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"Li shidi, even though I know that you have the utmost confidence and certainty, this is still the Feng Yun Stage. Anything can happen, do not be complacent." Chen Fanghua reminded Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded, "Even when a lion hunts a rabbit, it would use its full strength. Chen shijie, don't worry."

Lion hunting a rabbit!

Not knowing why, after Chen Fanghua heard this statement, she felt relieved.

'Liao Tianjun, you sure are pitiful. You could have offended anyone, but you had to offend Li shidi.' Chen Fanghua thought.

When Li Fuchen arrived, the atmosphere of the entire arena bursted.

Everyone looked at Li Fuchen as though enjoying the suffering he was about to face.

"Mm? Sixth level of the Origin Realm? What kind of potential does this Li Fuchen possess to actually advance to the sixth level of the Origin Realm…" An inner sect disciple sensed Li Fuchen's qi and accidentally let out his thoughts.

"What? Sixth level of the Origin Realm?" Hearing the inner sect disciple, all of them began to activate their qi sense.

"Sixth level of the Origin Realm indeed. This is impossible… He is just a normal bone frame, his pace of cultivation seems to even rival a 4 star bone frame."

"He must have consumed some forbidden pills for this match."

"That's right, he must have consumed a forbidden medicine. Medicine like this have extreme side effects, for the next three to five years, he will not be able to advance in levels anymore."

"Hmph, so what if he is at the sixth level of the Origin Realm? Liao Tianjun shixiong is at the ninth level of the Origin Realm, three levels higher than him."

The fact that Li Fuchen reached the sixth level of the Origin Realm, did surprise everyone. But they were still not convinced that Li Fuchen could defeat Liao Tianjun. They were convinced that Li Fuchen consumed some valuable forbidden pills.

"With the ability that is at the level of a dog and still daring to challenge Liao Tianjun. He sure doesn't know his own limits." Within the crowd was Fang Liehai, who let out a cold laugh.

"Li Fuchen is too rash."

Gao Changtian and Wu Qingmei had arrived at the Feng Yun Stage too. Gao Changtian couldn't help but let out a sigh.

He clearly understood what kind of place the Feng Yun Stage was. Any two that went up, only one could walk down. The other would require assistance to be carried down.

"He is always under the limelight wherever he goes. This kind of man sure is rare." In the heart of Wu Qingmei, was a seed that seemed to germinate.

"Yu Wen shixiong, base on your predictions. How many moves can Li Fuchen withstand?"

On the east side of the Feng Yun Stage was a small group of people.

In the middle of this group was Yu Wen Tian.

No matter where a 5 star bone frame was, they would stand out from the rest. Like the sun in mid day.

In fact, if Li Fuchen had a 5 star bone frame, he may not have gotten involved with so many troubles. Fang Liehai and Liao Hailong wouldn't have wanted to offend Li Fuchen either.

It was a known fact that any 5 star bone frame disciple was a treasure of the sect. To seek trouble with a 5 star bone frame was to sabotage the foundations of the sect. Don't even talk about city lords, even the Liao Clan would have to answer their sins to the higher tier members.

Yu Wen Tian sized up Li Fuchen and noticed that Li Fuchen was at the sixth level of the Origin Realm, then said, "Defeat within a hundred moves."

In the beginning, he thought that Li Fuchen wouldn't even be able to withstand 20 moves and that was already overly estimating him.

But now that he knew Li Fuchen was at the sixth level of the Origin Realm, it caused some surprise to him. In his heart, he wasn't so sure anymore.

"A hundred moves? Yu Wen shixiong thinks too highly of him right!?"

"I think 10 moves is more like it."

"If Yu Wen shixiong says so, he must have his own reasoning. You don't make a fool of yourself."

Just as the people were having their discussions, a figure skimmed onto the Feng Yun Stage.

"Li Fuchen, get your sorry ass up here!" Liao Tianjun demanded.

