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These two inner sect deacon apprentices were about 40 years old and were at the ninth level of the Origin Realm.

The two were very fast and reached Li Fuchen’s side in just a short moment.

"Blue Wave Sword Style!"

"Soaring Sky Sword Style!"

With one on the left and other on the right, they crossed each other as they attacked Li Fuchen.

With Li Fuchen’s current cultivation level, he was definitely not a match for these two ninth level Origin Realm inner sect deacon apprentices.

"Myriad Blossom Sword Style!"

Right at the crucial moment, Chen Fanghua hurried over and used her Myriad Blossom Sword Style to neutralise both their Blue Wave Sword Style and Soaring Sky Sword Style.

"Chen shijie, what is the meaning of this?" One of them asked with anger.

Chen Fanghua replied, "Don’t forget that the two of you are just inner sect deacon apprentices. You dare deal with an inner sect disciple? Do you wish to go to the Enforcement hall?"

Inner sect deacon apprentices had a lower status than inner sect disciples. To offend someone with a higher status was to violate the sect rules, and it came with grave consequences.

The other man spoke with a lower voice, "Chen shijie, you better make it clear. Our Liao Clan is one of the ancient clans of the Cang Lan Sect, and Liao Hailong is our young master. My advice is for you to not get involved, lest you burn yourself."

"That’s right, offending the Liao Clan may be the wrong decision."

The reason why these two dared to lay their hands on Li Fuchen was because they had the backing of the Liao Clan. The Liao Clan as an ancient clan that has plenty of Earth Realm martial artists and quite a fair bit of Heaven Realm experts too. Their clan do have some say within Cang Lan Sect.

Chen Fanghua laughed coldly, "I sure would like to see how the Liao Clan deals with me. Could it be that the Liao Clan surpasses the Cang Lan Sect?"

At this moment, Liao Hailong came back to his senses, "Li Fuchen, you dare slap me?! Do you know what crimes have you committed?! An unforgivable sin! Kneel down now and cut off both your arms, then I can still forgive you. Not even the heavens can save you! And Chen Fanghua! You better scram from here now before I swear to make you suffer for life!"

"Presumptuous!" Chen Fanghua was furious now.

She who was an eighth level Origin Realm inner sect disciple had never been threatened by anyone before, not even the Liao Clan. Wait till she was promoted to a direct disciple, even the Liao Clan wouldn’t dare to touch her then.

"Presumptuous? I have more up my sleeves, I will take my time to humiliate you in the future."

Liao Hailong wasn’t afraid of Chen Fanghua. In terms of talent, he isn’t inferior to Chen Fanghua and he was confident that he could catch up to her within a few years.

Hearing such, Zhao Mingyue couldn’t bear it any longer, she spoke with an ice cold tone, "Liao Hailong, is your Liao Clan very good?"

"My Liao Clan is naturally strong, ……" Liao Hailong looked at Zhao Mingyue and couldn’t continue his sentence.

The Liao Clan may be ancient and prestigious, but there was always a stronger and higher mountain. Even though Zhao Mingyue’s Zhao Clan didn’t have the advantage of numbers nor did they have an ancient lineage. But Zhao Mingyue’s grandfather was an inner sect grand elder and her father was an inner sect elder too. Their Zhao Clan had another highly ranked inner sect elder, Zhao Wuji. With the three of their authorities and abilities combined, even the Liao Clan had to bow before them.

In this world, one’s background was important. But in the face of absolute ability, one still had to lower their head. If a Reincarnation Realm expert came, the sect would have to receive them with respect. A single Reincarnation Realm expert was as good as a single sect.

"Why aren’t you speaking? Isn’t Liao Clan very headstrong? You can kill whoever you want? Even an inner sect disciple right?" Zhao Mingyue didn’t have any reserve as every statement was filled with criticism.

Liao Hailong put on a bold face, "Zhao Mingyue, I didn’t provoke you, so why are you going against me for someone you do not know?"

"What’s happening?" Suddenly an imposing voice could be heard.

"Uncle Zhao." Zhao Mingyue quickly looked towards where the voice came from.

Zhao Wuji stood in mid air, he faced Zhao Mingyue and nodded with a smile, "Mingyue, explain to me the situation here."

