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With the year up, it was time for Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun to honor their promise.

On this day, plenty of inner sect disciples gathered at the Feng Yun Stage.

Most of them were here to observe the fight between Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun. A minority of them had fights between other inner sect disciples.

The Feng Yun Stage was a perfectly squared high stage made with white jade. It was 10 meters in height and had sides which were a 100 meters long.

It is said that the Feng Yun Stage was set with a formation to increase its structural strength. Even an Earth Realm martial artist wouldn’t be able to damage it.

Right now, on the Feng Yun Stage were two inner sect disciples still in the midst of a fight.

"Zhou Xiaotian, you snatched my childhood sweetheart. I will not accept to live under the same sky as you. Today it’s either you be crippled or I!"

"Zhang Xiaohai, what makes you think you are good enough for Wang Li shimei. Since you aren’t afraid of death, I will let you know better than to seek trouble with me."

These two inner sect disciples were locked in an intense match. The inner sect disciple named Zhao Xiaohai had blood on his cheeks, as a wound got gashed.


Zhang Xiaohai’s sword presence bursted as he slash at Zhou Xiaotian with the Soaring Sky Sword Style.

His Soaring Sky Sword Style was obviously very near the completion stage. The sword light flickered constantly and densely, as though dozens of swords were attacking Zhou Xiaotian concurrently.

"Zhang Xiaohai, no wonder you dared to challenge me. It is because you have cultivated the Soaring Sky Sword Style to nearly the completion stage. A pity though, my Soaring Cloud Beheading Sword Style is also close to the completion stage."

Zhou Xiaotian shouted, as a sword light drew across the sky to repel Zhang Xiaohai’s sword presence.


An arm fell onto the ground as the sword light turned into blood mist.


Zhang Xiaohai let out a miserable scream as he fell onto the ground. His face twisted as he looked at Zhou Xiaotian.

Zhou Xiaotian was one level higher than himself. He thought that with his current sword skills, he could have both sides be on the losing end. That was his ideal result.

As for defeating his opponent, he didn’t have too much confidence in it.

The heavens wasn’t on his side and he couldn’t even fulfil a small wish of his.

Using the black iron sword to point at Zhang Xiaohai, Zhou Xiaotian laughed menacingly, "Don’t think that I will let you off after taking one of your arms. There is no hurry, I will slowly pluck all the nerves on your limbs and then cripple your dantian. You will not have any more chances to cultivate again!"

Before coming on stage, both of them had signed the Feng Yun agreement. As long as no murder was committed, the fate of the loser was left for the winner to decide.

For the past decade, rarely anyone had the courage to fight on the Feng Yun Stage, unless there was a very deep grudge.

Of course, the opponent had to agree too.

If the opposition did not agree, no one could force him to fight on the Feng Yun Stage.


With a shake of the black iron sword, Zhou Xiaotian cut off one of Zhang Xiaohai’s nerves on his legs. Zhang Xiaohai turned pale from the pain and his facial expression was filled with fear.

"Zhou shixiong, forget it. He is already half a cripple and will never be able to challenge you anymore." Off stage was a female inner sect disciple who had good looks and also a sexy butt.

(TL note: It is actually a juicy butt, if you know what I mean…)

"Since Wang Li shimei says so, I shall let you off. Zhang Xiaohai, take revenge me in your next life! Hahaha!" Zhou Xiaotian laughed loudly and went off the Feng Yun Stage with arrogance.

Zhang Xiaohai’s eyes appeared to be lifeless as he was escorted off by an inner sect deacon.

"I feel sorry for him. His childhood sweetheart got snatched away, then he loses an arm, and a leg nerve. He is basically finished."

"The Feng Yun Stage isn’t such an easy place. Once the combatants ascends onto it, one of them is bound to be crippled."

"His childhood sweetheart sure is capable. She actually hooked up with Zhou Xiaotian. I heard that someone actually saw them doing it in the woods. That ass is white and voluptuous."

