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"Sword Intent?" Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with shocking glow.

In that instant, every sword style that he learned was injected into the Meteor Fall sword move and gifted this sword a unique form of lifeforce.

This lifeforce was what they call, sword intent.

Obviously the sword intent was still rather weak and was still a seedling waiting to grow. But it was already considered formidable.

Frightening formidable.

Li Fuchen never would have imagine that making some minor adjustments to the Meteor Fall sword move would enhance its power by a few folds.

"Sword intent may perhaps be the true meaning of sword dao. A perfected sword dao contains countless sword intents. And when all the sword intents merged into one, that would then be the ultimate sword dao."

A bold idea formed in Li Fuchen's mind.

As the days passed by, the Meteor Fall's sword intent became more prominent. With the blade brandished, the power didn’t deteriorate as the speed increased by a fold. But the overall lethality of this blade was increased by at least three times.


In the middle of the tenth month…

On a monolith in the middle of the courtyard.

Li Fuchen sat cross legged as his body emitted an intense fiery qi presence.

After ten months, the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique finally had signs of breakthrough.

The next rank would be the fourteenth rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

Regardless of the cultivation technique, the final three ranks were of utmost importance. Every rank meant the sudden increase of combat strength. It was so for the thirteenth rank and it now the same for the fourteenth rank.

Under the hot afternoon sun…
Li Fuchen’s qi presence grew intensively hotter.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly let out a layer of qi flame.

That’s right, qi flame.

Previously when Li Fuchen manifested qi, the qi that protected his body only seemed like a fire. Now, it was truly qi flame.

Breaking through to the fourteenth rank, his qi had some change in its quality. The change was even more prominent than when he progressed from the fourth level of the Origin Realm to the fifth level.


The qi flame blazed vigorously, making Li Fuchen look as though he was a flaming man. The qi flames surged up violently into the sky. Rocks and miscellaneous objects that were within a radius of a few meters, were blown away.

"Such a strong outburst of power." Li Fuchen’s eyes were burning passionately.

He could feel that his burst strength was much stronger than before.

He was now at the Origin Realm and no longer at the Qi Realm. When an Origin Realm martial artist’s combat ability increased by a few folds, it was extremely terrifying.


"There is still two months left. I wonder how Li Fuchen is progressing?"

The one year promise was up soon and it affected the hearts of many.

The one who had the most concern was Chen Fanghua.

If Li Fuchen actually defeated Liao Tianjun, it proved that Li Fuchen’s potential was truly in a heaven defying class, and not just a normal bone frame as everybody thought he was.

But if Li Fuchen did not defeat Liao Tianjun, it didn’t mean that his potential is terrible. After all, Li Fuchen has only been promoted to an inner sect disciple for about three years.

"Li Fuchen, my grandfather will be personally attending this match. I hope you do not disappoint my grandfather."

When Li Fuchen and Liao Tianjun set the one year promise, Zhao Mingyue talked about this matter with the inner sect grand elder, Zhao Tiande.

Zhao Tiande was interested in the normal bone frame Li Fuchen and decided to spectate this match.


In a spacious courtyard of the inner sect.

"Li Fuchen, wait to die!"

Liao Tianjun laughed loudly, because this was the day that he had broken through to the ninth level of the Origin Realm.

He was worried at first, but that had all changed.

Now he had no worries anymore.

Even if Li Fuchen advanced two levels during this year, he was still confident that he could beat down Li Fuchen. The gap of three levels wasn’t so easy to surpass.

"Li Fuchen, you have done something you shouldn’t have. That is, to offend my Liao Clan. I shall break all your limbs and cripple your dantian. I will let you suffer for the rest of your life. Those that dare to go against my Liao Clan will never have a good ending."

Liao Tianjun was full of confidence, as he had this malevolent expression on his face.


With the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique at the fourteenth rank, the pace at which Li Fuchen absorbed the energy of heaven and earth was increased by a few folds.

It was as though his dantian was hiding a furnace. No matter how much heaven and earth energy entered his body, the furnace would swiftly convert it into scarlet fire qi.

Moreover, Li Fuchen could faintly feel an energy slowly flourishing.

This energy felt similar to sword intent, but was even more hidden and even more violent.

Li Fuchen knew this was scarlet fire intent.

Mystic class martial arts, when at high levels, would develop an intent.

Mystic class sword arts produced sword intent.

Mystic class fist arts produced fist intent.

Thus, mystic class cultivation techniques produced technique intent.

In fact, regardless of cultivation technique or any rank, the martial artist should be able to feel the existence of the technique intent.

But this intent had no benefit to the martial artist, benefits could only be seen when the mystic class technique broke through to the highest rank.

A simpler way to describe it, is that when a cultivation rank or tier is low, the technique intent is like an embryo. Only after a mystic class cultivation technique attains the highest rank, will the embryo metamorph into a being for the technique's power to multiply.

"I wonder how powerful the fifteenth rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique will be."

Li Fuchen had high expectations for the true scarlet fire intent.

The Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique was a mystic class, mid-tier technique, the scarlet fire intent that it produced should logically be more fearsome than the Meteor Sword Style sword intent.

Most importantly, to cultivate a mystic class sword art, one needed to have a base of a sword dao.

But for mystic class cultivation techniques, there was no such problem. In fact, during the first rank of a mystic class cultivation technique, the technique intent is already there, it just required time to develop.

On the eleventh month, Li Fuchen had a complete grasp of the Meteor Sword Style's sword intent.

The advantage of fully comprehending the sword intent was that Li Fuchen could now execute the Meteor Sword Style as he desired. It wasn’t like back then, when once the Meteor Fall was executed, it couldn’t be controlled and would deal fatal damage to the opponent.

On the twelfth month, Li Fuchen broke through from the fifth level to the sixth level of the Origin Realm.

Li Fuchen shouldn’t have been able to breakthrough so quickly.

Every level of the Origin Realm was harder to ascend.

And especially so during the Origin Realm, unless you were af 4 star or 5 star bone frame. If not, you would not have been able to advance two levels in a single year.

Especially with Li Fuchen’s normal bone frame.

Luckily, Li Fuchen’s perception made up for the inferiority of his bone frame.

It wasn’t even a full three years since Li Fuchen had entered the inner sect, but his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique had advanced from the ninth rank to the fourteenth rank.

The increase in technique rank, helped him to temporarily increase his bone frame quality.

At least, this was what the results were showing.

But Li Fuchen understood that his cultivation speed was closely related to his technique rank.

Once the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique reached the highest rank. He would need to seek out an even higher tier cultivation technique.

Without a higher tier cultivation technique, his pace of cultivation would definitely slow down. Once those disciples who had a better bone frame than him achieved the highest rank of their mystic class, mid-tier cultivation technique; his cultivation speed would then be a much slower than the others

Without a good bone frame and the need to rely solely on perception, that required one to take the initiative and be ambitious.

If he didn’t continuously seek improvement, he would be eliminated due to insufficient progress.

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