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Chapter 88: The Death Of The Progenitor

Everyone immediately started moving, crazily destroying the support for the lift, and when the Great Devil Snake finally managed to get half its head out of the lift, Woolf’s greatsword brutally swung and broke the cable holding the lift up. The entire lift suddenly froze for a moment then plummeted down heavily towards the floor. The Great Devil Snake’s head that was halfway out got trapped between the top of the lift and the floor by the immense weight of the lift.

Woolf saw the situation and fiercely jumped up, landing on the top of the lift. With a ‘DONG!’, the sturdy floor was smashed through by the Great Devil Snake’s head and it continued plummeting towards the bottom.

Everyone stood beside the broken lift entrance, taking in large breaths and panting heavily. After a long while, a large crash sounded from below them, but they still did not know if the Great Devil Snake was dead.

“Let’s go, we will go down too!” Bai Yi calmed his breathing and said to the rest of them who were also in sorry states.

Yeye did not clearly tell them the reason why they had to see the Progenitor, but just said that it was worth the time. In truth, everyone was just curious towards the Progenitor, there wasn’t actually anything they could think of that would make it worth it to risk their lives just to see the Progenitor once. However, in the end everyone’s opinions were strangely unanimous. Even if it was extremely dangerous like this, they were all still willing to see the Progenitor, to see exactly what kind of existence it was that triggered the change in New Zealand.

Bai Yi looked at the pitch-black and bottomless lift passage, then at the other remaining cable. Heloise flew up and checked, confirming that the cable could take their weight and nodded to everyone.

“Sharpei, climb onto my back!” Bai Yi said to Sharpei.

Although Sharpei and Pupu were a lot more intelligent now, their bodies were still of an animal and so their claws were not suited to rappel down the cable. Sharpei was of course carried by Bai Yi, and Pupu was carried by Warner. Luckily, both Sharpei and Pupu understood human words easily now, or else it would’ve really been troublesome. As for Momo, she was grabbed by Heloise. Although Heloise wasn’t too nimble when it came to flying, she could still fly, after all.

When Bai Yi wanted to descend first, Woolf stopped him.

“I’ll go first, you are carrying Sharpei now. It won’t be convenient for you to deal with danger if it appears.” Woolf said and jumped down, sliding down along the cable.

There wasn’t any light below, and everyone slid down in the darkness and carefully descended. Only the small flashlight that Heloise carried could be seen, and their breathings reverberated in this tight small space. After more than 10 minutes, they finally saw the floor and the lift that was completely crumpled up.

They carefully observed that area, and realised that half of the Great Devil Snake’s body was trapped inside the crumpled lift, while the other half heavily smashed into the floor.

When everyone landed on the floor, they could finally see the devastation caused by the impact of the falling lift. Woolf carefully approached the Great Devil Snake, wanting to see if that terrifying guy was dead yet. However, when Woolf approached, the Great Devil Snake suddenly raised its head and hissed at Woolf.

Woolf jumped in fright and quickly moved backwards, but realized that the Great Devil Snake had laid down again after that. Apparently, even though the Great Devil Snake was already very powerful as a LV2, it was still not invincible. After falling down along with the lift, it stood on the verge of death.

“Let’s go!” Bai Yi said.

Everyone entered the passageway beside them, and after walking a distance, the sensors in the passageway detected them and the lights lit up. After walking for a few minutes, they finally reached a huge and sturdy door in front of them. Bai Yi then placed his holographic watch on the door. There was a program inside it that Yeye designed to open this door, and after doing so the large heavy door slowly opened up.

They didn’t see any apostle being nailed to a cross, but only a giant body submerged in a dried-up cultivation pool. The Progenitor looked like a corpse that had dried for a thousand years, and there was a huge hole on the top of her head, but the moment they laid their eyes on her they knew that this was the Progenitor.

Everyone stared at the Progenitor silently, and she seemed to be asleep. Bai Yi didn’t know if they had come too late.

“Are you in pain?” Suddenly, Momo walked in front and said softly.

“Momo!” Bai Yi looked at Momo in shock.

“You are in a lot of pain right, I can hear your voice. Really, that day at the balcony, I heard your voice.” Momo said to the Progenitor, and at Bai Yi again. Bai Yi was stunned on the spot, at the balcony, heard a voice, was Momo talking about the day that the activated cells erupted?

What a cute girl. If not for you, I think I would have really slept all the way like this.

All of them instantly jumped in shock, because this voice rang directly inside their heads!

No need to be this shocked, I am after all the Progenitor, and a step ahead of you guys. You guys should be able to reach my stage in the future as well.

“This is telepathic communication?” Every country probably had some magical fantasies of their own.

