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"You took this mission too?" Li Fuchen asked.

Li Fuchen was rather surprised to see Wu Qingmei here. After being promoted to an inner sect disciple, everyone was busy with their individual matters. If there wasn't a need, they would basically never get involved with one another.

It had been a long time since he met the previous outer sect prodigies like Yu Wen Tian or Wu Qingmei.

Wu Qingmei replied, "Why? Can I not be here? Do you think my ability is incompetent?"

"Of course not." Li Fuchen sized up Wu Qingmei.

She seemed to have reach the fourth level of the Origin Realm.

The benefits of having a good bone frame allowed one to have a high pace of cultivation. The reason why Li Fuchen could reach the fourth level of the Origin Realm was due to his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique reaching the thirteen rank.

"Your cultivation speed sure is fast. It seems we all underestimated you." Realizing that Li Fuchen was also at the fourth level of the Origin Realm, Wu Qingmei was shocked.

She thought Li Fuchen would at best be at the second or third level.

Li Fuchen just laughed and didn't say anything.

Wu Qingmei said, "Except me, Gao Changtian is here too. How about joining our team? During the beast waves, we can cover each other."

"Gao Changtian is in your team?"

Li Fuchen is slightly moved when he heard that Gao Changtian was in Wu Qingmei's team.

During the outer sect days, Gao Changtian once assisted him. This favour, Li Fuchen hadn't forgotten about it yet.

"That's right. Except for Gao Changtian, we have 7 other Cang Lan inner sect disciples. The team leader is Liao Hailong shixiong, who is at the sixth level of the Origin Realm. He once completed a high-tier mission. With him around, we will be much safer."

"Liao Hailong, uh?" Li Fuchen had heard of this name.

Just like Wu Qingmei and Gao Changtian, Liao Hailong was also too an inner sect prodigy, unlike a regular inner sect disciple like himself.

"Wu shimei, how is this? Why not give us an introduction." Just at this moment, 8 youths walked over. The leader of them who had broad shoulders and a slim waist, carried a large claymore.

"Li Fuchen." One of the youths, Gao Changtian, smiled with his eyes brightened

"Gao Changtian." Li Fuchen smiled back.

Each and everyone of Cang Lan Sect's prodigies were all arrogant. Only Gao Changtian gave him a different feeling of class and being well mannered.

"Why are you here? Eh? You are at the fourth level of the Origin Realm already? What a fast pace." Gao Changtian got startled.

He advanced to the Origin Realm a few months earlier than Li Fuchen, but he was still at the fourth level.

"Just luck." Li Fuchen spoke modestly.

The leader's face turned dark when saw that the both of them neglected him, he then spoke, " Gao shidi, normally you are so quiet. I thought that was your normal behaviour, but who knew it was just a front!"

Hearing such, Gao Changtian turned angry. His lips moved, as though he was about to speak, but once he looked at Wu Qingmei, he held back and didn't talk.

Wu Qingmei hurriedly introduced, "Liao shixiong, this is Li Fuchen who defeated Yu Wen Tian."

"Li Fuchen… Never heard of this name. Wu shimei, during the beast wave, you better stick beside me. Liao Hailong ignored Li Fuchen and said to Wu Qingmei.

Wu Qingmei gave an awkward laugh, "Thanks for the concern Liao shixiong, but Li Fuchen is my friend. Can he join our team?"

"Your friend?" Liao Hailong took a side glance at Li Fuchen, "Since you are a friend of Wu shimei, I shall do her a favor. But bear in mind that this is my team and you better listen to my orders. If you do not comply, I will expel you from the team."

Li Fuchen looked at Liao Hailong, Wu Qingmei, and Gao Changtian and silently sighed. He doesn't know what Wu Qingmei was thinking.

If Gao Changtian's bone frame was weak, then he didn't have any complaints.

But Gao Changtian's bone frame wasn't inferior to Liao Hailong, but just 2 years younger.

Could it be the background?

From what he knew, Gao Changtian came from a small clan that wasn't even at the Li Clan's scale.

"What? Are you a mute?" Liao Hailong frowned. He disliked Li Fuchen as he was as though disregarded.

Li Fuchen cleared his throat, "Apologies, I was distracted. As for joining your team… If you could just treat me as an external member, that will do. I don't like taking orders from others."

Had it not been for Gao Changtian, Li Fuchen would rather not get involved with these people.

"External member? Your meaning is to take my orders but still receive my protection? Wouldn't that be all to your advantage?" Liao Hailong's expression darkened.

Li Fuchen said, "I can take care of my own safety, you needn't worry about it."

"Who do you think you are? Liao shixiong inviting you to join our team is to give regards to Wu shimei. If you do not wish to serve under Liao shixiong, you may leave now."

"Hmph, brazen arrogance. With your ability, once the beast wave arrives, you will still require the protection of Liao shixiong. Don't smear gold on your face."

(TL note: Smear gold on face = Putting airs and being overconfident..)

A few inner sect disciples behind Liao Hailong mocked with sarcasm.

It was now that Wu Qingmei regretted. She knew about the arrogance of Liao Hailong. Every prodigy had arrogance, what's more, Liao Hailong came from a major clan which stretched across 10 or more cities. As the young master of his clan, being arrogant was a norm.

But she didn't expect Li Fuchen's pride to be as big as Liao Hailong's. When compared to Gao Changtian, it was like heaven and earth.

In fact, she originally didn't want to invite Li Fuchen to their team. After seeing that he broke through to the fourth level of the Origin Realm, she knew Li Fuchen wasn't anyone simple and wanted to know more.

"Li Fuchen, becoming an external member is impossible. Being an actual team member isn't bad as well, I think Liao shixiong wouldn't give unreasonable orders for no reason." Wu Qingmei tried to convince him.

"Forget it, I am not used to being managed. Gao Changtian, let's find a time to catch up."

Finishing his words, Li Fuchen turned and left towards the central area of Shouxue Town.

There were many ways to return the favor to Gao Changtian and many didn't include throwing away his pride or being abused by Liao Hailong.

If he were to accept those terms, Liao Hailong may intensify on how he trampled on Li Fuchen's pride. There was no reason to risk it.

At most, he would pay more attention to Gao Changtian. If he were to be in danger, Li Fuchen would step up to assist him.

Rely on Liao Hailong?

The only person on Liao Hailong's mind was Wu Qingmei, Gao Changtian was totally being disregarded.

"Acting all high and mighty. Che!"

"Liao shixiong, don't be bothered about people like him. If he thinks that he was once the outer sect no.1 disciple and is overconfident, then he is so wrong. A normal bone frame trying to act strong."

"That's right. These people that don't have ability sure put on some airs."

A few of the inner sect disciples discussed with a tone of despise.

Liao Hailong said, "The stronger the front, the stronger the inferiority. Why would I stoop down to his standard? Wu shimei, come, let's have our meal."

Even though that was what he said, but in his heart, Li Fuchen was etched in.

He decided to rough up Li Fuchen and let him know who was not to be trifled with. Liao Hailong's pride will not allow himself to let Li Fuchen off so easily.

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