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Chapter 665: Qi Feiyu

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The sword technique Zhang Ruochen wielded was ingenious. Even though it did not seem to be any specific move, it was, in fact, extremely powerful. The crowd was taken by surprise.

How could Lin Yue’s Tao of the sword be at such a formidable level?

Han Qiu lifted one of her slender fingers to touch her red lips as she smiled attractively and said, “It was inconceivable that Lin Yue would be able to perform such impressive sword technique even if he had practiced for a hundred years! Such a display of valiance! He must be a Sword Fairy from heaven.”

What Han Qiu saw as Lin Yue battled the three gatekeepers was a familiar figure who coincided with someone she had in mind.


The Blue Crystal Sword and the Valley-water Sword flew back into their sheaths.

From the beginning till the end, Zhang Ruochen’s feet did not budge. His every move was relaxed and graceful.

Following their retreat, the three gatekeepers immediately organized themselves into the “Three Stars Sword Array”. Their bodies began rotating at a high speed, sweeping up pebbles and dried leaves to form three one-foot-diameter pillars of sword Qi.

The three gatekeepers each set their footwork at the centers of the Qi pillars as they once again charged toward Zhang Ruochen.

“Haven’t I passed the challenge yet?”

Zhang Ruochen frowned as he dashed toward the three sword Qi pillars in offense.

Zhang Ruochen intended to end this battle quickly in order to conserve Genuine Qi.


Zhang Ruochen drew out the Valley-water Sword, and in three consecutive bodily transformations, he wielded three moves in his sword technique, namely a chop, a lift, and a wham. Each of these moves seemed very simple as Zhang Ruochen moved with ease and confidence.

The next moment, he had dashed through the three sword Qi pillars and come to stand firmly on the other side.




The three sword Qi pillars instantly broke into pieces.

The three gatekeepers in the Qi pillars transformed into three streaks of white Holy Qi that flew back onto the stone wall and turned back into three characters.

“Breakthrough successful.”

A tiny voice sounded from within the stone wall.

Zhang Ruochen retracted his arm and put the Valley-water Sword back into its sheath, saying, “Challenging three characters is really not easy. Fortunately, I had help from the Valley-water Sword. Thanks, elder brother Xu, for the gift.”

Zhang Ruochen then continued on his journey without looking back. He trod on the mountain path leading toward the Second Level Mountain.

“This guy is not even worried about offending Xu Changsheng.” A smile broke out on Can Dong’s usually expressionless face.

Having witnessed Zhang Ruochen’s level of cultivation in the Tao of the sword, Can Dong finally realized that he had underestimated Zhang Ruochen and that he might really succeed in ascending the Second Level Mountain given his capability.

Can Dong was rather glad that Long-living Yard had produced such an outstanding talent.

“A novice Saint’s disciple succeeded in challenging three characters. On top of that, he has also reached the seventh realm of Sword One. All disciples of the Yin and Yang Sect will be stunned when this news reaches them tonight,” said an elderly Saint’s disciple who had reached the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

“He has indeed suffered a great loss,” Qin Yufan glanced at Xu Changsheng, not knowing whether to laugh or not.

Everyone had seen Xu Changsheng’s intention to bring Lin Yue down, but instead, he himself was brought low. Not only did his pride get bruised before Han Qiu, but he had also even given away his Valley-water Sword.

Xu Changsheng’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and snorted as he dashed onto the mountain path leading to the Second Level Mountain. He quickened his steps in an attempt to catch up with Zhang Ruochen.

Han Qiu said, “I hope Senior Brother Apprentice Xu won’t do anything extreme in his fit of anger.”

The other Saint’s disciples were worried as well. If Xu Changsheng were to kill Lin Yue in a fit of anger, Yin and Yang Sect would lose two of its geniuses.

Saint’s disciples losing their lives at the Ancient Gods Mountains happened almost every month.

Apart from accidents, there were Saint’s disciples who lost their lives due to jealousy and revenge.

“Continue to break through the challenges while I go check it out,” said Qi Feiyu.

Qi Feiyu had broken through the first stage of the Second Level Mountain long ago, but she had stayed back to observe Qin Yufan and Xu Changsheng’s capabilities in preparation for the sword contest. This was the reason she did not continue on to the second stage midway up the mountain.


Qi Feiyu’s slender body was light and flexible. With a gentle push, she leaped toward the mountain path leading to the Second Level Mountain as she tried to catch up with Zhang Ruochen and Xu Changsheng.

The Saint’s disciples looked on with admiration at Qi Feiyu, as if she were a beautiful sight.

One Saint’s disciple who had reached the Seventh Change in the Fish-dragon Realm asked, “How many characters did Qi Feiyu challenge earlier on?”

“We’re not sure, because she was the first person to arrive at the Second Level Mountain. She had already passed the first stage of the challenge when we arrived.”

The crowd shook their heads in unison. Not even one of them had seen how Qi Feiyu passed the first stage of the Second Level Mountain.

Zhang Ruochen ascended the mountain with great speed, and very soon, he had reached an altitude of 2000 meters on the Second Level Mountain. Looking down, the foot of the mountain was no longer visible.

There were layers of white fog in the air that obstructed the vision. It even prevented Spiritual Power from penetrating.

