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"My soul spirit is now 50% pale blue. But I am still unable to cultivate the four mystic class, low-tier martial arts to the highest stage. There seems to be something restricting me."

In the inn's room, Li Fuchen was trying to comprehend the sword move, Meteor Fall.

Meteor Fall is a killer move.

When martial artists crossed paths and both their foundation were similar, they would first have to compare their speed, second would be their killer move.

If the killer move was strong enough, it could be a single fatal blow, which other moves could not achieve.

But for the past two years, Meteor Fall was unable to reach the trance stage.

Cultivation level was one of reasons, but there is another important factor too…

Mystic class martial arts were meant for Earth Realm and Heaven Realm martial artists.

Generally, only Earth Realm martial artists could  cultivate a mystic class, low-tier martial arts to the trance stage.

Other than these factors, there was nothing else holding Li Fuchen back.

Afterall, Li Fuchen did cultivate yellow class, peak-tier martial arts to the trance stage during his Qi Realm period. With his perception, stepping over the martial arts meant the next realm shouldn't be a hard task.

"Perhaps it is due to the base."

With Li Fuchen's quick thinking, he figured out the key element for the three stages above the completion stage.

The Completion stage is broken down into 3 stages, sub-perfection, perfection, and trance.

Normally, sub-perfection stage is considered the highest level a martial art can be wielded.

Perfection stage would bring it to the extreme, complimenting the firepower with exquisite fluidity.

As for the trance stage, it exceeded the limits of the martial arts and was blended with other martial arts. This was where it required the support from one's base.

Thus, whenever a martial art reached the trance stage, it is considered one's own original martial art. It would be slightly different from the original founder of the martial art.

The insufficient knowledge of one's base is why Origin Realm martial artists aren't able to push mystic class, low-tier martial arts to the trance stage.

The reason why Li Fuchen could bring yellow class, high-tier and peak-tier martial arts to the trance stage, was due to him already mastering plenty of yellow class martial arts.

Other than that, yellow class martial arts are foundation martial arts and didn't contain much mystical contents. But mystic class martial arts were full of mysteries and required a stronger base.

"No wonder all notable swordsmen cultivated hundreds of sword styles. A single sword style is unable to produce a strong swordsmen."

Li Fuchen suddenly achieved enlightenment.

If there was anyone else here with Li Fuchen to hear what he said, it would make them shudder.

As Earth Realm martial artists may not even be able to have such enlightenment. Only those who have high level of sword dao or martial dao would be able to comprehend the important factor of building one's base.

"Seems like after I return, there is a need to redeem more yellow class martial arts."

After finding the problem, Li Fuchen was much more relieved.

It wasn't an issue to have a problem, but it was an issue to not find the solution.


Yet another three days past.

During the night time of the fourth day…


The sharp sound of a horn sounded.

"Demonic beasts are attacking! Demonic beasts are attacking!"

Outside of the eastern gates of Shouxue Town, 10 scouts riding their demon blood horses galloped back while shouting.

"What? Attacking at night?"

"Damn, vision during the night isn't good. It is too dangerous."

Everyone wore their clothes in a hurry and rushed out into the streets.

"A night time initiation?" In the inn, Li Fuchen frowned.

A beast wave eruption during the night time was treacherous, the fatality rate was twice as high when compared to a day time attack.

Picking up the armor near the side of the bed, Li Fuchen donned the armor.

It was a class 3 demonic beast pelt armor which was worth 20,000 gold coins in the outside world. Li Fuchen spent 10,000 contribution points to redeem it. It could help a martial artist reduce damage, especially scratches and claws.

Exiting the inn, Li Fuchen sprinted towards the eastern walls.

Along the way, Li Fuchen could somewhat hear the rumble of thunder like sounds.

On the walls were packed with people who were all basically Origin Realm martial artists.

In the crowd, Li Fuchen concentrated his qi on his eyes. Looking past the dark night, he looked into the distance.

The sight made him take a deep cold breath.

In the dark, a black wave of demonic beasts gushed towards them. Those that flew in the sky, those they ran on the ground, all types of demonic beasts were condensed together. It was hard to imagine how so many demonic beasts could coexist in the Kuangshou mountains.

"These demonic beasts sure know how to reproduce. Every year during the beast wave, a massive amount of these beasts would be sent to their graves. But when the next year came, their numbers would somehow replenish."

"Some demonic beasts can only give birth to one child at a time. Some can give birth to dozens or even hundreds. Killing them will not solve the problem."

"That's right. The resources inside the Kuangshou mountains are limited. With too many beasts in there, that would mean their own destruction. Which is why their natural instinct is to claim more areas and source more food."

"The Kuangshou mountains is one of the largest mountain ranges within the Cang Lan region. I think not only Kuangshou City is being attacked by the beast waves. The nearby Tiexue City, Kuangfeng City, and even the Kuang Dao sect on the other side of the mountains should be having their own beast waves now."

The surrounding Origin Realm martial artists were all having their own discussions with a worried expression.

Listening to there discussions, Li Fuchen agreed.

For tens and thousands of years, demonic beasts have killed endless amounts of people. It was because of their rapid reproduction speed. If you killed one, there would be two more. You killed ten, there would be twenty more.

Small mountain ranges like the Yunwu mountains were manageable with only a beast wave every few years.

But the massive Kuangshou mountains would basically have a beast wave every year, and every decade there would be one large scale beast wave.

During the large scale beast wave, plenty of experts from the sect would come assist in repelling the beast wave. Just by relying on the military might of Kuangshou City wouldn't be enough.

As the crowd was chatting away, the beast wave crept nearer and nearer. The ground started to shake as though an impending flood.

"Everyone listen to my orders and prepare to strike."

On the top of the walls was the mayor of Shouxue Town.

As the first town in line to Kuangshou City, the mayor was of course an Earth Realm martial artist.

In addition to that, plenty of Cang Lan Sect outer sect elders, inner sect deacons, outer sect deacons, and inner sect deacon apprentices were here too.

Under the walls was a battalion with at least the strength of a few thousand. Within it were the military forces of Shouxue Town and an even mightier army force - The Cang Lan Army.

The Cang Lan Army was the military might of the Cang Lan Sect. The minimum requirement to be a footman was to be at the Origin Realm.

When a war broke out between sects, the Cang Lan Army would be on the forefront. Thus the training of the troops was extremely important. Repelling a beast wave was definitely one of the best opportunities.

Over here was just a small portion of the Cang Lan Army. The total strength of the Cang Lan Army was at least 200,000 strong.

As the beast wave was 1000 meter away, Shouxue Town's first round of long distance attack had begun.

Hundreds of catapults were launching massive rocks. When these rocks smashed into the beast wave, it would at least kill 3 or 5 demonic beasts and help reduce the speed of the beast wave's advance.

Although the catapults were effective, the number of demonic beasts are overwhelming. In just a short moment, the beast wave was just a few hundred meters away.

"Open the town gate. Attack!"

With the order given, the huge city gate opened. The Cang Lan Army and Shouxue Town's military forces marched out. Those on the walls descended from above to receive the beast wave.

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