Zhao Mingyue pointed at Liao Hailong and the two inner sect deacon apprentices, "They are Liao clansmen, had it not been Chen shijie who interfered, Li Fuchen would have died under their hands. They even dared to use the name of the Liao Clan to oppress Chen shijie. I can’t take it anymore."

"Liao Clan!" Zhao Wuji suddenly laughed hysterically.

"Elder Zhao, we don’t mean it this way. But this bastard dog is too vicious, he actually humiliated our Liao Clan young master." One of the inner sect deacon apprentice tried to debate.

Releasing an intimidating qi presence, it pressured the two inner sect deacon apprentices to kneel on the ground. Zhao Wuji then said, "When did the Liao Clan have the rights to judge inner sect disciples? Then what is our sect here for? Is it that the Liao Clan wants to replace the Cang Lan Sect?"

"Elder Zhao, please have mercy. Our Liao Clan dares not!"

The two inner sect deacon apprentices were on the verge of collapsing. In a state of fear, they dared not refute anymore.

"When you are back at the sect, go to the Enforcement hall and serve your punishments." Zhao Wuji said indifferently.

"Yes." The both of them hurried kowtowed.

Liao Hailong lowered his head and clenched his fist tightly. His murderous intent nearly burst out from his inner heart.

Zhao Wuji may be formidable, but his great grandfather was also a top ranked elder. Of course, he dared not talk back to Zhao Wuji, but that doesn’t mean he would let Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua off so easily.

He will endure today’s humiliation and repay it a hundred folds in the future.

Giving a stare to Liao Hailong, Zhao Wuji stated, "Your great grandfather Elder Liao is a notable person, do give him any trouble. The sect rules aren’t so forgiving."

Both of them were inner sect elders, Zhao Wuji would still have to show some basic respect to Elder Liao.

"Alright then, back to your own businesses." Waving with his hand, Zhao Wuji flew off.

"Just you wait." Giving a vicious glare at Li Fuchen and Chen Fanghua, Liao Hailong turned and left.

"Thank you both for the help."

Once Liao Hailong left, Li Fuchen gave a kung fu bow to express his appreciation to Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue.

Had it not been for the two of them, he would have most probably died here.

He didn’t think that the Liao Clan would be so brazen to casually kill an inner sect disciple.

At this moment, he knew that he is still too weak.

He didn’t dream to become a Heaven Realm martial artist within a few years.

Because it is impossible and not realistic.

But he could first become a direct disciple within these few years.

Direct disciples were the pillars of the Cang Lan Sect’s future. Anyone who dared to openly offend a direct disciple, was akin to openly disrupting the foundations of the Cang Lan Sect and would incur the wrath of the Cang Lan Sect’s higher tier members.

"Li Fuchen, you need to be careful. Liao Hailong has an uncle, Liao Tianjun, who is also an inner sect disciple. He is now at the eighth level of the Origin Realm. Seeing that you humiliated Liao Hailong, his uncle won’t let you go unscathed." Zhao Mingyue gave her piece of advice.

Ancient clans are fearsome. They had a deep, sound foundation and could constantly produce exceptional talents. Liao Tianjun may not be a 4 star bone frame but was at least a 3 star bone frame. His cultivation speed was a few folds that of Li Fuchen’s. The current Li Fuchen was still unable to deal with Liao Tianjun.

"Liao Tianjun, uh? I got it." Li Fuchen noted this name in his mind.

He wasn’t afraid of Liao Tianjun taking revenge. A mere eighth level Origin Realm inner sect disciple wasn’t enough to worry him. Within a year, Liao Tianjun wouldn’t be a threat to him.

Chen Fanghua, "I have offended the Liao Clan too. If there is anything that you need help with, come look for me."

She was feeling rather depressed, as offending the Liao Clan wasn’t the outcome she wanted. She never would have thought that the Liao Clan was so arrogant. Simply stopping them from killing Li Fuchen would bring about their vengeance.

In her heart she thought, ‘Li Fuchen, I hope you will continue to defy the heavens and maintain superiority. It would not have wasted my efforts in saving your life.'

"Chen shijie, today’s life saving favour, I will repay you ten folds in the future." Li Fuchen declared in a serious tone.

"As long as you remember." Chen Fanghua giggled.

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