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In the center of Shouxue Town was the majestic Mayor's grand hall.

Before the beast wave, one needs to register at the mayor's grand hall, if not, the mission would not be deemed as being completed.

Entering the grand hall, Li Fuchen saw a few inner sect disciples registering.

At the same time he saw quite a few blue robed outer sect elders there too.

Other than receiving their position points as an outer sect elder, they too could take up sect missions like inner sect disciples to earn contribution points.

Elder class missions were scarce. Not every outer sect elder could have this opportunity. As for how it was arranged, Li Fuchen wasn't so sure.

After registering, Li Fuchen received a help talisman.

During the beast wave, these inner sect disciples need to be out there killing demonic beasts. They were not allowed to stay in the town and wait for the reward.

If anyone of them were to encounter danger, they could crush the help talisman and an outer sect elder would come forth to save them.

After the use of the help talisman, there will no longer be anymore help the next time. One can only pray to survive.

"Chen shijie, who knew so many people would take up this mission. There are at least a few hundreds of inner sect disciples here!"

"Repelling the beast wave may perhaps be dangerous, but it rewards a substantial amount of contribution points. If one has good luck, they may obtain a class 2 demonic beast core. That would be considered a small windfall, and your shijie, I, is exactly here for the demonic cores."

As Li Fuchen was about to leave the grand hall, two females walked in.

The three of them raised their heads and recognised each other.

The two females were Blossom Sword Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue.

Blossom Sword Chen Fanghua, at the eighth level of the Origin Realm, 23 years of age this year. She is practically a future direct disciple for sure, since she still has 12 years before reaching the age of 35.

Zhao Mingyue, grand daughter of the inner sect grand elder, at the fourth level of the Origin Realm.

"What a coincidence Li Fuchen." Zhao Mingyue looked stunning, with pinkish skin, she looked as though a jade sculpture, absolutely flawless. During her outer sect times, she held the leader of the Four Beauties title. After being promoted to an inner sect disciple, her grace and class became even more outstanding.

"Indeed a coincidence." Li Fuchen nodded with a slight smile.

"Fourth level of the Origin Realm. Li shidi is sure surprising." Chen Fanghua too was a beauty of her own class. She unconsciously sized up Li Fuchen and upon realizing, she was instantly shocked.

"Fourth level of the Origin Realm?"

Using her qi senses, she finally noticed that Li Fuchen had reached the fourth level of the Origin Realm and felt the immeasurable strength that was just like a deep pool of water.

"What secrets do you hide in your body? A normal bone frame shouldn't be able to advance so quickly." Zhao Mingyue was extremely curious and asked bluntly.

Li Fuchen rubbed his chin, "Once the secret is out, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. What's more, I don't keep any secret, it's just my perception."

Li Fuchen naturally wouldn't reveal his secret.

Zhao Mingyue replied, "Forget it, if you don't want to say it. I guess you wouldn't reveal it either."

"I shall not delay you any further. I shall make my move." Li Fuchen didn't want to extend this conversation and stepped out of the grand hall.

Chen Fanghua looked at the back of Li Fuchen as he left, then smiled at Zhao Mingyue, "This junior sure is weird. Had it been anyone else, they would be begging to team up with us. He actually treated us like nothing."

"Chen shijie, can you predict what realm Li Fuchen will be able to achieve?" Zhao Mingyue asked.

Cheng Fanghua shook her head, "It is unlikely. Based on his bone frame, his limit would be at the Earth Shattering Realm. Even with a heaven defying destiny, he would at best be of the Heaven Dipper Realm. But…"


"As you mentioned, if he really does have a secret within his body, then it would be astounding. Know that he defeated you and also Yu Wen shidi."

Zhao Mingyue pouted her lips, her dark pupils rolled for a bit, then she laughed, "Time will be the testament. If he can breakthrough to the Earth Realm before 25 years old, he may very well surpass Yu Wen Tian in the future."

"Perhaps." Cheng Fanghua didn't deny.

Li Fuchen was a special example, nobody could predict his future.


"There sure are many inner sect disciples."

The streets were flooded with Cang Lan inner sect disciples.

Almost everyone of them were fifth level Origin Realm martial artists. There were nearly none who were below the fifth level of the Origin Realm.


Up in the skies, a huge shadow of a figure skimmed past. A terrifying sound could be heard within 10 miles.

Everyone on the street was shocked and thought the beast wave was about to arrive. Previous beast waves were always initiated with aerial demonic beasts attacks.

Li Fuchen heard the sound and couldn't help but look up.

With his outstanding eyesight, Li Fuchen saw a gigantic demonic beast flying a few hundred meters up in the sky.

Its body was about 8 meters long, the feathers shined of a metallic glow. It had golden giant talons which look as though it was forged with gold. The most unusual trait of the beast, was that it was bi-headed and each head had a horn.

Class 3 mid-tier fly demonic beast - Unicorn Bi-headed Bird.

"It's a class 3 demonic beast." This was the first time Li Fuchen has seen a class 3 demonic beast.

Class 3 demonic beasts were equivalent to an Earth Realm martial artist. Due to their abnormally powerful attributes, a regular mid-level, Earth Realm martial artist would be instantly killed by the Unicorn Bi-headed Bird.

The Unicorn Bi-headed Bird had no intentions to attack Shouxue Town. It just swooped past the town and soon enough it turned into a small black dot in the distant sky.

"'Shouxue Town is even more dangerous than I thought!' Li Fuchen felt a little overwhelmed.

Once the beast wave came, it wouldn't just be class 1 and 2 demonic beasts, but class 3 demonic beasts would occasionally appear too.

But a majority would still be class 1 and 2 demonic beasts. As for class 3 beasts, only a Heaven Realm expert can kill it by themselves.

After finding an inn, Li Fuchen got a room to stay in.

After having his lunch, it was now mid noon and Li Fuchen began cultivating his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

After 2 hours, Li Fuchen opened his eyes, "No wonder this place is called Beast Blood town. The heaven and earth energy here is 3 times richer than other places. There is no need for qi supplementing pills."

Li Fuchen's pace of progress was too fast and at times required the consumption of qi pills to cultivate, it was insufficient to rely on just heaven and earth energy.

But when cultivating in Shouxue Town, Li Fuchen realised that he has no need for qi pills. The rich energy in the surroundings was more than enough for his requirements.

"Qi pills are filled with impurities, consuming too much would do more bad than good, affecting the cultivation pace. But not consuming any pills would mean that the cultivation speed cannot be maintained. A balance needs to be achieved."

"At this juncture, it would be beneficial if I can cultivate here often."

The heaven and earth energy that is at least 20% higher than average places is enough for Li Fuchen to progress in levels without qi pills.

But it was only for now. Once his cultivation level gets higher, the requirement for more heaven and earth energy becomes even higher. Qi pills would become a minimum condition.


Three days later, the atmosphere within Shouxue Town gradually became tense.

Scouts of Shouxue Town found out that the number of demonic beasts around the Kuangshou mountains was increasing.

It is estimated that within a week, the beast wave would explode.

Within the Shouxue Town, except for the townspeople, the rest were combatants. Once the beast wave bursted out, all of the combatants had to go out of the town to slay beasts. Those that did not, would be sentenced to serious penalties.

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