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"Li shidi, are you certain you can win one year later?" Chen Fanghua looked at Li Fuchen.

Liao Tianjun was currently at the eighth level of the Origin Realm. One year later, he could well be at the ninth level of the Origin Realm. If Li Fuchen wanted to defeat Liao Tianjun, he needed to at least progress to the seventh level of the Origin Realm. If not, there was no hope to win at all.

"I don’t have a 100% certainty, but I'm at least 60% certain." Li Fuchen replied.

If he could breakthrough to the sixth level of the Origin Realm, he was quite certain he could defeat Liao Tianjun.

With a single year, it was enough for him to advance another rank in the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

"After you so confident? I sure am interested to see the results one year from now." Chen Fanghua’s eyes were shining with intrigue.

Perhaps with this one year promise, she could get a clearer picture of Li Fuchen’s potential.

If Li Fuchen could really defeat Liao Tianjun one year later. What’s there to be afraid of in offending the Liao Clan?

"Seems like I have to work harder too. To not let you leave me too far away." Zhao Mingyue said.


After the three separated, Li Fuchen went to the martial hall.

He now had 150,000 contribution points and that should be enough for a mystic class, high-tier body refinement technique.

Mystic class, high-tier body refinement techniques required the supplements of yellow class, peak-tier body tempering pills for a faster advancement. It was fine without the pills, but one's progress would be delayed.

With tempering pills, perception, and an undying willpower, one could achieve the completion rank within 1 to 3 years.

Without the use of tempering pills, it would perhaps require 10 or 20 years to achieve the completion rank.

If there are any excess contribution points, Li Fuchen intended to redeem some yellow class, low-tier sword arts.

To build a sky tower, a good foundation must be laid. That applied to martial arts as well. As one progressed further, one’s foundation would be tested.

A strong base was required before learning higher class martial arts. If not, even if you acquired a high class martial arts, you would only be able to learn the superficial moves.

Arriving at the martial hall, Li Fuchen first went to the body refinement techniques section.

Silver Dipper Body – Mystic class high-tier. At the completion rank, one will have 35,000 kg of physical strength. 160,000 contribution points.

Golden Battle Form – Mystic class high-tier. At te completion rank, one will have 36,000 kg of physical strength. 170,000 contribution points.

Hidden Blood Body Technique – Mystic class high-tier. At the completion rank, one will have 40,000 kg of physical strength. 200,000 contribution points.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen picked the Hidden Blood Body Technique.

You either pick the strongest or don’t pick anything at all.

In addition, when comparing the Hidden Blood Body Technique to other body refinement techniques, it’s requirements for tempering pills was slightly more lenient.

Because Li Fuchen was a first grade inner sect disciple, he had 30% discount. Thus, he was only required to pay 140,000 contribution points.

After giving it some thought, Li Fuchen spent another 2000 contribution points to redeem 100 manuals of yellow class, low-tier sword arts.

He wanted to find out how long he needed to reach the trance stage for a single yellow class low-tier sword art.

"Mmm? 100 sword art manuals?" The martial hall elder's eyes widened as he stroked his beard.

"Yes." Li Fuchen nodded.

"Even though it is important to have a good foundation, one should not seek improvement with haste. It would instead affect your progress and waste time on an insignificant problem." The martial hall elder gave a reminder.

Li Fuchen replied seriously, "Yes Elder, I understand. I just want to try it out."

The martial hall elder didn’t say anything else, before seeing the Hidden Blood Body Technique manual.

He then continued, "A body refinement technique requires massive quantities of tempering pills. If you have demonic beast blood essence, the effects would be even better. Though demonic beast blood essence contains evil qi, if you cannot refine the evil qi, it would do more harm than benefit. You can give it a try."

"Demonic beast blood essence?" Li Fuchen raised a brow.

He didn’t know that demonic beast blood essence could replace tempering pills. Had he known, he would have tried to collect sufficient demonic beast blood essence during the battle at Shouxue Town.

