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The beast wave not only involved Shouxue Town but other towns too.

In Kuangshou City, the number of demonic beasts had multiplied so much more when compared to before. Those forests that were safe to walk through may now contain a few demonic beasts within.

Most people didn’t trade their demon cores in Kuangshou City. Within the sect were places where one could sell their demon cores.

Simply put, the sect was actually equivalent to a city, just that this city was full of strong warriors.

"Three class 2 low-tier demon cores, two class 2 mid-tier demon cores, and one class 2 high-tier mutated demon core. A total of 300,000 gold coins."

In the trading hall, Li Fuchen sold the six demon cores that he got on the battlefield of Shouxue Town.

"Li shidi, you struck gold this time. Shouldn’t you treat us to some delicacies?" Chen Fanghua suggested.

"Yea!" Zhao Mingyue nodded her head.

Li Fuchen smiled, "No problem."

Delicacy pavilions were the food halls with the highest quality food within the Cang Lan Sect. It seemed to be similar to the restaurants in the outside world, but the food in here were all rare and exquisite. A single meal would cost a few thousand gold coins. If one could afford it, the cost could easily go up to a few tens of thousands of gold coins.

There were a total of four delicacy pavilions. One in the outer sect, inner sect, direct disciples’ area, and the core area.


=Inner Sect Delicacy Pavilion=

"Awesome! Since the last time I came here, I couldn’t forget the flavours. Now I finally have the chance to taste it again." Chen Fanghua used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of fish and stuffed it in her mouth. There was an expression of bliss on her face.

Zhao Mingyue had a great time eating too. Even though she was an inner sect grand elder’s granddaughter, but she had always been independent and seldom got spoon fed.

Looking at the spread of delicacies, Li Fuchen finally understood why it was so expensive to have a meal in the delicacy pavilions. The ingredients used here were all mid class. Like this mid class spirit vegetables, second tier treasure fish, tofu made of mid class spirit beans, mid class spirit bird and it’s egg……

A single second tier treasure fish was worth 1000 points per kg. Ten kg would be 10,000 contribution points and changing it into gold coins, would be 20,000 gold coins. After including the culinary fee, this treasure fish alone was 21,000 gold coins.

Luckily the other mid class ingredients were much cheaper, adding up to around 9000 gold coins.

Just this single meal, cost Li Fuchen 30,000 gold coins.

But Li Fuchen didn’t feel the heart break of the cost but instead indulged on the flavours of the delicacies.

After the going through the hands of culinary experts, the flavours of the mid class ingredients were enhanced further to the extent where it was indescribable. If the food here was considered delicacies, any other food would be bland and boring.

After finishing the meal, the three of them felt heat rising from within their body.

Ingredients of a higher quality provided tons of supplement. The meal that the three of them consumed was equivalent to several pills of high-tier dragon tiger pills. It was no surprise that they were feeling the warmth.

Exiting the delicacy pavilion, the mountain breeze helped cool their bodies.

"Li Fuchen, you finally came out. Break one of your own arms now! Do not test my patience! I have forgotten to mention that I am Liao Tianjun, Liao Hailong’s uncle."

Ten meters away from the front doors of the delicacy pavilion, a stalwart man stood there coldly staring at Li Fuchen as though he was a dead man.

"Liao Tianjun, Li Fuchen is my friend and I advice you to leave now." Chen Fanghua said with a ruthless tone.

Liao Tianjun turned his sights onto Chen Fanghua, "Chen Fanghua, are you sure you want to get involved in this?"

"That’s right, this matter is in my hands now." Chen Fanghua didn’t show any hint of hesitation.


Liao Tianjun let out a malicious laugh, "Chen Fanghua, you should have said that. You originally had a bright future, but a pity that because of this ant, you have thrown that future away. You may think I am bluffing, but you will know soon enough that you have made a huge mistake."

Not knowing why, Chen Fanghua got the shivers after hearing this statement from Liao Tianjun.

Zhao Mingyue couldn't bear seeing Liao Tianjun threatening Chen Fanghua, "Liao Tianjun, I warn you. If you dare to touch Chen shijie in any way. I will let you suffer."

Liao Tianjun didn’t bother about Zhao Mingyue, "Who said I’m going to touch her? Could it be that speaking became an offence of the sect rules?"


How would Zhao Mingyue be able to out talk Liao Tianjun? A single sentence from him, silenced her.

Shifting his gaze back to Li Fuchen, Liao Tianjun spoke with disdain, "Why? Are you going to stay behind these two women and be a cowering turtle? Break one of your arms now and I can forget everything. If not, you will not be able to bear the consequences. Don’t think I’m joking, I am a man of my words."

When Liao Tianjun spoke, he is unusually well mannered, but yet give others a feeling of a scheming snake. Every word penetrated right into your mind with a chill.

Li Fuchen laughed, "Liao Tianjun, if I didn’t get it wrong. You are 31 years old this year right?"

"So what? Do you think because of my seniority, I wouldn’t dare to seek trouble? Then you are wrong." Liao Tianjun gave a cold snort.

Li Fuchen shook his head, "Give me one year. One year later we will have fight on the inner sect's Feng Yun stage."

The Feng Yun stage was specially made for disciples to settle their grudges.

Even though the Feng Yun stage forbids anyone from killing, but it was legal to cripple your opponent. The loser had to swear to never take revenge. If the sect found out that the loser dared take revenge in the dark, he would be sentenced to death.

"One year?" Liao Tianjun sized up Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen was shaped like a spear. He didn’t make a single move as the mountain wind blew at him. His eyes appear to be unmoving and caused Liao Tianjun to be unable to read his emotions.

"No, I won’t even give you a year. Break one of your arms now. The two ladies can never protect you all the time."

Liao Tianjun shook his head.

His personality was the type that liked to do things that he was certain of. One year brought about too many variables.

What’s more, why did he need to give Li Fuchen a year?

"Liao Tianjun, you are surely a coward. You are at the eighth level of the Origin Realm while Li Fuchen is at the fourth level of the Origin Realm. And you can’t even wait for one year? What kind of man are you?"

Zhao Mingyue gave Liao Tianjun a look of despise.

All the commotion attracted the attention of the surrounding inner sect disciples.

Hearing what Zhao Mingyue said, everyone shot a look of despise at Liao Tianjun.

Liao Tianjun's expression turned, "Alright. I shall give you one year. One year later, I will see you at the Feng Yun stage. I will wreck your dantian and break all your limbs. You shall rest on a bed forever."

"I send back those words at you." Li Fuchen spoke indifferently.

The calm demeanor of Li Fuchen stirred up Liao Tianjun’s state of mind. He who always held control felt as though he lost that control to Li Fuchen.

No matter what he tried, Li Fuchen didn’t show any hint of emotion.

"Hmph, I don’t believe that you can improve drastically in a single year. i hope you don’t cry and beg for mercy."

Giving his last statement, Liao Tianjun turned and left.

"One year later, Liao shixiong is going to have a fight with Li Fuchen on the Feng Yun stage?"

"Isn’t Li Fuchen too rash? Liao shixiong stepped into the eighth level of the Origin Realm half a year ago. One year later, he may already be at the ninth level of the Origin Realm."

"It is indeed impulsive. Li Fuchen is just at the fourth level of the Origin Realm. One year later, he would at best be at the sixth level of the Origin Realm, and this is an uncertainty. In the world of martial arts, with every level, it becomes harder to progress."

The surrounding inner sect disciples began to discuss, but most of them didn’t expect Li Fuchen to be on the winning side.

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