More or less!

“Yeye told us to come and meet you, but what do you want to tell us?” Bai Yi said to the Progenitor.

Don’t you guys not feel anger or any other emotion towards me? The Progenitor suddenly said.

“Why do you say that?”

Because of me, everything changed in New Zealand. You guys should hate me right?

“If you are talking about this, then before meeting you perhaps I still had some grudge, but now after seeing you I don’t have such feelings anymore. In the end, before you became the Progenitor, you were just a randomly chosen experimental subject. The only thing different about you was that you managed to assimilate perfectly with the Devil Algae cells. In reality, you are very ordinary right, getting treated like that, it’s not strange that you would want to take revenge.” Bai Yi slowly said, and everyone else nodded.

You really…! The Progenitor did not know what to think of Bai Yi.

That’s right, I’m very ordinary, I only hated those researchers that turned me into this state, and wanted to take revenge. I didn’t know that New Zealand would become like this either, if I knew earlier, perhaps… The Progenitor said till there and descended into silence. Perhaps... perhaps she wouldn’t do it? However, that was just a supposition that would never come to pass, so it had completely no meaning.

I’m really very ordinary. After discovering that New Zealand turned into this state, I regretted quite a bit, but on the other hand I had no confidence that I could make up for everything that I did. If it’s possible, could you guys help me to do something to make up for what I did?

“Make it up? What do you mean?”

I don’t know, I just want to do something seeing the state that New Zealand is in now, but I don’t know what should I do either. Relax, I won’t make you guys help for free, so I’ll gift you guys something as a reward. The Progenitor said again. She was really a simple women, telling them the reward first. Wasn’t she afraid that they would promise but renegade on it later? However, fortunately Bai Yi’s group weren’t people like that.

“I can promise you do to do something for the New Zealand now, but just like you said, I can’t guarantee anything. The changes in New Zealand now are completely out of any knowledge that anybody may have, so we aren’t sure what we should do either.” Bai Yi said.

That’s fine, as long as you are willing to promise me to make up for this huge mistake I made! The Progenitor agreed.

Then, you guys can come and accept your reward. I’m afraid that you guys won’t have the chance to come here again. The Progenitor said, and she slowly climbed up. She moved with great difficulty, and it seemed difficult for her to even support her own weight. The Progenitor was more than 40 meters tall. They were all tiny compared to the Progenitor, so they couldn’t help even if they wanted to. After a while, the Progenitor laid back down again, and stretched out her right hand.

The right hand that was even bigger than a human hung outside the cultivation pool.

I’m sorry, I’m too weak, so let’s just do it like this.

Momo, come over first! The Progenitor said.

When I was captured and brought here, I also had a daughter. She was only five years old, not too different from you. I still have a request, if you guys have the chance, can you guys help me to look for my daughter? Her name is… The Progenitor said.

“If we get the chance!” Bai Yi nodded.

The Progenitor did not mind Bai Yi’s promise, but stretched out her index finger and placed it on top of Momo’s head. Everyone stared at her actions, and Bai Yi tensed his entire body. Although the Progenitor seemed very friendly now, Bai Yi still didn’t dare to trust her fully.

Slowly, a drop of blood squeezed out of the Progenitor’s index finger!

A red, sparkling and translucent drop of blood, when this appeared from the finger of the Progenitor, everyone’s hearts squeezed tightly, and started to beat fiercely. Desire, indescribable desire, although they didn’t know what that drop of blood was, all of them could guess that it was extremely precious.

The Progenitor’s face looked very awful now, if she still had a face. Because, Hong Qi Hua in her belly seemed to be extremely unhappy with her giving up her source blood, and tried desperately to stop her actions. The Progenitor’s actions froze in mid-air, unable to move even an inch.


The drop of source blood fell and just happened to land in Momo’s eyes, and the Progenitor moved her body at this moment.

Hong… Hong Qi…! The Progenitor’s right hand went limp and fell onto the floor.

“Hong? Hong Qi Hua!” Bai Yi immediately questioned in shock, but before Bai Yi could clarify anything, the Progenitor’s voice disappeared in everyone’s heads. Bai Yi rushed over, but he only made two steps before suddenly, a bolt of lightning seemed flash through Bai Yi’s head and explode.

The Progenitor died!

Bai Yi could immediately tell that the Progenitor was dead, as the feeling in that instant didn’t need to be explained. As long as it was a living thing that had assimilated with the activated cells nearby, they could all feel it. One must know that the activated cells were all extracted from the Progenitor’s body. All the experimental subjects that were running around mindlessly and killing each other…all of them stopped at this moment, and looked in the direction of the Progenitor.

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