But Li Fuchen didn’t understand that demonic beast blood essence wasn’t so easy to collect. Refinement of beast blood essence was an artisan skill. For a single individual to do it, required one to be at least of the Earth Realm.

Stepping out of the martial hall, Li Fuchen headed towards the resource hall.

Class 1 demonic beast blood essence, 20,000 gold coins for one bottle.

Class 2 demonic beast blood essence, 200,000 gold coins for one bottle.

Class 3 demonic beast blood essence, 2 million gold coins for one bottle.

Li Fuchen saw the price of the demonic beast blood essence at the resource hall.

After some investigation, Li Fuchen realised that demonic beast blood essence wasn’t expensive.

All of these bottles were of the same size, and each bottle contained 100 drops of blood essence.

The effects of a single drop of class 1 demonic beast blood essence was much more superior than a single yellow class mid-tier tempering pill.

But a single body tempering pill cost 500 gold coins, while a single drop of class 1 demonic beast blood essence cost only 200 gold coins.

"Class 1 blood essences should be ineffective for me. Only class 2 blood essence will work."

The effectiveness of the class 2 demonic beast blood essence surpassed the yellow class, high-tier dragon tiger pills and was almost on par with a yellow class, peak-tier tempering pill. What’s more, a single drop of it only cost 2000 gold coins. It is as if getting a great deal.

Hesitating for a moment, Li Fuchen purchased one bottle of class 2 demonic beast blood essence. After the 30% discount, the cost came down to 140,000 gold coins.

He sure would like to experience the effects of the class 2 demonic beast blood essence and see if it truly surpassed the dragon tiger pills.


Back at his courtyard, Li Fuchen consumed a drop of the class 2 blood essence.


Li Fuchen felt as though he heard the roars of demonic beasts. Totally unexpectedly, Li Fuchen's heart rate suddenly hastened.

'Such an intense evil qi.' Li Fuchen was shocked.

How would he have known that a single class 2 low-tier demonic beast could at most produce two or three drops of blood essence. A class 2 mid-tier demonic beast would produce about six drops of blood essence. Even a class 2 high-tier beast could only produce 10 drops of blood essence.

This small bottle of blood essence was equivalent to a few dozen class 2 low-tier demonic beasts.

The density of evil qi contained after mixing blood essence from multiple demonic beasts was something unimaginable.

Those without a strong will should never consume the blood essence. The weaker individuals would either turn crazy or even succumb to the evil qi.

After refining a drop of the demonic beast blood essence, Li Fuchen slowly opened his eyes.

Li Fuchen thought to himself, ‘The effect is roughly three folds that of a dragon tiger pill. But refining the evil qi requires time as well. It may unknowingly delay my cultivation speed."

Letting out a bitter laugh, Li Fuchen spoke to himself, "It is precisely because of the evil qi that caused the demonic beast blood essence to be so cheap. Without the evil qi, a single bottle of class 2 blood essence wouldn’t be 200,000 gold coins be at least 600,000 gold coins."

"Forget it, I didn’t plan to quickly cultivate the Hidden Blood Body Technique to the completion rank. It is fine as long as there is some slight progress."

The Hidden Blood Body Technique was for the long term plan. His real motive was still on sword arts.

A yellow class sword art was the most basic sword art.

Mystic class sword arts contained the mystery and profundity of sword arts.

If one could cultivate a mystic class sword art to the trance stage, that would mean one could bring out sword intent. A sword style that had sword intent was much more formidable than a sword style without sword intent.

It would reach inconceivable limits in both power and speed.

On the first day, Li Fuchen started practicing the yellow class, low-tier sword style – Willow Sword Style.

Five days later…

The Willow Sword Style reached the trance stage.

On the sixth day, Li Fuchen picked another sword art – Instant Cleave Sword Style.

On the fifth day, he reached the trance stage in that as well…

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