is useless to mention skills or power. Death in one blade.

But he can't use it and didn't need to use it either.

"Bastard, what did you do?"

Only after taking a dozen steps back was Liao Tianjun able to neutralise the force.

He lifted his head up with a face full of suspicion.

"You are not my opponent. You still have time to withdraw." Unless absolutely necessary, Li Fuchen didn't want to be at odds with the Liao Clan. Which was why he gave his opponent a chance to withdraw without suffering any setbacks.

"In your dreams. Don't be too presumptuous. I will now let you know what is it like to beg for death while being tortured."

Liao Tianjun was infuriated. Hidden within his mouth was a pill which he abruptly crushed. An unusually violent energy gushed out from within. His qi presence had now at least increased by 30%.

"What's going on? Liao Tianjun shixiong's qi presence suddenly got stronger. Could he have been hiding his true ability?"

"I knew it. How could Li Fuchen be Liao Tianjun's opponent. Liao Tianjun shixiong must have been careless earlier on."

The audience came to realized the 'truth'.

"Something is not right!"

Chen Fanghua furrowed her brows.

The qi presence coming from Liao Tianjun's body seemed strong, but it didn't seem to be from his own cultivation.

"Half mystic class medicinal pill, Qi Burst Pill. Such a daring offense."

Standing beside Zhao Mingyue, the elder spoke with a frown.

"Grandfather, he is violating the rules of the Feng Yun Stage. Why aren't you stopping him?" Zhao Mingyue asked.

On the Feng Yun Stage, no one is supposed to relied on any external forces. If not, the basic rule of fairness is no longer valid.

The veteran shook his head, "Let's carry on watching. This lad isn't so simple right?"

He was prepared to make a move during the crucial moment if Li Fuchen is unable to withstand the force of Liao Tianjun. If that had happened, Li Fuchen wasn't worth anymore attention.

"You small weed, lay down for me!"

The qi burst pill was a half mystic class pill and costs 70,000 gold coins. At first, he thought that his father was making a big fuss over something small. But now that he thought back, it was a wise decision. It didn't matter how one achieved victory.

Bursting with a horrifying qi presence, Liao Tianjun once again slashed at Li Fuchen. The sword presence was as though a gale storm, preparing to split everything apart.

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