As Xu Changsheng caught up, he leaped from the cliff and landed in front of Zhang Ruochen. Blocking his way, Xu Changsheng said in a low voice, “Bastard, are you pretending to be a hog that eats the tiger? Don’t think about ascending the Second Level Mountain if you don’t hand me the Valley-water Sword.”

Zhang Ruochen stopped in his tracks and said, “Why? Is Senior Brother Apprentice Xu such a petty man? Are you asking for the sword back after giving it away?”

Xu Changsheng was burning with rage to the point of exploding. The Genuine Qi within him surged toward the Meridians of his hands and condensed in his palms.

Zhang Ruochen was not even a bit afraid upon seeing how enraged Xu Changsheng was. He smiled and shook his head. He had overestimated Xu Changsheng initially. He totally did not expect Xu Changsheng to be so immature that he was unable to control his own temper.

Qi Feiyu approached on a cloud not far away. She came to rest at the top of a cliff twenty feet from them.

Xu Changsheng stole a glance at Qi Feiyu, retrieved his Genuine Qi, and snorted. “I can’t deny that you are really quite capable. However, I have to take the Valley-water Sword back. How about we have a bet? If you lose, give the Valley-water Sword back to me.”

Zhang Ruochen turned to glance at Qi Feiyu before replying. “Not interested.”

Xu Changsheng clenched his fists. There was a cold look in his eyes. He would have struck Zhang Ruochen if Qi Feiyu were not around. Even if he were unable to take Zhang Ruochen’s life, he would have paralyzed him by breaking his tendons and bones.

“Looks like you have created enmity between us today, Lin Yue. I am going to make you regret what you’ve done at the Tao of the sword contest.”

Xu Changsheng’s murderous intent was reflected in his eyes. He snorted and hurriedly embarked on his journey up the mountain. In an instant, he disappeared around the steep wall at the end of the mountain path.

Qi Feiyu’s bewitching voice sounded from Zhang Ruochen’s back, “You shouldn’t have offended Xu Changsheng. You could have appeased him by returning his Valley-water Sword.”

Zhang Ruochen detected a fragrant scent in the air and he turned around to catch a glimpse at Qi Feiyu. He said, “Honestly, I don’t really care about this Valley-water Sword. However, I know that Xu Changsheng will not let me off even if I were to return the Valley-water Sword to him. After all, he had deeply embarrassed himself in front of a crowd.”

“You are right, no doubt. However, Xu Changsheng is backed by his powerful family. Both the powerful family of Xu saints and the Yin and Yang Sect are extremely influential. You are putting yourself in a precarious position within the Yin and Yang Sect by offending him.”

With an elegant and graceful demeanor, Qi Feiyu was as beautiful as a pale green orchid by the cliff.

She walked up to Zhang Ruochen and stopped three feet away from him. She had a full bosom and a slender waist wrapped in a white waistband. “You are indeed naturally talented in the Tao of the sword, so there is a high chance that you will be able to cultivate Sword One to reach the tenth level of the Completion realm,” said Qi Feiyu.

“My family of Qis is a historically established Aristocratic Family in the Middle Age. If you are willing to join the Qis, I can introduce you to the family’s leader and make you the Elder Keqing. Then I can guarantee that the powerful family of the Xus will not dare to touch you.”

Qi Feiyu’s eyes were so bewitching they looked like a pair of black pearls submerged in water.

Her eyes alone would be able to melt any man’s heart. Who could bear to reject her?

Zhang Ruochen felt that Qi Feiyu’s eyes were effusing some kind of controlling force over his Spiritual Power. Fortunately, he realized this in time to resist this strange force by using his Spiritual Power.

It was rather strange that Qi Feiyu, such an elegant and outstanding lady, was actually practicing such black magic.

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes to shut out her stare. Keeping his vigilance, he said, “Senior Sister Apprentice Qi, have you come all this way to invite me to join the Qis? I thought you caught up with me to save my life from Xu Changsheng.”

“I really admire your talent. With the help of the Qis, you stand a great chance of becoming a respectable sword saint. However, without the help of the Qis, you might be killed before your talent is fully developed,” said Qi Feiyu impassively.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Senior Sister Apprentice Qi. Unfortunately, I only wish to cultivate myself quietly under the Yin and Yang Sect. I have no desire to join any other family.”

Zhang Ruochen continued his ascent along the mountain path in an unhurried manner.

“Sometimes, one ought to choose wisely. I could only pity you for being so adamant about choosing a path leading to death.”

A scarlet light flashed across Qi Feiyu’s pupils as she leaped forward. As she lifted her index finger, her fingernail extended into a three-foot-long thin sword directed at Zhang Ruochen’s back.

Their proximity coupled with Qi Feiyu’s speed-of-light attack allowed the tip of Qi Feiyu’s sword to reach Zhang Ruochen almost instantly.

Zhang Ruochen had long sensed a sinister aura about Qi Feiyu, so he had been on his guard all this while.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen also struck out at the same instant Qi Feiyu did.

While he did not manage to draw the Valley-water Sword out of its sheath in time, he swung the hilt of the sword forward, thereby hitting and deflected Qi Feiyu’s sword.


As the hilt of his sword collided with the thin sword, waves of sword Qi rippled outward in every direction.

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