"Is there such a thing? Wait till Zhou Xiaotian is sick of her. Maybe we will get a chance to play with her too?"

The inner sect disciples were all having their discussions, but every one of them were despicable and filthy.

Although the fight between the two had ended, a majority of them were sticking around. This resulted in those that didn’t know what was happening to look at each other. They then realised that the only reason was that, the Feng Yun Stage had yet another fight coming up.

"I’m sorry shixiong. Do you know who are the ones fighting next?" One of them couldn’t help but ask.

The inner sect disciple who got queried, gave him a weird look, "Don’t you guys know? Today is the day Liao Tianjun and Li Fuchen are fighting. They should be arriving soon!"

"Liao Tianjun shixiong? Tsk tsk. I heard that Liao Tianjun shixiong is already at the ninth level of the Origin Realm. Isn’t this Li Fuchen too overconfident?!"

"Interesting. First it is Zhang Xiaohai, now it’s Li Fuchen. These two are destined to be pitiful people."

Almost none of them had any expectations for Li Fuchen. Mainly due to the large gap between Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun.

Zhang Xiaohai and Zhou Xiaotian were only one level apart. Yet the result was a loss of an arm and a leg nerve.

Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun were four levels apart. They were certain that Li Fuchen couldn’t raise his cultivation by two levels in a single year.

"Wang Li shimei. This year is full of reckless people. I thought there was only this one Zhang Xiaohai, who knew there was also Li Fuchen?" Zhou Xiaotian laughed after finding out about the situation between Liao Tianjun and Li Fuchen.

The female disciple named Wang Li then said, "I heard this Li Fuchen once defeated Yu Wen Tian during his outer sect days, and was the outer sect no.1 disciple. Perhaps he may have some moves."

Zhou Xiaotian then subtlety caressed the butt of Wang Li, which was responded with rolled eyes, "The present isn’t the same as the past. I admit that his combat ability is strong for those at the same realm. But that was during the Qi Realm, now that he is at Origin Realm, everything is different. Don’t even talk about Liao Tianjun, he may not even be a match for the current Yu Wen Tian."

Afterall, Yu Wen Tian was a 5 star bone frame. His news spreaded fairly quick.

Four months ago, Yu Wen Tian advanced to the seventh level of the Origin Realm. So it is presumed that he isn’t far off from reaching the eighth level of the Origin Realm now.

"Then it seems this Li Fuchen is truly overconfident."

Wang Li went silent. She couldn’t understand why so many people couldn’t do things within their limits. Zhang Xiaohai was like this, Li Fuchen too.

"Quick, Liao Tianjun is here, Liao Hailong too. That is Elder Liao Tianyun isn’t it?"

One of the sharp eyed disciples spotted three figures walking towards the Feng Yun Stage.

The three of them were Liao Tianjun, Liao Hailong, and a middle aged, roughly 50 years old man. Liao Tianjun had some resemblance to this man. And this man had the title of an Inner Sect Elder.

Liao Tianyun, inner sect elder, second level of the Heaven Realm.

"Uncle Tianjun. On the Feng Yun Stage, have no mercy." Liao Hailong gave a vicious statement.

Liao Tianjun laughed, "Don’t worry, why should I? Those that offend our Liao Clan shall all go to hell! I shall let this Li Fuchen experience the worst of this world. I will let him live in fear for his life. Live in humiliation and live under the shadow of our Liao Clan."

On the side, Liao Tianyun said with a strict tone, "Do not take his life and give trouble to our Liao Clan."

"Yes, I understand Father." Liao Tianjun nodded.

"Why is Li Fuchen not here yet? Could he be afraid and has regretted?!"

"It is possible. Afterall, the Feng Yun agreement isn’t signed yet and hence it doesn’t count."

"If that is the case, I will ridicule him every time I see him."

Just as everyone was gossiping, Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua arrived together.

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