"Liao Tianjun, are you in such a hurry to look for death?" Li Fuchen criticized. In a flash, he too skimmed onto the Feng Yun Stage.

"Such a sharp mouth, I shall make you cry later on." Liao Tianjun gave a sardonic smile

"I wonder who will cry later?" Li Fuchen retaliated.

It would have been fine if Li Fuchen was to stay quiet. Once he tried to fight back, everyone criticized him for being arrogant. Those that felt pity for him, began to hate him and stood on Liao Tianjun's side. They wish Liao Tianjun would viciously torture Li Fuchen to teach him a lesson and let him know how one should behave.

On the Feng Yun Stage, an inner sect deacon appeared. He frowned and had the same look as the others.

Holding out a scroll made of a demonic beast pelt, he said, "Will the two combatants sign their name here. Once signed, except for taking the life of the other, there are no other rules. You should reconsider before signing."

"There is no need to consider, I will sign it."

Liao Tianjun put his name down immediately.

"What about you?"

The inner sect deacon looked at Li Fuchen with a trace of disdain in his eyes.

"I will definitely sign it." Holding up the brush, he wrote down his own name with elegance.

Keeping the beast pelt scroll, the inner sect deacon announced, "The Feng Yun fight shall officially begin. May the two of you do your best."

Finishing his statement, he turned and jumped off the Feng Yun Stage.


Hearing the start of the fight, the audience got roused up once again.

"Mingyue, is this the Li Fuchen you mentioned? His cultivation progress ain't bad, but a pity he is too high-prolific. There is much work to be done for his mindset." On a small hill not far away was a veteran standing, beside him was a beautiful female disciple.

"Grandfather, you better not set your judgement yet. I am certain that Li Fuchen isn't any inferior to a 5 star bone frame." The beautiful girl was obviously Zhao Mingyue. She wasn't satisfied with the judgement of the veteran and gave her opinion.

"So full of yourself." The veteran laughed lightly.

"Hmph, just you wait and see!" Zhao Mingyue pouted.

"Can it be that you like this lad?" Suddenly coming to the conclusion, the veteran got a tad bit nervous. He didn't wish for his granddaughter to be together with a normal bone frame individual.

One's bone frame was directly related to one's legacy.

If both the parent's bone frame wasn't bad, their descendants' bone frame wouldn't be too far off either.

If the parents had mediocre bone frames, their the descendants would generally have mediocre bone frames too.

His granddaughter who had 4 star bone frame, in certain factors wasn't inferior to a 5 star bone frame at all.

"Grandfather! What are you talking about!" Zhao Mingyue felt annoyed.

"Mingyue, tell me the truth. Do you like him?" The veteran gave a serious tone and became rather strict.

Zhao Mingyue hesitated for a moment and shook her head.

"That's good to know."

The traces of qi presence that spread from the veteran, once again went back to its original state.

On the Feng Yun Stage, Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun stood 20 meters apart.

Smirking, Liao Tianjun ignited a terrifying qi presence that was hidden within his body. It was as though a storm, trying to engulf Li Fuchen.

Not waiting for Li Fuchen to react, Liao Tianjun shouted, "Earth Scarce Sword Style!"

The Earth Scarce Sword Style was a merciless sword style. If the user managed to open up a wound on the opponent, a vicious sword presence would enter the victim's body to destroy all his meridians and blood vessels; causing intense suffering.

With the brandish of the blade, the air seemed to twist and contort. As though the ripples of the water surface as a fish swam about.

"There is actually a scarce earth sword presence! Liao Tianjun shixiong managed to cultivate the Earth Scarce Sword Style to the completion stage!"

"What a shame. Li Fuchen may not even be able to withstand a single blade. All that arrogance before the fight… Now he has to kneel down and beg for mercy."

This fearsome blade was directly aimed at Li Fuchen's lower body . Liao Tianjun's eyes were filled with a malicious intent of robbing something of Li Fuchen's.

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